Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Fashion, Bag and Acceesories ... Comfort and Stylish || Justice Holiday Collection ||

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hello guys, now i'll get my package from Justice 23 Paskal

so now i'm at Justice 23 Paskal

and look, this is a shirt that they called velvet and i really like it because it's so soft

and it's available on 2 colors

this one is blue-purpleish

i dont know if it's blue or purple exactly

and this one is pink

this is velvet, if you dont know what velvet is you have to go to Justice and buy this

and they also have this shirt

it's like a sweater, not really a sweater it's a long hand shirt

and this is legging pants

so this legging and shirt is one piece

this shirt goes with this legging

and also this bag

because it's in one color

and i wear the justice shirt almost everyday

it's a leopard legging

this is paris shirt, i'll go to paris wearing this shirt

this one is have a hole in its shoulders

and it's so soft

this is dress

in here there's a lot of shirt that paired with their pants

this is pink legging and butterfly shirt

and this one also have a hole in its shoulder

i have this pair too, so you can buy it and twining with me

buy it at the nearest Justice in your town

you can also buy it online

this is hologram clear bag

and this is rabbit bag

this is sweater and the hand is made from a imitate fur

and if you want to go to New York, you can wear this sweater so its match

this is hoodie New York

and it's paired with jeans

and the hoodie

and it's knitted

you can imagine how it feels by look at it

this is onesie, this one is blue unicorn

grey unicorn

and rainbow llama

and there's still a lot of shirt and pants and everything

there's a lot of new model in here

this one is the newest collection from Justice

this is unicorn legging

this is hoodie

and this one is cute, this is legging and it has a hole on its side

and over here is Justice Active

its for sport, if you like dance

i'm sorry

there's also legging in here

this one is gymnastic

this is gymnast's bag

and clear hologram bag

so i'll review what i got from Justice later

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