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Deep Fake has developed.

Apple event is very near, and one of Apple's products are lost a lot in USA.

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Peace be upon you all. This is your host, Faisal Alsaif with a new Science and Technology episode. The light phone has a newer version now.

The light phone is a lite version of a smartphone. It is considered a dump phone with less features.

The reason behind this phone is not to distract you with social media with a long lasting battery.

It reminds us of the era of dump phones.

The newer version comes with slightly more features, and it is expected to be released in USA in the upcoming months.

The question is, do you think you can ditch your smartphone and use a dump phone like this one?

Or would you use it as a secondary phone?

Acer has released the second version of the Predator thronos. It is a gaming chair. I am excited to show you the chair I have in the studio.

I am excited to make a video about it. This version is 6000 USD cheaper than the previous version.

The first version costs 20,000 USD.

But if you go for the highest specs, the price could go up to 28,000 USD.

Acer decided to make a light version. Gamers can pre order the chair soon.

Acer started this trend with the Thronos, followed by Coolmaster and other companies.

Gamers would be able to buy this chair and use it. Anyway, the chair will available later.

DJI, the Chinese company that produce drones and other products like the Osmo Pocket, decided to raise the prices of their products up to 13%.

They've decided to do this because of the 15% tariffs on these products.

So, they added 13% to the price, so that buyers have to pay it.

Prices in USA will be 13% higher than other countries, thus the tariffs imposed by USA are covered by buyers, not the company.

It is a strange move from DJI, and it doesn't seem right, but with the tariffs, this is expected.

If these tariffs continue, then the prices of new iPhones will be higher and with less features.

Let's discuss the upcoming iPhones. According to leaks, there will be not only 3 new iPhones, but 4 ones.

There will be iPhone 11, which will be XR predecessor, 11 Pro which is XS predecessor, and the 11 Pro Max, which will be XS Max predecessor.

It is expected that there will also be an iPhone 11 SE.

The 11 SE will come with the same design as the SE but with the same iPhone X front and specs.

It is expected that there will also be a series 5 Apple Watch. I am not sure if it will get the sensors discussed in the previous episode, but let's wait and see.

It will be a great event. Follow the live broadcast. The link is in the VD.

I am very excited for this event. I hope there will be great products and services from Apple.

We hope all manufacturers compete with fairness.

Scientists from MIT created a hair robot. This robot will be controlled using electromagnets.

"Mankind have not been given of knowledge except a little.” This robot will be used to remove thrombosis from the brain.

This robot will be able to access the brain using brain veins.

Scientists will be able to remove these thrombosis, which could cause apoplexies.

According to their research, once these thrombosis are removed before 80 minutes, the chances of surviving will be higher.

We'll let you know more details about this once available.

Another frightening app from China called Zao. this app allows you to use your photo on faces of actors.

Only one photo of your face to be used in curtains scenes.

And then the actor will have your own face instead of theirs. It feels like you're the one acting.

The app got very popular after the app developers distributed it. Though, the evaluation of the app was very negative due to the infringement as they save the data on their servers.

The app is called Deep Fake. It is available for users now.

We don't know the future of this app. The video you're seeing now might be fake and might be original.

If you show this scene to someone who hasn't watched Game Of Thrones, they wouldn't know if it is real or not.

The algorithms used are stored in the app itself, where any photo used to make the scene look real.

Deep Fake is very frightening. For example, Ahmed could introduce the news using the Deep Fake where the sound comes from Ahmed while it is my body.

If he does this, I will make double the videos.

Deep Fake is being developed in a very frightening way.

According to reports from New York City, the most lost item in the underground metro is AirPods.

A chairman said that there were 16 lost items, 8 of these items were AirPods.

Metro conductors will call for passengers not to use their AirPods while they are leaving the train so that they won't get lost.

Last time I was in NY to attend the Unpacked event, lots of people, especially in Central Park or Downtown Square, use AirPods.

I will post videos on Snapchat about this. There will be lots of AirPods.

3 out of 6 people are wearing AirPods.

While removing the AirPods, they might fall or you might hit someone and they fall.

Apple created a program to replace AirPods and cases. If you lose an AirPod, you can replace it with 60USD.

You can also replace the case. It is also up to the warranty program you've got.

it is not confirmed if this program is available in KSA.

We'll let you know. SubhanAllah, Apple brand is very famous.

Speaking of AirPods, one of the most successful companies in Korea make a number of covers and skins for AirPods. Lots of people follow the products of this company.

Their products are very cute.

You can notice from the images available on the screen.

These AirPods created a new culture.

I made a video about it and it got 1 million views.

It is available on IGTV.

Autonomous car manufacturers call for changing the laws where they totally remove the steering wheel from the car.

They say that having a steering wheel in the car exposes the driver to danger.

Wait a minute. How is this even possible?

In past, drivers used to drive the car, but now Wamo company demands the removal of the steering wheel.

According to them, most of autonomous cars drive safely.

And that the steering wheel is causing accidents.

Everytime there is an accident, the reason behind is the driver.

They think that autonomous driving is safer than when humans drive it.

I think they've crossed the lines.

When you buy an autonomous car, you'll only buy a car that will drive you.

The future is where cars drive you.

Imagine being called backward because you have a steering wheel in your car.

New sensors from Room Me company for fire. These new sensors detect who enters the room and adjust the settings for them.

These sensors change the light, play certain music, the tv turns off, curtain close and so on.

If someone else enters the room, the settings will change. If both of them are inside, the settings will adjust accordingly.

These sensors will enable homes to be more smarter and enable new modes without have to say voice commands of physical commands.

These sensors will enable homes to be more smarter just like cars.

Who knows, maybe in the future they will issue reports saying that humans are a danger to smart homes.

Let's wait and see.

In a strange move, a famous boxer invented his own digital currency to be used in his own store.

You can use this currency to buy items from his store. You can also set up a meeting with Manny the famous boxer.

Having to make your own currency to be used in your own store is not only money laundry, it is bigger than that.

You'll have your own currency where they value of it will increase with more tournaments and increase with loss.

The more you win, the more value your currency will gain.

This hasn't happened before in sports. Don't be shocked when famous players like Neymar and others have their own currency.

The prices of these currencies will increase when they win and decrease when they lose.

This is the end of this episode. Glory and praise be to Allah. I witness there is no God but Allah. I ask Allah for forgiveness and I repent to Him.

See you later. Don't forget the live broadcast tomorrow. Links in the VD.

Also check the description of the video.

We'll announce lots of things, like prizes and so on.

Congratulations in advance.

Peace be upon you all.

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