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I chose Yahel firstly because I wanted to volunteer abroad and I started looking at

volunteering programs in Israel and I came across Yahel. It really appealed to me. I

liked the fact that it focused on learning, that it focused on marginalized communities

within the country and I just liked the fact that it worked with grassroots organizations

as well. My minor in school was community action and social change. So I was like, sitting

in the classroom, but I wasn't doing it. I wanted a chance to put it into practice. To

see what I was capable of, and apply what I was learning to actual communities actual

communities that needed help. That needed this kind of social change. As a senior I

really wanted to take a year and give back and to really devote my time to a volunteering

initiative. I think that it's one of the best decisions I've ever made. Well I teach three

mornings a week at Ganey Aviv, it's a primary secular school. It's quite diverse, I take

small groups and I teach English from third grade to eighth grade. It's just a lot of

fun. I also work at "The Sadna" it's an arts workshop and in the afternoons teach 11th

and 12th grade, preparing for their Bagrut (standardized) exams in art. We in Ramat Eliyahu

participate in a program called "Homework at Home". I've really built good relationships

teaching one-on-one with the different kids. During the program we have the opportunity

to participate in several different seminars. Most recently we went to the Negev and that

was my favorite. We went to several different Bedouin villages and we met with politicians

feminist activists in another recognized village, someone who is working to empower women financially,

culturally, educationally. We met a man who is working to fight for his village to be

recognized by the government. To have a conversation with him, which was just mindblowingly lucky,

to be able to meet with somebody like that. The idea of Yahel is to really show us and

to teach us about all of the different change makers within Israeli society. It's been extremely

inspiring. One of the things that I love the most about the Yahel Social Change Program

is that it gave you the opportunity to really become ingrained in the community in Israel

and to work with multiple different age groups and have a host family and feel that you are

really welcomed in by them. In terms of that immersive aspect that I really desired, I

feel that Yahel has given me that and then some. I think such an integral part of what

makes Yahel, Yahel, it does this great thing where it takes the skills that we do have

and adds the supplementary knowledge so we can be the most effective volunteers possible.

I've been thinking a lot recently about empathy and how we build empathy and I really think

it has to be through encounters, right, we have to like see the person across from us,

and see that they're really not that different. Whether they're Arab or Jewish, they just

have the same goals and they just want to live together. I think that's why we come

on a social change program, right, is to make a difference in the community.

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