Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Be an Upstander - Prevent Bullying (by The NED Shows)

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Hi there!

My name is Zed the Squarehead, and I know that theres a champion in every kid.

Big kids, small kids.

2 eyed, 3 eyed, 4 eyed kids.

Doesnt matter.

There is definitely a champion in all kids!

But sometimes we forget that.

Sometimes a kid will try to feel cool or strong by choosing to be mean to those who are smaller

or weaker than them.

They might pick on people who cant do or say anything back.

They might do it over and over, too.

Have you ever seen that happen?

Well that kind of behavior is called bullying, and its not cool.

But you can do something to stop bullying as it is happening!

If you know a few tricks, then you can actually choose to stop the meanness right in its tracks.

You can choose to stand up to bullying.

And you can be an upstander!

Pay close attention to this scene.

Heres the playground.

Heres the bully whos trying to feel cool by picking on

This guy, Tar.

Now, heres a bystander.

A bystander is someone that sees bullying happen, and doesnt know what to do.

And back here we have NED.

NEDs going to start off a bystander.

But when the bullying starts, he does know what to do.

Hes going to choose to be an upstander!

NEDs going to stand up to bullying!

And when he does, he chooses from four upstanding options:


Be a buddy.

When NED sees Tar getting bullied, he shows Tar that he has a friend.

Bullys arent used to their targets having a buddy!

It could change everything.



When the bullying starts, NED finds a way to interrupt.

Here, he interrupts by asking Tar to come and join him at the electro-ball hoop!

When NED interrupts, he gives Tar a reason to walk away from the problem.


Speak out.

This one takes tons of courage!

Here, NED faces the person who is bullying and says,

thats mean.

dont do that.”

By speaking out about what is happening, it shows that meanness is not welcome.

It also gets other people to look!

And they might join as upstanders, too.


Tell someone.

Whether its during the bullying or after it, NEDs going to choose to tell an adult

about it.

This is NOT tattling, because he is not trying to get someone in trouble.

He wants to keep someone safe.

It takes courage and hard work to be an upstander.

But by being an upstander youll be an awesome friend to someone when they need it most.

And the letters in NEDs name can help!

N - never give up on helping your school to be safe!

E - encourage others to be upstanders with you!

D - do your best with all the upstanding ways that you can use to stop bullying at your school.

If you know the N.E. and D. in NEDs name, youll probably choose to be upstanding

whenever you see bullying.

When bullying takes place, youll make a champion choice to:

Be a buddy.

or Interrupt!

or Speak out.

And also, Tell someone.

If you do any mixture of those things when you see bullying happen, you'll go from being

a bystander to being an upstander at your school.

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