Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Anna en Wiet 31 december eng subs part 2

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And what do you think

yes festive

festive its it so bad

yes no sorry you look hot

hot you think that i am hot

Sjoerd you are delicious boy you know that you have still all the girl to choose from

take it easy there niece

Do you never miss it

a relationship

sometimes and you

Yes everything to deliberate with each other. and the contact feud uhm no

no I dont mis that but a relationship that you understand each other without saying anything

in bed do you mean

Yes in and out of bed, for example, that she already have bought ticket to concert. That you wanna to go to

you're just in love with coincidence

no no It is something more than coincidence

And that is what i miss somethings

Did you have that with Wiet

Yes with Wiet and Rikki and not right now. is also kind of fun for once

Dont you need to change clothes

no i am not going. I dont feel like going. Boks feel a bit too much like work

What nonsense you are there often enough if you don't have to work

well not now

you try to avoid someone

Yes you are in love

do not be ridiculous. you started there just about. who is it

No one

have a nice evening

Anna brand you not going to tell me that you not gonna put the work in for someone you like

I think we still see each other tonight



Can we talk for a sec

I did not know you would come

Uhm it is almost 12 o clock

cozy here

why are you follow me

I want to say something

I've been thinking

I would like to


We could try

see if it something can be

I'm just not that

I really don't feel like talking

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