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[Nicholas] -Ever wanted to learn about investing? Not really? Okay see ya.

despite the fact that Hollywood tends to portray everyone involved in the stock

market like the wolf of Wall Street

investing doesn't demand you sell your soul seriously

we respect that you're a socially conscious individual you recycle you

volunteer you take short showers you kiss dogs and smile at babies or vice

versa all in all you're a responsible resident

of planet Earth that's great so of course you want to invest with the same

principles you live by well thanks to socially responsible investing your

desire to do good doesn't have to conflict with your desire for financial

freedom here's the score like-minded folks with financial expertise created

investing opportunities designed to make the world a better place and by going

this route you definitely won't be going it alone socially responsible investing

has grown tenfold over the past 20 years and there's now 22 trillion dollars in s

RI assets worldwide with good reason research shows that s RI portfolios have

strong performance compared with regular portfolios portfolios portfolios wealth

simple can build you a custom s RI portfolio in a matter of minutes you'll

be invested in clean tech companies with low carbon exposure companies with

better gender diversity companies that help promote affordable housing so that

you get a perfectly balanced portfolio that works for your risk level whether

it's conservative balanced or growth as well as your beliefs

are these cacti making anyone else a little uncomfortable we make choosing

socially responsible investing as simple as turning on a light switch or off be

still there are you watching the new Robyn video right now in a different tab

is it good

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