Practice English Speaking&Listening with: BeerWalk - Op stap met Ben Roelants - Bierwandeling & Bierproeverij

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BeerWalk lets you discover the Belgian beer culture through historical city walks.

You will have 5 stops where youll have the opportunity to taste amazing craft beers.

The tours are guided by a charming beerspecialist, revealing the story and history behind the beer ...

a truly unique way to discover Belgium and its fabulous beers.

In the meantime they offer already 7 cities

Courtrai, Ghent, Bruges, Antwerp, Malines, Louvain and where I am today, in Brussels.

- Hello, my name is Ben. - I am Aril.

- Aril. You are the founder of BeerWalk. - Yes, that is correct.

Tell me more about BeerWalk.

BeerWalk is actually very simple ...

it is revealing the history of the city in relation with the history of beer.

Is the history of the city and beer always that well intertwined?

- Yes Why is that?

Where cities grow, beer flows into the city.

Ok, the BeerWalk today. Where do we start?

- Les Brasseurs, with the brewers. I couldnt agree more.

Lets go.

This is the starting point in Brussels. Les Brasseurs.

You will receive craft beers to taste at every caf.

The guide will give you some explanation about the beers history and flavors ...

and how it can be linked, in this case, to our capital city.

Its not only beer drinking or tasting ...

You will be walking through the city also. Let that be clear.

- Good afternoon! Good afternoon.

My beloved Beer lovers, let's start raising our glass.

Cheers, the first of the day. Im so excited.

This is our last stop, het Goudblommeke in Papier.

Truly a monument in Brussels.

Many famous people came here, such as Ren Margritte.

Always a warm welcome.

Good afternoon everyone!

And here we are going to taste another beer.

What if you dont like to drink beer? Thats possible.

Even then you can go on a BeerWalk and enjoy the storytelling ...

and you get a water or a soda instead.

A BeerWalk takes 3 hours ...

you will taste 5 craft beers and receive this amazing BeerWalk glass on top

The price is 39 euro.

What are you waiting for? You should have booked already.

Go to

I would love to meet you somewhere in Brussels or in one of our other cities.

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