Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The Story of a Spoon

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4.5 billion years ago

a giant molecular cloud collapses in space

setting free a solar nebula

out of which a planet is born:


For 2 billion years this planet evolves

and first life appears.

A soup of cells

bacteria, algae, funghi.

A myriad of plants come to life.

Fish reign the oceans and eat the algae.

They absorb the sunlight and store it in their bodies.

Dinosaurs, amphibians, reptiles. Birds and mammals.

They all live and die.

And each year, the dead bodies

are covered by layers and layers of sediment.

Heat and pressure rise, turning them into yellow-black liquid:


Humans arrive, and with them, geologists.

They study for years to find the oil

and build rigs in remote places.

Giant pumps extract the liquid

and it's shipped across the oceans.

A refinery now cracks it open and once again it travels.

A factory then binds the compounds

and turns them into plastic pellets.

Stored in big containers, around the world they go.

Liquefied, they're molded into the shape of a beautiful spoon.

The spoon drops and cools off to harden.

Wrapped in plastic, it is put into a box.

And the box is put on a pallet.

And the pallet is put into a container.

And the container is put on a truck.

And the truck drives to a port

where the container is put on a ship

and ship, ship, ship, the spoon arrives 6,000km around the world

where it is picked up by a merchant who puts it on a truck

and drives it to a store

where it's placed on a shelf in a temperature-controlled room

where it sits for 2 months

until you select it and pay for it

with the money you've worked hard for.

And you drive the spoon home,

which is where you are standing right now

with the spoon in your hand.

Now tell me: do you still think it's too much effort

to use a metal spoon that you just have to...wash?

Thank you to everyone who washed a spoon today.

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