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In this episode we explore an abandoned naval vessel just before it got scrapped.

This ship is one of the sixteen ships of the French navy which received the name Loire, which is the longest river in France.

It's is a mobile support vessel, mainly assigned to support a force of vessels participating in mine warfare.

The ship was built in 1967 and decommissioned in 2009.

In the summer of 2020 it was towed to the last destination to be scrapped.

Nice with al the stairs.

Hospital. -Yeah this is the sick bay.

These are the best beds of the ship. They're stabilized. -Ofcourse.

When I look at this it looks you get more sick. But it's not ofcourse. -No

COVID-19? -Wash your hands for 20 seconds.

You can see a window, we're above sealevel. Most rooms are below sealevel. And each bed has a light.

O nice, an operating theatre.

medicines for infections.

The ship was equipped with 3 anti-aircraft guns, 3 machine guns and could provide food for 45 days.

This was the biggest room in the ship, used to store a helicopter.

Luxurious rooms.

It's a floating village. -So functional.

What was special is that the crew of the ship was not female, but special arrangements...

like single rooms with sanitary facilities and showers made it possible to take some female personnel on board.

Would be nice to have this one. -Great for an office.

No posters on the inside.

I expected at least some naked woman. -Exactly.

The loire was around 100 meter/ 330 feet long and had a crew of 156 people.

Check these doors. -Wow Cool right.

We should go down one floor.

Check. Workers clothes.

Here are some stickers.

They were partying in Amsterdam I guess. -And scored some Dutch girls.

Rotterdam. -While they maybe have a family at home. Their little secret.

And those flowers. -I've seen those.

I wonder what's the story behind it. Someone special must have gave them.

More storage space.

Amplifier (In French)

If somebody knows what it is. -An amplifier, for radio signals.

You have to know your way. Each staircase leads to another compartment.

I'd prefer a kitchen above sealevel. Not a single window here.

There should be a bakery aswell.

A dead end? No.

O there it is.

It's the bakery. Some kind of oven. An oven yeah.

400 degrees (750F) max.

You could make great pizza's in here.

I love the paint flakes. -Indeed. Snowflakes.

An elevator. -Yeah, for the food.

It's big. -Imagine the sounds of this engine.

Hot.... dark...

Cool clocks.

The ship had two diesel engines. With 3600 horsepower it could reach a speed of 16 knots.

And I don't understand anything. -Just wanted to say it. It looks nice and abstract.

This is pretty dope too man.

It's the control panel of the engines. It looks pretty new.

We need more speed.

It's a bit of a disappointing bridge right?. It's really abstract. It's not an oldschool one.

Its information and telecommunications equipment were recently modernized.

(Ecoute=French) Listen.

Lots of cables.

Most is taken out. Too bad.

Everything is really modern. I like the oldschool radars and such.

A party place. -Yeah some kind of lounge.

Ah, the windows are closed. (because of flashlight) Yes we have to be careful.

Maybe it's the officers lounge. It looks pretty luxurious.

These beds are more luxurious too. -And big.

Lots of space. -For higher ranked people.

And there's more storage room..

Big lockers.

Luxurious lights. -A reading light yeah.

Two sinks. This is only a 4 person bedroom, look how big it is.

Even the corridor is spacious, normally everything is crammed.

Just more beds.

O. -Outside? Yeah.

O, here's a single room.

Lucky guy. -Indeed.

One of the only artefacts left. A fan.

It's funny it's a screw of a boat, you see?

Look at the sticker there. What does it say? -Also Holland. Amsterdam.

Ofcourse it's the red light district again.

We're now going to another part to see the workshops.

The smell is different in this part. -Absolutely. A pretty intense smell here.

This is nice to show.

Here you can see all the workshops. We're going there now.


Dinner room.



Ventilation room.

Sleeping quarters.

O this big space was a helicopter hangar. -That's the thing we saw.

I've seen another one but it was way bigger. hey had to shove it in then.


You can see that the rooms above sealevel. Those are the best.

You can see how spacious they are.

Check these ropes. -Interesting. Really heavy.

Haven't been used in a while.

Look at the decay here. -Peeling paint all over the place.

An elevator inside the ship?!

Six persons here.

Something else.

They worked different schedules so it could be that each bed was used by 3 persons.

Imagine... you have a warm bed when you go to sleep.

So many people are sleeping here.

Oxygen flow for the whole ship. Adjustable for every compartment.

A big tank.

Some big equipment here.

O you can adjust how thick it had to be. Adjustable. -No digital stuff.

More cutting and drilling machines here.

You better not wear a ring. You'll loose your finger.

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