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A funny sound for everyone who isn't paying attention right now

You mean, now they are paying attention?

Now they are paying attention, everyone is here. Now we are going to start

This is Putt-Putt saves the Zoo, I guess that's a spoiler in the title

Some animals went missing, we are going to search for them

I spotted a dog

Click on that little dog

That dog, we got him in our pocket (Click on that little dog again)

Well let's go, we need to save some animals, click just one more time on that little dog

Nooo let's not do that again, he's annoying (How annoying is he right?) I have regrets

Annoying dog. (Really annoying)

Click on all those people here

I am already gone

A child, we must find a child

Why isn't she doing it herself? What kind of a bad mom is she?

Can't you see she's busy

They put the flamingos and the cats with eachother in one place

And all of once animals are gone, and nobody knows why

Yeah, "Where is my giraffe-child :("

Oh, this is a kid!

This is a kid who needs to get back to the mother, by us

Can you be quiet for one sec?

Okay, what did this one want? This one wanted a kid

Delightful head of Putt-Putt

*mumbling of Peter (Or Timon? Sounds like Peter)* Are you going to talk through this again?

No, I am not- *mumbles through it again XDD*



Click it

What, no

Yes, maybe yes



What's hard about this?


Feed him the dog

Yes feed him the dog, keep him busy

Do we need to-

Oh, because it's so fun... Are we going to play another game?

I like that, I would like- I would like to see that ten more times. With that witty...


It gets better, even

Now I'm starting to like it less...

If he comes again, I will click anyway. That guy is TOO amusing

Yes, it's certainly worth it

You can say whatever you want, but it is worth it


Sex movements, sex movements (Is he making sex movements?!)

Go over there with your mouse, (NO I can't!) so the public can see (I can't do it!). SEX MOVEMENTS

No ignore it, or we have to save another child


Why are you making an offer?!

Stop this game, stop it

It's all nice and yeah but click on the sloth

One of my favs

And he proves why!

He's being funny, he's tired

Not doing those dirty sex movements

THAT'S what making me sick

Don't remind me of to those SEX movements..

That sloth could make those sex movements, but...


He doesn't have the hips for it. He could still do it

Are we going to save that cute boy?

Yes! Nice! (Push it!)

Ho! The seal

Now that rock falls on the seal

Well, at least we got rid of that problem

Oh we can peek! #peeking

Yeah, that's a JPEG

Do we have another rock?

As long as you don't click on him, he won't make the sex movements

Yeah, but that pervert, we need to go walk past there

Maybe you can digest it, but it's still in the front of my mind

I can't NOT think about it. I'm getting nauseous thinking about it

I wasn't waiting for it, that pervert with those hips

Those nasty sex movements

Do you know how many people watch this? Those nasty sex movements!

Nobody wants that!

But he was going for it, unasked for

Do you think that I- you can digest it

But I'm still going through the whole thing

You just have those kind of people in this society, Timon, you live together with all kinds of perverts and sad people, and a couple are in the chat

Have you done it anyway?!

It's dirtier than I thought

I thought, let's watch it again, but it's just as dirty as the first time!

Those filthy sex movements!

We have freed you

Yes, for that lion-boy

Can ride that whole shit-part again!

Well that's going raffortless

Wow.. NICE Peter, give me a high five! Just- *slap sound* ahh!

Throw the dog

I wouldn't look so happy if you knew what I wanted to do

I wouldn't trust that child, I would bring him home

Because it can just so happen that he's going to those perverts with those sex movements, peeking at them

Sitting on that lap of that filthy guy, from those sex movements...

You need to shoot them

But I noticed a secret here

I saw that nobody in the chat noticed it, this is a secret


He's shaking/humping already (Is he shaking already?)

AH! He's already- let's get out of here!

Ride over it


Let's not ask where the father is, otherwise we are going to have such an uncomfertable ehh...

Send that dog

Murder the dirty rat, dirty dog

WOW look how ugly he is!

Why are we doing this?

This is really intense

Yeah that's a goal

This is just a goal

Oh this is really slanting, look at him, the weak-

He doesn't even get it over the line, the weak weakbear, is how they call him


Ah, the wrench...

I have that wrench accidentally in my pocket


Is he going the other direction?

Do that one thing, do that...

Ah nice

That salto came... perfect

How does this look? How does this look?

Ah hahaha *contemptuous laugh* that's just a jump

That's not that special


Ah gross- ahh gross!!

I do have a boner, but- (Yes...)

We only need to get the skeeter and the elephant

We need to lure the mouse away

Take some frail cheese chippies

He's still standing

I saw him getting smaller, because he wouldn't fit otherwise

Otherwise he wouldn't have fit...

I would like that snapback

Oh, let's peep a look

Oh, can we....?

Nasty hairy nipple under that...

We are going to finish the game

Yes, we are at the last character

We can leave that snake, because I remembered, that with Adam and Eve...

Maybe we can get him back?

How do you want to get him back?

Let that mother suffer

Don't forget to tell that guy that he needs to place some fences around the place

Or we would have to keep doing this

Well "I" , I think we did it, you filthy...

Is he going to reclaim... that filthy racecar

Yeah, filthy vehicle!

And he is sweating like he did something

"Grand Opening"? You haven't even put any fences in the zoo!

SET FENCES UP OR- I'm not going to do this all over again, hoor





I couldn't see it very well....

Those legs were wide open!

OOOOH, OH MAN, but can I look one sec?

Don't look, Timon!

It's really gross..

Yeah, yeah don't look, it's mature content

Why are you touching your penis?


I feel like a total winner

and totally not like a sad person

Do you also want to choose a game?

Than go run with the wind to

Like the page and leave, when the time is mature enough, a suggestion behind

Well, it was fun, wasn't it?

Until next time

Timon! Go away!!1!

Click on the buttocks, just for a second on the buttocks, just to look what will happen

I don't he can just do that

Sucking sounds??

That suck-power of that-

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