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( upbeat music )

Welcome back.

We're super pumped to have

Weird Al hanging out with us today.

Yes, this is very exciting for us, Al,

because we've been big fans for a very, very long time.

Actually, the first album that either of us bought

was one of your albums.

- No kidding. - Yes. True story.

- Wow, cool. - Link: Yeah.

If the middle school versions of us

saw us doing this right now, they'd be freaking out!

- ( laughter ) - I'm also kinda

freaking out!

- Me, too! - Yeah, that's why,

in this interview,

we wanted to construct it

so that we could get up close and personal.

Oh, that's a good idea. Okay, let's do that.

Yeah, so with every question,

we're gonna get a little bit closer to you.

Okay, I'm psyched.

- Oh, you're into that? - Yeah!

- Okay, good. - Let's do this.


I'm moving in.

Now, in middle school, your Michael Jackson parodies

were a huge impact on us.

So I was just curious, have you ever met Michael Jackson?

- I met him a couple times. - Oh, yeah?

In fact, one time I gave him a gold album

- for "Even Worse," - Yeah.

'cause I did, you know, the parody "Fat."

And, you know, he was very nice, he was...

He knew about it, right?

He knew about it, yeah. I mean, I got his permission.

But, like, giving Michael Jackson a gold album is like, "Aww,

I'll just throw this on the pile over here, thanks."

Now, you had surgery on your eyes

so you don't have to wear glasses anymore.

The LASIK surgery, yeah.

How was that?

I have x-ray vision now. It's great.


Should I do it? Because they, like,

peel back your eye to get in there

and that freaks me out.

Yeah, I mean, you know,

actually, I did it on live TV.

I forget how much the surgery was,

but they said, "If you let us cover it

on the live local news, it's free."

I was like, "Yeah!"

So I thought-- there was good reasons for that.

One, I'm cheap, and also I figured, if it's on live TV,

there's more of an inclination for them not to screw up.

It was like, you don't wanna go, "I'm blind! Aah!"

- You don't want that. - Yeah, that's true.

We should talk about your hair.

- Yes, let's do that. - Weird Al: Okay.

- I'm moving in. - Okay.

How do you-- how do you

get it to look so immaculately un-frizzy?

It just grows out of my head this way. I don't know.

That's all natural?

Uh, yeah.

People say, "Al's got a bad perm."

That's incorrect. It's bad natural hair.

I would like to touch it, but I'm not close enough to.

- Yeah, I wish I were closer. - Save it.

Work up to it. Work up to it.

Okay, now, you're the king of song parodies,

but you're doing this tour early next year

and it's all original songs. What went into that?

- Just a... - ( laughter )

you know, just a little change of pace

'cause we've been doing the big multimedia productions

for decades.

And this tour is kinda for the hardcore fans

because there's so many songs that we've never played live

because we always wanna please the audience and play the hits.

And there's so many songs that just kinda fell between the cracks.

So we're gonna do an audience displeasing tour.

( laughter )

One that just appeals to, like, the hardcore fans,

and we're gonna play all the deep cuts and obscure things

that most people don't care that much about,

but some people are like, "I can't believe he's playing this!"

- Okay. - You got a lot of hardcore fans.

So much so that you've got a couple of 'em that have

tattooed your face on their body.

- That's true. - I'm moving in.

- ( laughter ) - Who would you have tattooed on your body?

Well, you guys, obviously.

Link: Each butt cheek? Is that what you're thinking?

- I'd say the same butt cheek. - Okay.

Yeah, you don't want to crack us up.

No, no, you don't wanna do that.

- Mm-mm. - No.

- I'm closer. - You are.

Now, back in the day, you also had a moustache.

It's growing out right now.

( laughter )

Do you miss it?

I do. I keep it in a little baggy,

and I take it out every now and then.

It's underneath my pillow at night.

I didn't get a good look at it.

Yep. It is starting to grow out a little bit.

- Yeah. You see that? - Yep.

- A little on the chin, too. - Oh, yeah.

- Right there? Yes, yes, yes. - Uh-huh. Yeah.

- Yes. - You can touch the hair now if you want to.

( laughter )


- Wow, that's good. - So nice.

- Thank you. - I'm moving in.


Is my breath okay?

Yeah, it's fine.

- Mmm, minty. - Yeah.

I'm getting kinda hungry.

- I'm moving in. - Okay.

Oh. Onions, nice.

- Mmm. - Well, onion.

Thanks for correcting me.

You hungry? You hungry, Al?

I feel like I'm eating it already.

I'm good.

- I'll take a bite. - What about you, Rhett?


This is a dream come true for me.

I'm so sad all of a sudden.

( laughter )

I think I got some of your hair in my mouth.

But I don't mind at all.

Al, thanks for getting so up close and personal with us.

- It was my pleasure. - ( groans )

Al's box set, "Squeeze Box", is out tomorrow,

and tickets are on sale at

for the Ridiculous "Selfly"-- how do you say it?

- That's close enough. - Ridiculously Self-Indulgent Ill-Advised Vanity Tour.

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My pleasure.

Now you just say,

"You know what time it is."

You know what time it is!

- Hi, I'm Justine. - I'm Maggie.

- I'm Phoebe. - I'm Justin.

And we're in Florence, Italy,

and it's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality.

Actually, you know what I'm gonna do?

I'm just gonna take it and, bam,

make sure we hit "Gifticality," y'all,

'cause it's Thanksgiving

and we wanna make sure we land on it.

For the past few days, we've been--

when we landed on the "Gifticality,"

we've been donating to St. Jude's Thanksgiving campaign.

And since, like I said, today's Thanksgiving,

we just want to talk a little bit more about that

- for a second. - Yeah, so, I mean,

this is a time of year where we're all being

very thankful, we're showing how grateful we are about

- the things that we have in our lives. - Mm-hmm.

I think this is a great time for us to stop

and focus on people who are less fortunate.

And, you know, this could be any cause that you're passionate about,

but particularly with St. Jude

and what they do for kids who are suffering from life-threatening diseases,

it's just a cause that we really believe in.

So we're glad we already landed on it twice this week

and we are intentionally landing there again.

Again, as part of their Thanksgiving campaign,

we're donating $1,000 to St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital

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Please join us in giving at

Yeah, and we just wanna thank you guys for being your mythical best.

Whatever cause is near and dear to your heart,

take this opportunity to follow through

with your time, and your love,

and even your finances

to help those that, like I said,

are near and dear to your heart

or are less fortunate.

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