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>> Is there an experiment you've thought of since

your last mission?

>> Oh, this is from Laura Austin?

>> LA is my lady.

That's what, that's her call sign for Twitter.


>> Well, but from Austin you would think that'd be


>> You never know.

So is, but this one's for you, Don.

Is there an experiment you have thought of since your

last mission that you would like to try in


>> Oh, man.

I'm going to have to--

>> A million of them.

>> Yeah.

I've got a running list of experiments that I want to

do for my next flight.

And there's several kinds of experiments.

There are programatic experiments.

These are well-planned, well thought out

experiments that PIs on the ground orchestrate and

we do them like glorified graduate--

>> These principal investigators, we call


This is the main scientist or engineer that thought

it up.

>> Oh yeah.

>> Oh, yeah, yeah.


And if they were on orbit with us, they'd be "PI in

the sky."

[ Boing Sound ]

But anyway, so we have those experiments and


>> I think we're going to keep him.

>> And [laughs] or you need to send me off the


[ Laughs ]

And then we have some experiments we could think

up just because we're there and we can.

And so the kinds of experiments that I will

highlight are what kind of experiments would I like

to do in my off-duty time using the resources there?

And I think I would do more experiments dealing

with static charge because static charge force says,

you know, scuff your feet across the carpet and then

the little spark jumps out from your fingertip.


>> Or like rubbing a balloon, you know.

>> Oh, and stick the balloon on--

>> Right, that kind of static electricity, yep.

>> Yeah, that kind of static electric.

They, those forces are weak compared to gravity,

and so you can repeat those experiments in a

weightless environment and they make wonderful

educational demonstrations.

>> So school kids actually sent up an experiment like

that for us and what they were doing down on the

ground was that they were taking a piece of rubber

and they, like rubber tubing.

Just stretchy tubing.

And then they would take like a nylon stocking or

something and they would rub the tubing and so it

would be electrically charged and they'd hold it

next to a faucet and the faucet would be just like

not a big stream, but a little stream.

And when they held it next to the little stream--

>> Oh, the stream would be diverted.

>> It's bent, right?

>> Yeah.

So they wanted to know what would happen up on

the space station.

So Ron, Garrin, and I took this tube, stretched it

across the Japanese Experiment Module, got it

all statically charged--

>> Oh, that's just one of the rubber exercise


>> Exactly, yep.

>> Okay.

>> We stole it from the exercise place.

So it's stretched across, got it statically charged,

and then took a drink bag and squirted a drop of


And so if my hand here or my arm is the tubing, this

water went and it went towards the tubing and it

wanted to keep going because, you know, it has


It wants to go, but then the tubing that's charging

it brought it back and it just kept orbiting and

orbiting and orbiting.

>> Oh, cool.

>> It was the coolest thing.

It was great.

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