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- Hey everybody, It's Mark Saunders with Saunders Realty.

I am at 303 Cecil Drive here in Winston-Salem.

This is a three-bedroom, one-bath house

that has gone up for rent.

Give you a quick shot of the yard.

It's got a very large yard

and one thing you'll notice

it's very private back here.

We're at the end of Cecil Drive

which is the end of the street.

Actually, the lot is fenced-in around

and then it backs up to a lot of woods.

So, a lot of privacy.

Let me give you a shot showing you

how the street comes in.

So that's Cecil Drive.

It actually ends right here.

Got a little circle here at the end of the street

that runs right into the property.

Three bedrooms, one bath,

a full basement, oil heat, central air.

You got a one-car garage here

and it ties in to a screen porch.

So come on in, I'll give you a quick tour.

Your main door you're probably going

to use coming in is coming straight

out of the screen porch.

So, come on in through the kitchen.

The house does come with a stove,

refrigerator, dishwasher.

Quick shot of the kitchen.

It opens up into the living room.

Hardwood floors throughout.

You can take a left here to go down to a hallway.

You got a little eat-in kitchen area here.

Good size living room, like I said,

nice hardwood floors.

Fireplaces are not to be used.

There's actually a fire placement

down in the basement as well.

Here's another shot of the kitchen.

We'll actually go around the hallway here.

First door to your left is your bathroom.

Got a tub shower combo in here.

Quick shot of that.

The door here takes you down to the basement.

You'll actually have a full unfinished basement,

so a ton of storage space in this house.

Here's the other bedroom.

We got to get a few light globes still to put in,

so we'll put those in.

Second bedroom.

Down the hallway would be your third bedroom.

Quick shot of that.

So, pretty good size rooms.

Kind of hard to tell on the video

the size of the rooms, but, pretty decent size.

So there you have it.

If you have any questions, you can e-mail us.

My e-mail address is

You can check out our web site

at for more details on this property.


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