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[INTRO MUSIC] >> ROSALIE: I want a program that's flexible.

I want a program that will meet the needs of the majority of the students in our district

at whatever need that might be. I want a program that is not going to take

us to anyone extreme where it has to be done a specific way in

a classroom. >> KELLY: Our goals was to start at the high

school level. And to get the online,

the remote learning type courses available to students at that time.

When I came here five years ago, about 200 students chose to leave the district for

open enrollment and go off to other virtual charter schools.

And by hanging on to those students, by offering online options here,

that would pay for everything that we wanted to do with our own students

who were online. >> JAMES: Again, we are in the age right now

where we are allowed to present our students with multiple options.

We are really allowed to develop personalized learning plans for many of our students.

If we have this idea that students can learn anytime,

anywhere, any place

where things happen synchronously and asynchronously now that changes the whole dynamic of the classroom.

>> MCKENZIE: I like it a lot better because if I'm not feeling good one day,

I can go home and not stay at school and do it

I can go home and log in and finish the work that I need to be done.

>> IVANA: Enjoy having the option of having more independence

and having a say of how I learn . >> ROSALIE: We chose Odysseyware because it

has pretty much anytime, anyplace offer. That program offers them an opportunity to

get those courses taken care of and get the credits that they need to graduate

from high school. >> KELLY: So when a student can come into

a credit recovery situation, and be done within one day,

or one week, or even a couple of weeks,

they feel so much better about themselves compared to

if they accepted a failing grade before but when you can provide an option that

captures what they already know and let's them quickly demonstrate that they

have competency, they have mastery of the content,

that gives them a lot more hope, it provides relief.

And in many cases I see that, students then regain the path to graduation.

>> JUSTEN: When I can do it on a computer I can take my time.

And if I don't get it I can always go back and don't have to worry about,

Okay, I turn this in now, I may not get it yet.

>> ROSALIE: I think technology meeting diverse needs of students is

a critical component. And our kids all learn at different rates.

They all have different background experiences. We have a number of intervention programs

within our district as well as acceleration programs.

>> DR. HAWS: We're a very diverse district and we have students at all ranges.

We have students on their way to the top flight colleges anywhere in top careers,

and we have students who struggle everyday to just get through the day.

So Odysseyware provides an opportunity to provide that personalized learning.

>> KELLY: The personalization then has to happen

at the content level where the students have a playlist,

they can choose what they want to do and when they want to

do it. But they'll still have the adults,

the teachers, the facilitators

to guide them that they get a well rounded education.

>> ELIOT: So what we've seen is a big decrease in the number of expulsions that

we have reported to the state as a district. On the average we're running about a 180 a

year over the last couple of years. I think the last two or three years,

all running about 60 expulsions a year. that's a huge change,

that's a lot of progress in a short time. >> DR> HAWS: They are much more engaged in

their learning, they are much more committed to it

and they are much more motivated to accomplish what they need to do.

>> KELLY: The same as that is that we choose our own music.

I'm ready for jazz as opposed to some rock. I need some rap right now

but I later on, I'm going to need some classical music.

We have that choice as Americans for so many things that has to

happen in the classroom too. >> ROSALIE: The kids can truly do the work

at the pace and the time that they need to do it.

And that right now is one of our most critical reasons.

>> KELLY: And the world is global and our students can be global learners without

leaving their doorstep.

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