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In today's video,

we have gone all the way

to Canada to see the world's most uncomfortable bed,

and see if it's even possible to sleep in it.


Hey guys, we're in Canada.

That's right.

Now, a while ago,

you may have seen I built a big bed,

and that was trying to make something really comfortable.

Today, we are trying something that's a little bit different.

In fact, it's kind of the opposite.

This is the location of the world's most

uncomfortable bed,

which was built around real-life experiences of those living

with severe eczema to help give people a sense

of what it's like to live with this disease.

The bed is in one of the rooms back here.

We need to go check it out,

see what makes it so uncomfortable,

and then one of us is going to have to put it to the test.

Like a real test.

We've heard a lot about this bed.

I'm very curious to know what makes it so uncomfortable,

and how it was even put together.

Let's find out.

Ready for this?

We'll find out.

Because I'm not.

Oh, no.

I have to go.

It's not exactly thousand thread count Egyptian cotton.

Got a lovely carpet here,

and by carpet, I mean like doormat

for scrubbing your shoes off.

Oh my God.

The table is sandpaper.

That's like 36 grit sandpa--

Ow, an actual cactus.

I don't know what I'm sitting on right now,

but I don't enjoy it.

These are brillo pads.

I sat down to try and delay the fact

that I have to get near that bed.

But this was also a terrible choice.

How is this-- I want to try it too.

Oh, no.

No, you don't actually.

You don't.

Okay, I'm going to try out the terrible chair.

I'm with jeans and a shirt on.

It's not terrible.

We wear different jeans, Nate.

With my jeans, it's not terrible.

It looks durable.

From what I've seen so far,

the most comforting part about this room is the Wi-Fi password.


Like seriously, this,

I think is also a rug for scraping your shoes.

That a good pillow sound.

I don't know,

but when I just want to push myself up,

there's something disturbingly lumpy in this blanket.

This is not a pillow.


This is bundles of crumpled up paper.

Pillow fight.

The worst pillow fight ever.

The scratchy part is not the part I don't like.

It's like slimy.

It's like kind of sticky.

Do you feel that?


Why is it--

I think that's just like whatever they add

in it to get the fibers to bind together.

Because this material I think is

like you use it for putting like under plants

and stuff to absorb water.

This is just a solid, solid wood bed frame--


Is this--

I think that's it.

That's it.

That's the bottom sheet.

And there's just...

Oh, and it's just 2x4's.

Well, that's--

>> Well, yeah, but... >> That's supportive.

You know at the end of a long day,

>> all you want is just to flop on your bed. >> Fall on your bed.

Don't hurt yourself.

Imagine the itchiest,

scratchiest thing you've ever touched.

Now, imagine trying to sleep in it.

Never gone camping,

and your sleeping bag on the 10th floor was on a rock?

There's something like 20 of those.

Oh, I want to try walking on our little carpet here.

Boy, waking up in the morning and walk on that would really

make you want to go back to bed if your bed didn't suck so much.

Here's the thing.

I think the bed needs a proper test.

It does.

Who gets to test it out?

There's only one fair way to decide this.

It's true.


That's one.


It's one.

Best 2 out of 3.

I only need one more.








It looks-- I'm sure it's really comfortable.

This is the worst bedspread.

It's so heavy.

But that just drives the itchiness down

into you more.


That's awful.

Oh boy.


Turning is the worst,

because then you're actually like rubbing

your skin against it.

Like if you just don't move.

I mean, it's still not comfortable,

but it's like not the worst.

But then you try and turn over,

and it's just like--

That's the worst thing?

Not sleeping in it for a night.

That's the worst part, turning in it.


That was terrible.

I'm gonna go like get a massage or something.

You have fun though.

Why are you going to suffer through sleeping in this bed?

What's the reasoning behind this?

Okay guys, the real answer is this bed was made by

Atopic Dermatitis Revealed.

Their entire goal is basically to bring awareness

about atopic dermatitis,

which is better known as eczema,

and that affects so many people you wouldn't even believe.

In fact, I had it when I was little.

It's incredibly uncomfortable.

It makes sleeping nearly impossible

when it's bad.

It's itchy.

It can be sore.

It causes rashes, and it's-- It's awful.

And so they made the world's most uncomfortable bed

to basically simulate what a night is like trying to sleep

when you have atopic dermatitis.

So we've got the itchiness, we've got the discomfort,

we've got--

I swear I felt heating at some point.

There was--

There was absolutely--

I think there might be--

It feels like it's cooling down.

But we are on top rather--.

Yes, we are.

But yeah, no.

It's doormat that we're sleeping on.

Because your skin gets hot.

When it-- I mean,

when you get a rash, of course, it's the skin irritant.

So your skin warms up.

I was going to say I can't explain

how uncomfortable it is,

but I'm sure lots of you do know.

Not to mention,

that uncomfortable it can last throughout the entire day too.

Guys, if you suffer

from extreme eczema or atopic dermatitis,

talk to your doctor.

There are treatment options available.

Okay, best 2 out of 3, out of the best 2 out of 3.



You lost.

Good night, Nate.

Okay. Have fun.

The bed's hot again.

I hate this.

And then, it's so lumpy.


I can just--

Just gonna...


Well, good night, Mark.

Good night.


Okay, guys, I am trying here.

I have been in this bed for an hour now,

and I can't sleep.

This is ridiculous.

I am itchy.

I am scratchy.

I don't know if this is like a rash forming

from me scratching or the bed itself.

But this is a nightmare.

I don't know who designed this,

but you're right.

This is the world's most uncomfortable bed.

We're gonna try the carpet.

Let me see if this is any better.


Here I am again.

Just me in my [inaudible].

Also, with the size of the lumps under me,

like no matter where you turn or try this,

it just gets worse and worse.


I don't--

It's digging into my spine and my everything.

There's no sleeping in this bed.

I had headphones in.

And then this voice started.

I really hope you can hear that,

because that's the creepiest thing ever.

No, I'm done.





I'm sorry.

I'm just taking a nap

on this super comfortable couch out here.


Did you fall asleep?

What's the worst part so far?

Oh, the worst part.

You'd like to know what the worst part is so far?

Like the absolute worst part?

Imagine that you almost fall asleep, right?

And then you don't.

And then imagine a voice suddenly talking to you

from the darkness.

Oh, there's voices?

Sounds really fun.

Well, have a good night.

Okay, so I know we've joked around a bit about this now,

but this bed is actually super itchy and uncomfortable.

I can't even begin to imagine what it would be

like to experience this every single night.

So, let's see how things are going in there.

What's up?


You give up yet?


You don't look like you've been asleep very much.

I'm not talking to you anymore.


Silent treatment.



I'm done.


I'm going to be a mess for a long time.

I'm itchy and I'm tired.

So hearing voices, huh?

That thing talks to you.

There's a speaker setup.

Oh, so we're looking at the list of things done.

There's a list?

They gave us a list of--

You didn't share it with me.

I learned this recently.

And in addition,

we will have a hidden speaker with subconscious audio playing

throughout the night.

So there you go.

That was because they had a patient

that mentioned she heard inner voices as sort of a side effect

of her condition.

So yeah, here you go.

Delightful, huh?

Your turn.

It's time to go.

Thanks again to Atopic Dermatitis Revealed

for sponsoring this video,

and letting us try this thing out.

It's a very interesting experience,

learning what people are suffering from who are going

through atopic dermatitis or severe eczema.

Talk to your doctor or dermatologist.

Guys, that's all for today.

But you know,

we've always got more for you to see.

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Talk to you then.

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