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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: English Summer Movies | Practice English

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hello everyone and welcome to today's

class I'm teaching Dell and today we're

going to be talking about summer movies

to practice your English I'm going to

give you lots of tips and

recommendations so let's start okay

first of all if you want to watch our

classes again let's say if you want to

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same for this class you can actually

leave comments and I will make sure that

I will reply to you again you know later

on today okay so let's make a start how

can we learn English with movies well

really this is a fantastic way for you

to learn English for me it's the best

way so first of all my suggestion is

that you watch with subtitles in English

okay don't try to watch it straight away

without the subtitles because that can

be a little bit demotivating because you

may not understand everything so with

subtitles but in English okay you use it

like an exercise pause go back start

again if you don't understand okay and

break it up don't try to watch a full

film especially if your your level of

English is like beginners or you know

maybe pre-intermediate so make sure you

break it up maybe watch 30 minutes then

another time another 30 minutes and then

and so on okay take some notes write

about the film and then make a list of

your favourite quotes as well okay so

you use the films or the documentaries

as you know as them as a way to learn

English right so we've got some summer

classics for you I'm sure you've already

seen them but maybe you've seen them in

your own language

now you could watch them in English for

example we've got jaws okay so that's

1975 thriller okay

it's based on a novel as well okay the

novel by Peter Benchley

it's a giant man-eating shark that

attacks beachgoers okay and goers what

do we mean by goers goers are people who

visit a place or attend any an event so

we say cinema goers movie goers museum

goers gym goers okay theater goers

that's what we say the people who attend

the cinema the theater who attended an

event we say goers okay

lilo and Stitch right this is an

animated science fiction comedy drama by

Disney I'm sure you would have heard of

it but again watch it in English right

so what is it about lilo is a Hawaiian

girl she adopts a dog called stitch okay

and actually stitch is is basically an

extraterrestrial anymore okay so what is

extraterrestrial it's a fictional being

from out of space so as you know you

know something that doesn't exist really

where we don't think there exists but

stand by me a coming-of-age comedy drama

released in 1996 now this is a good one

it's four boys in a small town in Oregon

they go on a hike okay so they go on a

walk to find the body of a missing child

all right here another expression for

you coming-of-age something that we use

very much in English it means the act of

reaching maturity and becoming an adult

okay so that's a good one

to watch as well okay let's have a look

at what's new okay what you can watch

new releases as we call them so have you

seen this one Jurassic world

I know my children have seen it if said

it was fantastic I've got to watch it as

well but you could watch it in English

so science fiction adventure film it's

the fourth in the series okay in the

Jurassic Park series and here after the

failure of Jurassic Park scientists

engineer a new breed of dinosaur

okay so again but dinosaurs and special

effects are amazing apparently so

oceans eight right we're already on to

number eight this is an American heist

comedy film okay

so again it follows it follows with the

other oceans they are the films in that

triology and the heist is a robbery okay

so let's see right let's practice

together now I will have some questions

for you please write your answers in the

comments and then I'll be able to check

them later and I'll be able to give you

some feedback so first of all what's

your favorite summer movie is it

something that you've been watching that

you've watched recently or is it

something an older movie from the past

okay what's your favorite one and how do

you movies help us learn English yes you

may have some tips about learning

English with films so let us know and

that's it for now we've got two

questions while you are actually

answering those questions I'm going to

tell you about the other course as you

know because many of our viewers are

actually premium students but let me

tell you again as you know what about

we've got this amazing course for you to

learn and to get better at English so we

have 144 units we start from beginners

all the way to advanced and business

level and every unit contains the same

it's the same structure we start with

film because we believe that's the best

way for you to learn English a short

film and other film as we call them and

we have lots of different activities

based around the film then we have

grammar classes which are the video

classes where we explain the grammar in

a real straightforward way and then at

the end of each unit you have an

assessment test to check what you've

learned okay

so you have 144 units so it's a really

good way to study English it's a very

flexible course because you can study on

your smartphone you can study on your

tablet or on your computer you can start

with one device and continue with

another if you are a free student you


access to all of the first unit the free

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example you can write with your doubts

your questions and then she will reply

to you through email within about 24

hours so it's really really good for you

to improve your English okay as you know

we have lots of additional resources we

do those classes for free on Facebook

and I know that you love them and we're

also on YouTube Twitter and the aperture

know where we have some amazing blog

post about lots of different topics

movies grammar lots of different things

that we talk about during the classes so

please check that out

turn on your notifications okay so you

are always notified you know about our

live classes and that's it from me for

today so thank you very much for your

participation I hope you've enjoyed the

class and I'll see you soon


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