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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Tia Mowry’s Simple Sheet Pan Dinner | Quick Fix

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- Hi guys.

So, do you find yourself struggling

to put a meal on the table?

I know I do,

especially for picky eaters.

But don't worry, because I will show you

a quick fix that'll solve the problem.

(bright, fun music)

One thing thing that I absolutely love

about sheet pan dinners

are they are quick, easy, and you're only using one dish.

You know what that means?

Less mess, and less dishes.

Whoop whoop!

(audience cheering)

Let's start with the Brussels sprouts.

I've already washed my Brussels sprouts.

What you're gonna wanna do

is just peel off the first layer,

and then you're gonna want to cut off the ends,

and that is how you prep a Brussels sprout.

So, now that my Brussels sprouts are prepped,

I am just going to spread them on

this baking sheet like so.

And, I'm gonna move on to my potatoes.

As you can see, my potatoes are taking a nice bath

in some ice cold water,

and the reason I am doing this is because

I don't want my potatoes to turn brown.

Nobody wants that.

I am just going to cut my potatoes into tiny squares,

and I want them to be

around the same size of the Brussels sprout.

I'm doing this so that everything cooks nice and evenly.

My husband, he likes to sneak into the kitchen sometimes.

I don't like allowing him in the kitchen

for this one reason.

He always likes to change up my recipes behind my back.

If I go, maybe,

to the sink to wash my hands,

my husband will sneak behind my back,

and he'll throw in some type of ingredient

that just doesn't work.

(laughs awkwardly)

So, I am definitely the one that's

always in the kitchen by choice.

One thing that I love about this recipe,

and I think that it's great for picky eaters, is,

there's chicken in there, and there's potatoes,

and my son absolutely loves chicken and potatoes.

And, I'm also gonna add some greenery in there,

which are the Brussels sprouts,

to add some nutritional value.

Potatoes are done.

So, I'm just gonna add them to the sheet pan.

If you want all the measurements for this recipe,

it'll be in the description below.

I'm gonna add three cloves of garlic.

I'm gonna cut them in half.

Toss that like so.

Now, I'm gonna add some more flavor to this dish.

I have some olive oil and Dijon mustard.

I am obsessed with Dijon mustard.

I use it in basically everything.

I'm gonna add some pepper.

Some salt.

Just get a little bit.

This looks great.

I'm gonna drizzle this over my Brussels sprouts

and my potatoes,

like so.

Again, this is gonna add

flavor to the potatoes and the Brussels sprouts.

So, I want to mix all of this together.

Don't worry about getting your hands dirty.


That's when it becomes fun,

especially if you have your kids with you in the kitchen.

I know my son,

he loves doing stuff like this.

He loves getting his hands all nice and dirty.

There we go.

(yammers melodically)

I know my mother,

she says you shouldn't play with your food, but...

(giggles shyly)

Now, onto the star of this dish, should I say,

the chicken.

I'm gonna add a really nice rub to it,

giving it loads of flavor,

because I love some flavor, okay?

I'm gonna add some thyme, onion powder, cayenne,

brown sugar, and salt.

I'm gonna give it a nice whisk,

blending all the flavors together.

So, the brown sugar is gonna add some sweetness

to the chicken.

The cayenne is gonna add a little bit of heat,

not too much.

And, I always love using herbs.

It just makes any dish nice and fresh.

You know what I mean?

(chuckles mischievously)

Alright, come here, chicken.

I'm just gonna add my rub.

Alright, so, my chicken is nice and coated.

Here's a little tip,

when you buy chicken thighs, they come like this.

What I like to do, is,

I just like to fold them a little, like so.

Not only does it look really nice and pretty,

by me folding it,

it's gonna leave the chicken really nice and tender,

and it doesn't dry out.

This recipe serves about four to five people,

and if you have a bigger family,

you can just make

two sheet pan dinners.

I'm gonna put this in the oven

at 425 degrees for 30 minutes,

until the chicken is cooked through,

and that's it.


Doesn't this look delicious?


(rhythmically humming with delight)

This is so delicious.

You're gonna love this.

So, that's my go-to dinner

for dinner in a hurry.

So, make sure you subscribe,

and hit that notification bell for more quick fix ideas,

and I'll see you next week.


(jazzy, upbeat music)

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