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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: How to Crochet for Beginners - Easy and Simple Tutorial by Naztazia

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Hi my name is Donna from the My good friends at have asked me to do a tutorial video on the basics of crochet.

This video is designed for the absolute beginner but can be used by other

crocheters to review basic techniques.

This video is video number one of a two-part series.

The first thing to do is visit your local craft store to purchase yarn and a

crochet hook. The best yarn to get when you're first starting out is a

100-percent acrylic yarn in worsted weight in preferably not too dark but

not too bright of a color.

i highly recommend when you are first starting to use aluminum crochet hook in

size H (5mm). The stitches and techniques used in this video will help you create this

basic dishcloth. Place the crochet hook in your right hand

even if you happen to be left-handed. Next, place your thumb and index finger

on the flattened part of the crochet hook. Wrap your remaining fingers around

the lower half of the crochet hook.

Next we have to create the first loop in the yarn. Wrap the yarn around your left

index finger in a clockwise manner. When you get to the top

insert that yarn underneath the existing yarn already on your finger.

Grab the yarn and pull it through to form a loop.

Now we need to insert the crochet hook into the loop. Take the yarn end to pull

on it and gently tighten the loop around the hook. Holding the yarn gently in your

left hand, raise your index finger to support the yarn. Put your thumb and

middle finger near the bottom of the first loop to support it.

The chain usually starts off every crochet pattern.

Move your crochet hook under then over the yarn - catch it on the hook and pull

it through. Continue this under and over and pull it through for a total of

twenty-one chains. In crochet it is critical that you keep count of the

number of chains and later stitches. After you have finished your 21 chains

we're going to begin the single crochet. The single crochet is the basic stitch

of crochet. For this first row we're going to skip that first chain. Insert

your crochet hook in the middle of the next chain.

Do your under, then over - which will now be called a "yarn over." Pull that yarn

through to form a loop.

You now have two loops on your hook. Yarn over and pull through both loops on the

crochet hook. Move on to the next chain and do the exact same thing.

Yarn over and pull through...

Yarn over and pull through.

You will crochet a total of twenty single crochets - that first chain doesn't

count towards the number of stitches.

Once you've completed your first row we need to add another row. The first thing

we're going to do is chain one. Then we turn our work.

We skip that first chain and do a single crochet in the next stitch.

For this second row as well as all remaining rows

we're going to insert our crochet hook underneath the two loops.

Insert your crochet hook under both loops and complete your single crochet.

Continue doing this until there are a total of twenty single crochets on this

row. Then for the remaining rows do the same - chain one, turn your work, and

complete your 20 single crochets. Please realize when you are first starting out

to crochet your work might end up looking something like this.

That's okay - crochet is an art that does take practice. If you should make a


take your crochet hook out - then slowly pull out the loops.

Once you have removed the loops, insert your crochet hook back into the main

loop and begin crocheting again.

After you have completed 20 single crochets across, and a total of twenty

rows upward,

it is time to finish off your work. Cut your yarn a few inches from your crochet

hook. Yarn over and pull through that tail.

Now get a darning needle or a yarn needle, thread it with the tail, and weave

in the ends.

After you are finished weaving in the ends...

now carefully trim the remaining yarn.

I hope this video has helped you and please visit for

hundreds of free patterns, tips, techniques and other tutorials on

crocheting. And then stop by and say Hi

my website at

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