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oh hello there welcome to a cold windy freezing England and Here I am in

the garden preparing something can you guess what it is I will give you a clue

it happens in December and lots of people of all ages get very excited

about it yes I am preparing for that magical season we are just 35 days away

from Christmas and I am now outside the house putting up the Christmas lights as

I do every single year I went up into the Attic on Monday and I fetched all of

my Christmas lights out of the Attic and now I'm outside putting them up on the

front of the house and I must be honest with you it is absolutely freezing out

here I'll be really pleased when I've

finished doing this so I have lots of Christmas lights I've put quite a few up

already on the house and these are the last ones to go up we will be taking a

closer look at these a little bit later on also of course I'll be chatting live

to you as well December is going to be a very busy month because besides

Christmas we also have a general election taking place a few days before

Christmas arrives thank you for joining me today yes we are live across YouTube

it's another English addict and yes we are definitely live

there is no doubt about it we are definitely live today oh hello

there hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in England how are you today are you okay I

hope so are you happy well I hope you are happy because we are all here again

today it's a little chilly here in the UK as you may have seen during the

countdown to today's livestream let's have a look outside yes it is very cold

chilly we've had a lot of wind this morning and I'm not talking about my

stomach so it's very windy here in the UK but as you can see it really does

look quite colorful autumn is definitely in the air as we always like to talk

about the weather I wouldn't be a British person if I didn't talk about

the weather all the time so you might notice that quite often on my live

streams I will mention the weather because between you and me I think it's

a very interesting subject I really do I hope you have had a good

week so far it isn't Friday I'm sorry about that

it isn't Thursday I do apologise however we are halfway to the weekend

yes it's Wednesday

do you do as you saw at the start of today's lesson I have had a very busy

week I've been outside putting up the Christmas decorations would you like to

have a quick look so here it is here is me outside putting up the Christmas

decorations and I seem to be doing it very quickly so there I am unpacking all

of those lovely Christmas lights going up onto the roof of the house very high

up so all the neighbors can see my lovely lights every year my neighbors

say to me Duncan are you putting up your Christmas lights yet so there I am on

one of the roofs of my house and I'm putting some of the string lights so

those particular lights you can see there are called stringed lights because

they are a very long string so I'm winding the lights around the railings

at the front of the house and as you can see I'm getting in a little bit of a

tangle there one of the worst things about putting Christmas lights up is

quite often you will get into a terrible tangling sometimes you cannot unravel or

unwind the lights so it can be a very difficult thing to do but there I seem

to be doing quite a good job of it and you can see there on that image just how

cold it was when I was doing that and now oh yes I am now unpacking the main

lights so these lights are the stars of the show there you can see a Christmas

tree that will illuminate and also what is in this box I wonder let's

a look shall we hurry up mr. Duncan open the box oh that looks like a shooting

star and it is so there I am on the roof putting some of the lights up and we'll

have a little look at more of that later on we will have another look at my my

Christmas lights and all the work I've been doing later on meanwhile it is live

yes English addict for those who can't get enough of the English language just

like me I am crazy about English I think it is safe to say we have the live chat

I can't forget about the live chat so hello to the live chatters hello to wife

Fay Oh laughs eh I love your name by the way

laughs eh laughs Ian says hi guess what congratulations you are first

on today's live chats

can't see that congratulations also a big hello to Belarusian you are second

almost first second today on the live chat Martha is here also Cho business

new Wynne is here as well in Vietnam Cesar hello Cesar hail hail to you I'm

sure I'm not the first person to do that hello RHS Noemi hello people around the

world yes one of the wonderful things about doing this is we can speak to

everyone or at least those who are watching lots of people around the world

saying hello right now including sweetness Mitra thank you very much by

the way for your lovely messages sweetness I do appreciate them Eric hi

mr. Danko and I wish a great day for everyone I've had a busy morning because

the heating in the house has been suffering some problems so this morning

we had an a heating engineer to come and fix the boiler in the kitchen but he was

there for so long I almost thought I thought I was very worried that he would

be a surprise guest on today's livestream fortunately he has gone but

the problem was he kept talking he wouldn't stop talking so he was doing

his work and then after he finished repairing the boiler he started talking

about all sorts of things which is okay I have no problem with that if you want

to have a conversation with me no problem but all I kept thinking was I

hope he goes soon I hope he leaves because I have a lot of things to do so

this morning I was rather distracted by the man who came to fix my boiler but it

is working now so the house is lovely and warm I hope you are comfortable

where you are hello - Pradeep hello also - Anna hello Anna

nice to see you here again hello also to Vitesse watching in Lithuania as I

mentioned at the start of today's livestream we have a very busy month

approaching we are now it's the 20th isn't it the 20th of November I've just

realized something do you know what I've realized I've just

realized that Christmas is only 35 days away

doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo Christmas is on the way everybody get ready for

Christmas time yes christmas christmas is coming 35 days

left before Christmas arrives are you ready for the season that is Christmas

mmm I wonder so I'm pretty excited and as a way of showing just how excited I

am here is me putting up the Christmas lights would you like to have a look and

also in this video I am going to explain all about why we have Christmas lights

and where they originate it

this month is proving to be a busy one for me I have been doing all sorts of

things today I'm on the roof of my house fixing some festive lights to the

railings above my garage have you noticed how important lights are during

festivals and celebrations even the word light can have a significant meaning we

can see the light this means that we have had a revelation if a person

suddenly changes their mind about something or they have a great idea we

can say that they have seen the light something that was unclear before can

now be seen vividly and can be understood well that person has seen the


these are called fairy lights they are tiny lights that glow and twinkle fairy

lights are often hung on Christmas trees they create a magical atmosphere with

their gentle glow some fairy lights flash or blink

some are white while others are multicolored the name fairy lights dates

back to the late 1800s and became popular after they were used as a stage

prop in the Opera aisle anthe written by the composer's Gilbert & Sullivan for

the Opera small electric lights were placed on the actors who were playing

fair is the name fairy light stuck and is still used to this very day did you

know that originally candles were used as decorations that does not sound very

safe to me

so now you know the reason why we put lights up and wear fairy lights came

from so I always like to teach something different something unusual so there I

was putting up my Christmas lights we are 35 days away from Christmas I know

not everyone in the world celebrates Christmas but I always get excited you

have to have something during your year to get excited about and to be honest

with you Christmas always makes me excited because I like the color I like

the festival I like the food people are talking to each other even if they don't

normally speak so I always find that Christmas time is when people who who

normally ignore each other like friends and neighbors maybe so you pass each

other in the street but you don't really talk at Christmastime everyone says

hello so that's another reason why I really like Christmastime is because

it's when people start being friendly towards each other if only we were like

that for the whole year wouldn't it be lovely hello to the live chat hello

kathan Geo hello to you you are a great teacher I

knew you over 10 years ago I really do feel old

today I knew you over 10 years ago now I have come back to learn from you wow

thank you so much from Texas in the USA thank you very much for joining me again

I know I have lots of people who have been watching for many years and I do

appreciate it and of course I have lots of new people who have joined me English

addict by the way is a new series of live streams I have been doing live

streams for over 3 years and I've been making video lessons for over 30

teen years so I've been here for quite a long time hello to everyone I hope I

find you in a good humor today humor oh I like that word this is a very

interesting word did you know in its original form the word humor

actually was used in anatomy to describe the fluids inside the human body even

though nowadays we don't normally use it in that way however we still have the

word humor to describe some of the parts of the eye for example the vitreous

humour and also the aqueous humor so these are things that are actually part

of your eye they are the the moisture they are the jelly and the liquid that

is inside your eye so the word humor is still used in some parts of anatomy

however later on it was believed that a person's mental health depended on the

condition of their body fluids and that's how the word humor became used to

mean a person's mood or the way they feel I'm not joking that is how this

word became used in modern English to mean being happy or sad you have good

humor or you have bad humor so something very unusual there I hope you enjoyed

that a big question to ask you today because we are talking about one

particular subject during today's live stream oh now the Queen and Prince

Philip the Queen of England and her husband Prince Philip are celebrating

their wedding anniversary today do you know how many years the Queen of England

and her husband Prince Philip have been married for it's

their anniversary but how long have they been married we are talking all about

this today so first of all I suppose the best question to ask are you married

have you ever got married are you married now

or maybe you were married whoo I'm so cheeky we have the mystery idiom as well

I don't want to forget about that so I will show you the mystery idiom

straightaway before we start talking about marriage are you married if not

would you like to get married so here it is today's mystery idiom just say what

you see say what you see on the screen the mystery idiom it is a well-known

phrase in the English language all you have to do is tell me what it is don't

worry I will give you the answer later on I will not leave you in suspense for

too long so lots of people guessing how long the Queen of England has been

married to her husband 70 says BA Durham you are near you are very close hello

also - Cho Marwa says is it 20 years it's a little longer than that so the

Queen of England and Prince Philip her husband have been married for an

incredible 72 years well just think about that 72 years being married that's

a long time I'm not sure if I could last that long

but yes 72 years today the Queen and Prince Philip got married so the big

question is are you married and if not would you like to get married would you

like to become someone's husband or someone's wife so we are talking about

marriage marriage is something that people do when they want to spend their

whole life together every day waking up with the same person eating with the

same person talking with the same person every day forever and ever till death do

you part lab' is here also

allan gear hello to you also to Fernando who says I see two hands and one boot

very nice Marwa says it's incredible that the Queen has been married to

Philip for over 72 years now so it is there today so marriage when we talk

about marriage we talk about two things coming together and being together so

you might also use the word marriage to mean two things that are joined so maybe

you can have a marriage of music you might join two different pieces of music

together and so you can describe that as a marriage so it means bringing two

things together you bring them together and then they are joined in some way so

a marriage a marriage marriage join together quite often we see marriage as

symbolic and also many people view marriage as something that is very

sacred so maybe a religious ceremony so these days in

certain countries and I have to say that includes here in the UK marriage is seen

as something that you don't have to do you don't so you don't have to get

married although in some countries getting married is important and you

must do it you must get married I remember when I was in China one of my

students said mr. Duncan are you married will you get married and and I said well

I don't really know I'm not married at the moment but I might get married and

they said mr. Duncan you should get married or else people here will think

you are strange

so apparently in China marriage is something that is well it isn't a choice

you have to do it marriage when we talk about marriage we can also use the word

dead dead dead dead Tudor matrimony matrimony so again you are getting

married a marriage means that you are in

matrimony ooh I like that word matrimony so if you are in matrimony it means you

are in a marriage matrimony the joining together of two people to exchange their

vows and also to express their love for each other you are in blissful matrimony

I like it hello to the live chat again a man

hello also to Pedro hello Pedro nice to see you

also here today Ana is married Ana Rita says I got married 29 years ago so

that's a very long time so next year Anna you will be

celebrating your 30th your 30th wedding anniversary that's a lot of years to be

together in a marriage I think so especially nowadays because some

marriages don't last very long have you noticed so sometimes a marriage might

not last very long hello - sweetness Oh sweetness says I am in matrimony so you

are married so how long have you been married for have you been married for

many years like the Queen of England to her husband or maybe you are recently

married you are a newlywed so when we say newly weds we mean you have recently

got married you are a newlywed you are a person who has recently got married

Fernando says I got married in 1984 again that is a very long time ago so

over well over 30 years ago Fernando has been married hello also to Rosa who

makes a guess on the mystery idiom also we have Christina hello Christina

Jackson nice to see you here today we are talking all about an interesting

subject we are talking about marriage words connected to getting married words

that you might use before during and also after marriage here's another word

we can use oh I like this one wedlock you are living in wedlock you

are in wedlock that means you are married now this is

quite an old-fashioned word but people still use it even though it sounds like

you something from the 18th century or

something from an old romantic novel like Jane Eyre but it isn't wedlock is

the state of being married you are enjoying wedlock so you might say that

these words are actually joined together here so you might say you are wedded and

you are joined so wedlock you are joined together in

marriage you are married ooh Doran says now I am not married but I

would like to get married when I am 28 Thank You Doran for that that is very

precise so maybe you have someone someone you have your eye on someone you

might want to marry one day it is a hard subject talk about marriage

because some people find that this subject is very sensitive because some

people don't want to get married some people feel that there might be pressure

from their friends or family to get married in my life

I've had no pressure from anyone to get married in any way so I am not married

yet although perhaps I should get a move on really shouldn't I

so what about you if you are not married then would you like to get married or

maybe you don't want to some people don't want to get married if you are

married we can say that you are joined you are joined we can also say joined

together you are joined together in marriage you are joined so you are in a

stable permanent relationship you are joined so when we think of marriage we

all so think of the legal side of it as well

so to be honest marriage is also a legal thing as well so we talk about the the

law and the legality of getting married so it is something that is it's a bit

like signing a contract when you think about it so when you sign your name on

that big day in the register so when you sign your name and then your wife or

husband signs their name that means you have signed a contract that is binding

you are now legally married ooh interesting

hello mr. Duncan are you a misogynist a misogynist no I

can promise you I am NOT a misogynist that's a very interesting thing to say

but I have nothing against women I I don't hate women I don't dislike women I

have nothing against ladies at all so no I'm not a misogynist thank you very much

though for asking that's an interesting question probably one of the most

interesting questions I've ever been asked hello cute armed' please discuss

the disability issue of disabled people that is a very good subject and it is

one that I might cover in a future livestream or maybe an individual lesson

so thank you cute Ahmed for your suggestion Erik says I am not married

and I am not joined to anyone so Erik so do you want to stay single do you want

to stay unmarried so a person who is not married might be described as unmarried

unmarried they are not married when you get married we can say that you

you get hitched I love this expression so when you get married we can say that

you get hitched you join another person in matrimony you get hitched now this is

something you might hear in British English when a man is talking about

maybe the possibility of getting married or maybe he is thinking about marrying

his girlfriend he might think about getting hitched so when you hitch

it means you join something you join onto something or maybe you join another

person as they go on a journey so you get hitched so this is a comical way an

amusing way of saying get married so I am thinking of getting hitched my

brother-in-law is hitched he has married my sister

you see you get hitched to someone hitched another way of describing

marriage you tie the knot I like this one this is fun this is nice so when two

people get married we can say that they tie the knot so they are joined together

permanently they have tied the knot and now they are joined together you tie the

knot you go to the church and you get married you tie the knot that's a great

expression once again quite often used in British English although you might

hear it used also in American English as well anna says marriage is a contract

but it also gives legal rights to the couple yes this is something and I think

this is one of the things that many people

think about when they talk about marriage so before you marry someone

there are often things that you have to consider first of all and I know this is

a very delicate subject but I'm going to say it first of all we have to think

about money especially if you are marrying someone who is wealthy so quite

often before a marriage takes place these things sometimes have to be

discussed so maybe a woman is marrying a wealthy man or of course these days a

man might be marrying a wealthy woman so quite often they will have to make

agreements they will have to sort out what happens if the marriage ends so

even before you get married you have to talk about what happens if the marriage

doesn't work if you decide that you don't want to stay with that person so

money quite often is a very sensitive issue when it comes to talking about

getting married and marriage Belarusian asks mr. Duncan you talk from time at

time to time about marriage I wonder why there is no reason the only reason why

I'm talking about it today is because the Queen of England and her husband are

celebrating their 72nd birthday wedding gay anniversary can you believe it Dina

says my parents have celebrated their 40th anniversary this year their

anniversary was on the 9th of February Thank You Lina again 40 years is a long

time now normally when a couple have been married for a certain period of

time they will often exchange gifts so when you have been married for five

years ten years 20 years thirty years forty years there are often

gifts that are exchanged between the couple so on your 40th wedding

anniversary I wonder what you will exchange because each special

anniversary has something connected to it normally something that is given that

is symbolic it is a sign of your marriage lasting for a very long time

Luis Mendez hello Luis nice to see you here nowadays a couple might live

together for 10 or 15 years after this period they might decide to marry two or

three oh they might decide to marry and then two or three years later they get

divorced yes so sometimes marriage can be a little

bit too much of a commitment so when you get married you are actually making a

commitment so when you make a commitment it means you are swearing that this

thing will stay the way it is you make a commitment so the husband will promise I

will love and cherish you forever and ever for better or worse and richer or

poorer till death us do part so you might call marriage a commitment

however many people feel better not getting married so sometimes a

relationship can actually be more enjoyable if you are not married don't

ask me why everyone has their own personal opinion of marriage so some

people think that getting married puts too much pressure on the relationship so

some people decide to stay single or maybe they live together and they behave

as if they are married even though they are not

so some people find that marriage creates too much pressure they feel as

if the commitment is too big they feel maybe they are tied to the relationship

so sometimes yes I think so and quite often and here's another thing

that I've noticed I always feel a little sad when a couple get married and they

spend lots and lots of money on the wedding and the dress they spend

thousands of pounds on the beautiful church service and they have a very

expensive honeymoon they go away on holiday and then about a year later they

split up and I think that's such a shame so sometimes you don't need to have lots

of big expensive things to show that you care for another person sometimes you

can have a very simple wedding something that isn't expensive or extravagant mr.

Duncan what is your live stream schedule time I

will show you right now because you have asked my English addict live streams are

with you on Sunday Wednesday Friday Sunday Wednesday and also Friday which

means I will be back with you on Friday that is when I will be with you next and

all of those days I will be with you from 2 p.m. UK time so here in the UK it

will be 2 p.m. UK time on Sunday Wednesday and Friday and also for those

who want to get in touch because I know a lot of people want to write to me and

also some people want to follow me on Facebook here are the details right now

I'm just reading some of the comments very nice I like the comments by the way

Eric says as a side effect of this lesson some relationships might be

established and mr. Duncan will be like a godfather who I see oh I'm not sure

about that oh dear now you might be surprised to find that

relationships can be created anywhere quite often people will meet in social

situations maybe at work it is not unusual nowadays for people who work in

the same office or work in the same company they actually develop a

relationship so it might happen it might Mara Juarez I agree mr. Duncan the

wedding should be nice and simple I think so

I think that's nice what about mr. Steve your assistant mr. Steve what about mr.

Steve what are you saying there I'm not sure maybe you can explain what do we

usually do at a bachelor party before a marriage takes place well quite often

the man so when a man is getting married quite often his friends will will give a

party they will throw a party for him and we call this a bachelor party so a

bachelor party is quite often a party that happens maybe the day before the

wedding takes place so of course you've seen the films The Hangover Part one two

and also three so there is a very good series of movies all about

a group of guys who go on bachelor parties or here in the UK we quite often

call it stag night stag night so stag is like the male deer with the

antlers or the horns so a stag night is a bachelor party so quite often men will

get together and they will throw a party for their friend before he gets married

before he decides to get wet so when you get married we can say that you get wed

wed so wed is a way of describing the action of getting married you are going

to a wedding you are going to marry your sweetheart you get wet you get wed and

of course when two people get married we describe them as husband and wife

husband and wife so the male is the husband and the lady is the wife

although these days of course we live in very cosmopolitan times so not always

it's not always husband and wife sometimes it might be husband and

husband or wife and wife Oh mr. Duncan so husband and wife the title given to

the people getting married and we might describe the couple as being happy so we

might describe them as the happy couple oh look there they are

oh the happy couple so where are the happy couple maybe you can't find them

and you are asking where are they where are the happy couple so the happy couple

means the couple that have just got married the happy

couple isn't that nice here's an interesting phrase not

everyone what's wants to get married and there are many reasons why you might not

want to get married some people consider marriage

as a thing they don't want to do oh they might describe marriage as the ball and

chain the ball and chain which I will demonstrate for you right now

so some people think that marriage is a little bit like a ball and chain

something that holds you in place you can't escape so the ball in chain

you might describe your wife as the ball and chain someone you can't escape you

can't get away from they are described as the ball and chain we can also use

ball and chain to describe any situation that is hard to escape from maybe a

situation you can't get out of so ball and chain is one of the ways of

describing maybe the person you're married to or maybe the action of being

married the ball and chain

hmm I'm sure I will get into trouble for showing this one but quite often people

will say yes I don't want to get married I don't want to have the ball and chain

I want to stay free and single mmm quite often when you go to a wedding if

you are in the audience watching there are many things that will take place at

the front of the church or maybe the place where the wedding is taking place

wedding vows these are things that are said so wedding of course the wedding is

taking place valves are the promises that you will make so wedding vows

basically means the promises you give during the wedding

you will make promises to your husband or wife as I mentioned earlier on you

might say things like I promise to love and cherish you I promise to be by your

side forever and ever through sickness and health through

richness and poverty till death us do part so your wedding vows are the

promises that you make to each other during the wedding ceremony you will

make your valves sometimes the valves will be traditional or sometimes

certainly nowadays a lot of people like to make their own wedding vows so they

will write their own wedding vows the promises that they give to their partner

as they are getting married we call them the wedding vows very nice

Irene I think Irene is complaining Irene the ball and chain such a terrible thing

III don't think so by the way I don't think that marriage is like a ball in

chain so I don't think that so don't worry I agree with you Anna the Irene

sorry Anna says the wedding ceremony is also a show sometimes yes normally after

the wedding takes place other things will happen they will before a person

gets married quite often they will spend time with the person they are going to

marry they spend time getting to know each other and they also spend time

arranging the wedding we can say that they get engaged so when people get

engaged it means they are really starting to commit to getting married

they are in the process of arranging their marriage they get engaged so to be

engaged means that this person is your intended the person you are going to

marry because now you are engaged you get engaged so maybe your boyfriend or

girlfriend might propose to you isn't that romantic so maybe your boyfriend

will buy a lovely ring and one night he will take you for a walk in the park and

the moon is shining in the sky everything is beautiful and romantic and

then he gets down on one knee and he says darling we have been together now

for almost two years and I can't tell you how happy I feel being with you

would you like to be my wife I am asking you would you like to be my wife

I am proposing to you would you like to marry me so the husband often will

propose get engaged this is a big step by the way this isn't an easy thing to

do especially nowadays so nowadays whenever

anyone says that they have got engaged people just assume the wedding will

happen but you might also find that sometimes the engagement will be broken

off you might break off the engagement which means you have changed your mind

which means that you have decided to break the engagement you no longer want

to get married to this person you have changed your mind

so you might get engaged but that doesn't mean that you are going to get

married it doesn't

Ahmed says mr. Duncan I warned you the second you give them a ring they fall

out of warranty oh I see that sounds like a very stern warning hmm I might

make a note of that let me just write that down beware that once you give them

the ring the warranty will end I think that means that you can't return the

ring that's it you have made the commitment forever and ever I think so

Lewis says in a married couple there are always ups and downs yes I think so

there are always problems in any relationship there is no such thing as a

perfect marriage it isn't really about the problems it is a it is that actually

about the way you solve the problems it is about the way you create the harmony

between you in the relationship so whatever have

you stay calm and you don't start fighting and arguing so there is no such

thing as a perfect marriage it doesn't exist all relationships have their ups

and downs they all have their problems but

sometimes it is very hard to solve those problems sometimes the couple do not

want the problem to be solved sometimes they are looking for an excuse

to end the marriage so yes there are many ways of talking about that Helena

says mr. Duncan what are the mother-in-law's like in England that is

a terrible subject there is a joke especially in British English and maybe

where you are as well but certainly in this culture we often joke about the

mother-in-law so the mother-in-law is the mother of the bride and quite often

the mother-in-law can be quite domineering or bossy and of course quite

often the the mother of the husband can also be quite dominating and bossy so

the mother-in-law we often refer to it as the the bride's mother rather than

the husband's mother so many men complain about their their wife's mother

and she is called the mother-in-law there are many jokes concerning the

mother-in-law many many jokes exist Anna says the perfect marriage does not

exist I think so yes there is no such thing as the perfect marriage and I can

prove this because even if you have lots of money it doesn't necessarily mean

your marriage will be lovely and harmonious

and long so if you look at famous film stars actors they get together they have

very expensive marriages they spend millions on their wedding reception they

spend so much money and then a couple of years later they get divorced and then

they fight over who gets the money and who gets the big house who gets the

beach house who gets to look after the children so

even though you have lots of money it doesn't mean your marriage is going to

be long and stable not at all so when you get married quite often you

will have a church service so when we talk about traditional marriage

it means you will go to the church you will go to a church and you will stand

in front of a group of people and they will be the witnesses so they will

witness your marriage taking place so there is a church service also these

days in some countries including this country you could just go to a register

office so when you go to a register office

it means you you don't have the religious ceremony you don't have the

vicar you don't have the priest you don't have the church you just go along

to the local council office and then you register your marriage and that's it so

you just go into a room and you sign a piece of paper and that's it you are

husband and wife so Register Office is a set simple and

quick way of getting married and it's quite popular these days we

often talk about the bride and groom so when we go to a wedding we will see

the lady and the gentleman the bride and groom so this is the official title that

we will give to the two people getting married

so the bride the lady and the groom the gentlemen although nowadays of course

you can have two brides and two grooms that sort of thing I think you know what

I mean exchange rings oh yes I think this is

very romantic actually one of the most romantic parts of getting married I

think is exchanging the Rings isn't that lovely so quite often they will both

give rings to each other although that doesn't always happen so the man will

put a ring on the woman's finger I'm not sure which one it is

which finger is it you can tell I'm not married because I can't remember which

fit I think it's this finger that's it this finger was it this finger I think

it's this finger is it this finger is this the finger that you put the wedding

ring on because I've never been married as you can tell so yes

you exchanged rings quite often both of the people involved will exchange rings

which i think is lovely so when you exchange rings you often do this as you

are giving your vowels so you will make your promises and then you will exchange

your rings which is very nice after the wedding has taken place there will often

be a dinner reception so there will be a party after the wedding has taken place

sometimes the wedding and the dinner reception are in the same place

sometimes they are separate so you might go for a dinner reception at

Hotel or a large hall and then you will sit down together and eat a meal so a

dinner reception is normally what follows the wedding hello - Tan Cheng

hello also - Alamgir the finger that you get married with is the ring finger oh

yes so a wedding ring is also a sign that that person is no longer available

so you might see I don't know you might be working in an office and then one day

this this really sexy guy comes in and you think oh oh he's quite nice

III think I might marry him one day and then you look on his finger and he's got

a wedding ring so that's it the show is over no way the same thing applies to a

gentleman so maybe he sees a beautiful lady come into the office anything so oh

I like her but then you see the wedding ring and then it's all over

hello - Zhang Chaya Orszag iya hello to you pal Mira I

remember the lesson where you and mr. Steve are at a wedding you should show

an excerpt yes that is very interesting one of my earliest videos I think it was

2007 I made a lesson all about going to a

wedding that's right I went with mr. Steve the only thing I remember about

that video is I was very fat at the time I don't know why but I I looked very fat

on the video that's that's all I remember about that marriage takes a lot

of money dinner photos invitations guests and of course

the honeymoon ooh the honeymoon happens when everything else has ended so after

the church service after the reception after the dinner

the couple will go away on their honeymoon

the honeymoon gives them a chance to get to know each other closely that's all

I'm saying when a person has been married for many

years they will often celebrate the date in which they became married their

wedding anniversary that is the date when you got married so every year the

couple will often celebrate their wedding anniversary they will celebrate

the day when they got married so wedding anniversary is the date that

you got married so as the years go by you will continue to celebrate your

wedding anniversary however sometimes the husband might forget it does happen

so sometimes the husband might forget that it is their wedding anniversary oh

that is not good of course it would be fair to say that not all marriages last

not all marriages are happy ever after not all marriages are fairytales

sometimes the couple will split up it doesn't last

unfortunately they decide that they can't be together anymore because they

keep fighting and arguing and disagreeing so they decide to split up

they decide to end the marriage I know in some cultures splitting up

in a marriage is is not allowed however here in the UK marriages sometimes end

the couple decide to split up so even if you are in a relationship where you are

not married you split up so the end of a relationship whether you are married or

not you split up so the couple decide to part company they go their separate ways

they split up and when you get married you have a marriage however when your

marriage comes to an end you divorce you get a divorce you decide that you want

to separate permanently so you stop the marriage

you bring the marriage to a close you get a divorce you decide to split up you

end the marriage you divorce again in some countries divorce is not allowed

here in the UK divorce is allowed in fact you will be

amazed how many people get married and then a short time later they get

divorced they decide that maybe getting married was not a good idea so they get

divorced my parents got divorced many years ago so my mother and father

actually got divorced many years ago hello to Zakia when a

couple split up it is a very sad moment for both people for the couple I think

so there is nothing sadder than at the end of a relationship any type of

relationship even friendship so when friendship comes to an end and

quite often you might find that marriage is very similar to friendship so when a

friendship ends well a married and it is a very sad thing indeed I

think so Luis Mendez says my wedding anniversary was last Monday but my wife

and I are going to the restaurant next Saturday to celebrate the event

well I think that's a good idea so you don't always celebrate the anniversary

on the same day so maybe there are reasons why you can't do it on that day

so maybe you do it later on another date maybe you have a romantic dinner or

maybe you go away for a trip a nice holiday together rhs says oh I split up

after 43 years that is a long time to be together in fact I always think that if

you've been together for a long time it's quite sad where when the marriage

comes to an end because you've had all of that time to get to know each other

and to bond so there must be many things that you you love about that person so

when the relationship ends after a very long time I always think that's very sad

quite tragic in fact quite tragic

Anna I love oh I love Tuscany I see I don't know did we mention Tuscany I

don't think so I've always wanted to go to Tuscany I loved I loved all of that

part of the world in fact hello the miracle life is the wedding moment

the miracle life the miracle of life so some people grow up looking for that

perfect person to marry to be with for the rest of their life in some cultures

of course the parents will arrange the marriage so maybe in some cultures or

maybe people with certain religious beliefs will actually arrange the

marriage as well so that does happen there are some happy divorces

does sound unbelievable right yes I think so I would say from my point of

view my parents divorce was not a happy one

it really wasn't and that's all I'm saying about that Alamgir yes it is very

sad when a couple get divorced and they have children I think so I think one of

the most difficult parts of getting divorced is when there are children

involved as well yes I think so so yes that can be a bad thing a very sad

situation so we are talking a lot about marriage however some people do not get

married some people decide that they want to stay single and here is a word

that describes a man who wants to stay single so when we talk about a bachelor

we are talking about a person who stays single a man who stays single he does

not get married he decides that for the whole of his life he is going to stay

unmarried he will be a bachelor forever so when you decide not to get married

and some people do some people choose not to get married they might have

relationships but they never get married so they remain they stay a bachelor I

think there was a song wasn't there called bachelor boy by Cliff Richard oh

I am a bachelor boy and that's the way I'll be bachelor so when a man stays

single he does not get married he is a bachelor he stays alone when a woman

decides that she doesn't want to get married she wants to stay on her own we

can describe her as a spinster oh dear I don't like that word

I don't know why that word always sounds very negative to me

spinster an unmarried woman mrs. Frobisher she sits in her wedding dress

surrounded by dust a spinster is a person who never gets married a female a

woman who doesn't get married she stays single for all of her life and quite

often this word is used negatively as well

spinster spinster and of course we can also say single a person stays single so

if a person is single they are unmarried they are not attached

they are not joined to anyone they are not even in a relationship of any sort

they are unattached they are single they are without a partner

they have no partner in their life they are single young free and single that's

almost it for today by the way I will be going soon but don't worry I am back

with you on Friday I will be with you at the end of the week with more of this

English addict live for those who love the beautiful language that is English

and if you are like me you are quite likely an English addict as well thank

you very much Alan Gere mr. Duncan what does it called if a woman is not married

yes we say spinster spinster unmarried an unmarried woman is a spinster of

course nowadays we also used the word bachelorette so a bachelorette is a

woman who is unmarried although she might be looking for a partner you see

it's a little bit like those reality TV shows where the lady is looking for her

perfect man or maybe of course a man might be looking for his perfect woman

so he is a bachelor and the woman might be a bachelor echt Thank You mr. Duncan

thank you to Nam Thank You Chu I am going in a moment I hope you've enjoyed

today's livestream it's been a little different as we look outside things are

looking quite lovely at the moment autumn is definitely in the air even

though it is freezing cold it really is so cold at the moment I can't begin to

tell you how cold it is it really feels as if winter has arrived Tania Tania

asks a very interesting question what do we call a person whose husband has died

now I haven't got that written down however the word is Widow widow Widow

means a person whose spouse or partner has died the person they are married to

so if a woman loses her husband she is a widow Widow and if the husband loses his

wife he is a widower widower so I hope that explains that and there's an

interesting word I just used spouse spouse so spouse means the person you

are married to spouse can I introduce you to my spouse it is a very

old-fashioned word for the person you are married to as the Matt hello as a

matt says I have only just connected and it is finished soon well yes I am with

you on Sunday Wednesday and Friday 2pm UK time so it is important the

you make a note of the time 2pm UK time and then you can work out what the

time difference is between your country and England and then hopefully you will

join me on my next livestream which is this Friday from 2 p.m. UK time thank

you very much for your lovely company today whether you are married whether

you are single whether you are still looking for that perfect person who

knows one day prince charming or princess charming might come along

this is mr. Duncan in the birthplace of English saying thanks for watching me

today I really love being here with you more than you realize

in fact and of course until Friday 2pm UK time you know what's coming next yes you do...

ta ta for now 8-)

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