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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: KIDS EAT GERMAN SNACKS | Kids Vs. Food

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- Ooh, chocolate.

- No.

♪ (French accordion music) ♪

- (FBE) Today, we're gonna have some fun, German snacks

for you to try.

- German? Okay.

I'm really excited to try German food.

- I love to eat, eat.

- Yes! No offense to Americans.

I think it's-- in a lot of ways, it's better.

- Oh no. Always Kids vs. Food,

my arch-nemesis.

- Every time there's food, something bad happens.

I hope they don't taste terrible.

- I do not know much about Germany and its food.

So I have no idea what to expect. Guten tag.

- I just watched Willy Wonka, and isn't Augustus Gloop German?

I see a lot of chocolate bars.

- (FBE) Here's your first one.

- Ooh. These look like chocolate pretzels,

but there's sugar on them.

- They look like chocolate, sour pretzels.

- Looks like a pig nose. Oink, oink.

- When I press down, it feels like a jelly.

Black licorice.

- It's hard.

The sugar, powder, salt stuff comes onto your fingers.

- Tastes like a gummy.

I don't like my stuff covered in salt and syrup

and I don't like gummies with it.

- It kinda tastes like a really sweet raisin.

I don't really like it.

- No.

The inside tastes like mint and rotten vegetables.

- It's okay.

I mean, I wouldn't have it again.

- It's like chocolate Jell-O.

I liked it. I would probably try it again.

- (FBE) These are called Haribo Pretzels.

- Ah, I knew they were pretzels.

- (FBE) They are a unique taste experience

of the black, soft licorice. - Oh.

Yeah, I don't like licorice.

- (FBE) It's a soft pretzel combining salty flavor

with sweet flavor. - Tasted like black licorice.

I never really liked black licorice.

- When you have black licorice, it tastes saltier.

- I like stuff that has flavor and the licorice

doesn't have that much flavor. I hate licorice.

- (FBE) Here is your next snack.

- Ooh, chocolate.

- Isn't that strawberry chocolate?

- "Ritter Sport."

You eat these when you're exercising or something?

You'll just be like "So healthy!"

- It's like healthy chocolate wth strawberries.

- Oh, that tastes good. The chocolate combined

with the strawberry frosting is amazing.

- That's really good. Mmm.

- Kinda tastes like strawberry yogurt's inside.

- It has that strawberry ice cream kinda flavor, but chocolatey.

It's just-- muah.

A good experience.

- Chocolate and strawberry together.

It's such a perfect, glorious, amazing flavor.

- (FBE) This is known as what we would call

Ritter Sport, but they pronounce it "Ritter Spot"

and it's a yogurt snap.

- Oh, that explains it! These taste good.

I'll just take the entire tray.

- (FBE) It's a yogurt cream combined with crunchy,

lightly sweet milk chocolate, and the one you tried

was strawberry flavored.

- Oh. I mean, it's still good.

You Germans have good taste.

- I would really want to try the other flavors

'cause this seems really good.

- I actually would've never thought of eating

chocolate with strawberry yogurt.

That actually sounds kind of gross in my mind.

Tastes good though!

- (FBE) Here's your next one.

Wait! (laughs)

- It looks like chips.

- They're orange.

So there might be a spicy flavor?

- They're pretty good.

- Tastes like barbecue Lay's.

- Hmm, I had these before. I think we have them at my house?

- It's not spicy at all.

I mean, there's a little kick of something in there.

- Tastes like onion rings.

- Mmm, that actually tastes really good.

Barbecue flavored chips, except better.

- Tastes just like a Lay's barbecue chip,

so I'm guessing it's called the Lay's barbecue chip,

but they call it something else.

- (FBE) These are called Paprika Crunchips.

- Paprika? Imposter chip!

- (FBE) This is a classic and widely popular chip

made in Germany with the flavor

of the sun-ripened paprika.

- And that's why it tastes so hot.

(laughs) 'Cause it's made out of sun.

- These are good, though. No wonder it's wildly popular.

- I'm surprised that I ate a whole chip.

I never eat the whole thing unless I really like it.

- (FBE) Here's your next one.

- Ooh, chocolate again.

- It's like a chocolate wafer? This reminds me of a tiny waffle.

- It looks like a waffle cookie and in the middle

it looks like a s'more.

- It kinda looks like a s'more

but you took away the marshmallow,

so it's just chocolate.

- Crunchy.

- Tastes really good.

- So I'm guessing this is a waffle cookie,

and the inside is Nutella.

- It kinda tastes like a s'more.

I think there might be nuts or something.

- It's really crunchy and then you get to the chocolate.

It's really nice and smooth.

- (FBE) So this one is called Hanuta.

It is also known as haselnuss schnitte

or "hazelnut sandwich."

- Ah, no wonder it reminded me of Nutella.

- (FBE) It's a thick layer of luscious and rich

hazelnut chocolate sandwiched between

two crisp chocolate wafers.

- These things are made out of chocolate?

Yeah, ten out of ten!

- I love chocolate so much!

- I like it. Last bite.


- (FBE) Here's your last snack.

- Are these cheese puff kind of things?

- They smell like peanuts.

- Smells like a peanut. It looks like a peanut or a Cheeto.

Behold the Cheeto peanut! (singing Superman theme)

- Tastes like a peanut. Actually tastes really good.


- Kind of like a Cheeto puff, except it's harder and better.

- It's really weird. It tastes like a peanut,

but then it has the consistency and the crunchiness of a Cheeto puff.

- It kinda reminds me of a Cheeto puff

but peanut flavored.

- (FBE) These are called erdnuss flippies.

- If I had to give these a name, I'd call them packing peanuts.

- (FBE) And they are a popular and addicting German snack

described as fresh, fluffy puffs with a fun peanut flavor.

- Well I can see why it's addicting.

- Salty peanuts.

And it tastes just like when you lick all the salt off of it.

- These ones are really good. I mean,

I could see how people like them.

American snacks are always gonna have a part of my heart,

so I don't know if these would be top notch,

but these were still good. I'd have them once in a while.

- (FBE) Which one of these German snacks

would you recommend people eat?

- I recommend Ritter Sport.

- The Erdnuss Flippies.

- Paprika Crunchips.

- Hanuta.

You guys will love it if you guys love hazelnut.

- Ritter Sport.

'Cause I like chocolate and strawberries.

- The flippies, because I like peanut butter

and it's really good.

- Ritter Sport.

German snacks are just all really good.

There wasn't really a single one that was bad,

except the first one.

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- Bye!

- Guten tag. Alyssa here,

a producer from the React Channel. Danke for visiting Germany

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