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hello everybody and welcome to the thepotatoarmyhd and today I want to give you a

tour of my minecraft server

Know if your here just for the ip for the Survival server, the ip is up

there and it is on that should be easy to remember


yeah so when he's born into the city but you will spawn right here

and bilby nobody in hub if they rose I'll be surprised but

there shouldn't be any be in the hub but yet those people use in not in the yom

but servers itself because this is just a hop soul

yeah if you go through the portal you believe this so yeah

das why it says no one is in here so

when he's born in you have a choice it going to the prison server all the time

he said are

now the britons who is currently offline because a

prism marked as a hockey game bill by a build

the so yet ask currently offline in a minute so we only have a pony Shiva

the ponies iva has over 60 plugins the out the outlawed ralph's

enchanted to know asses and Lord love a cool

like in the old office and custom plugins as well so

as jump straight in to the in

to the ER pounds her so when you spawn to the police say the hills

banya now be some sign saying home cost $20 k to make

joining job to get money now use ballpoint K

so you should be able to make it count three way if you want but

if you knew Tony I suggest making a ticket and getting some

molds to arm how be a long not so to make a ticket just do a

on in mobile help you and help you the command and I'm probably invite you to

that how long to get you stop the did not and then a

once you've got started night make your own poll make profit from your own towel

and a

yeah be good ol it so I suggest reading the rules because not one is very

important you don't use up because we tend to our

him bomb people even if you'd only a new out more the hot we still will depend on


so if I was you I would multi-hop um

so you come around you you can go down that to the wild and

out to the sport a lot but here you go to the lottery

Honda you won't even buy a lottery ticket so what you do

you right click on lot lottery site menu type in top how many you want to buy

no I come by and eggs I bought landmarks and County by

4 full every time the lottery draws a wanna

so the lottery will draw all in one day

full hours online team min so it cost

200 dollars her lottery ticket and the pop

is 8400 so boss quite good way

to make money if you are want to

yeah make money fast


anyway you come down you and then you've got the ER the recent tornadoes now this

guide on it a lot to the server sawyer

um so you got the thorny does you and then you call

the top borders of the month from the the more tonight low

if you if you become a top bottom the monthly gift five dollar coupon

so to spend an hour still and then right here this is our

missus how many houses of

I like free in spawn if you see one of those ball right that means no one is

ranked tennis ball on

by believe this something is broken on the mini I don't believe it opted Salaam

yeah we have to look into that but yeah

you come into your you follow the ride copy out there

I'm anti follow it down there it just leads know what so you're right you we

got the tourney

truman I'll be shown now later so then D left by you have the waltz now you will

to all these but not me you so official

0 a walk to arena right now and it's a show you the arena

because you can walk to this so up you re no it's basically a PvP arena so if

you got your if someone kills you in the arena

you won't get your stuff box I'll yeah you go into the arena

on down is normally some people in years so

he can a bite people know I wouldn't just going on here with this topic it


you probably die young yeah because we have Diablo drops on

Diablo dropped even yeltsin in seeing look you cannot like a

shocked last night mmm on assault it's just insane but like they're right


delorean last song yeah

so this is a mob arena some parkour you like from

to get up there but not very under

game come to hear them boland stuff lot of

so im gonna be I'm gonna show you the arm

mocking us we're gonna take a walk up to the sponsor

wall Butler because the market is right over there

segal seal colorful group a lasso

become known is a lovely spawn it was built by one life

runs farm he started abusing his commission so we have to bond from the


so your dollars are so

sin saber you can rent a house shop in sauna right clicking on a sign

so basically if this sign says for rent

if I click it on than a yeah

you are were able to guess house

so and then write down year we've got the shops now in the shop he's a player

shops moved on pulsive shops in a minute well we will delete not like a massive

Maula love seeing the shops on up

words I N Eso skinny are pretty good mall so

yeah if you want to come to you just go in you and you have to look for people

who like selling so

as you can see this guy selling free and on one diamonds so

I'm to buy it died Monday he just had to sign and then type in charter when you

are tall by 2

to know I've got two diamonds extra so yah if

if you go to the shop all via this says selling 0 or die

months this means they're of stock so yeah if you want to sell your item say

you don't want the diamond turning on you want to sell them to someone

the site would have to say buying I don't think anyone

buying died London so yet known

buying diamond in the market and then so yeah

power sounded I'm time when you're highly selling them cheap no one the

white one dollar store

so doc is the arm market

so long to show you the Y is a bit doc I would recommend going now in the dock


people to fill the house I just tried to get into a power law something Cup

stray away so yeah because I

in most polls PvP is turned off so yeah that's a good

is if you go into the wild PDP is tuned on the butt

people aren't allowed to destroy a building and if someone does stock we

think he liked destroying your house. just report the on our website and

when the model coming investing in the grief and bomb the player

but yeah you go up about forty blocks of 50 and then a

he says you know leaving spawn building a PvP enabled

so yet what I would do if you can if no one's online

I would just run out on this key runnin and runnin and runnin a run

until you are by they are good little spot

to build him up so yeah we all Tom our mobile reassigning or show you the mall

bolinas 02

join them all we need to slash Mauj

not start some salt mob arena John by souleye the

in progress on this converts RTP to the

mall arena

so when you're up mob arena will spawn in year 13

chosen like it in everyone's ready to so in the mall bringing you don't worry Jan


thought was like the best feature of my mother wouldn't like is all different

people with different server

with mother relied on you by in like this like I'm something love come on

they've been like this is the best modeling I've ever played on

so yes is it based on a nazi zombie enough to the only seems to be

one his play now minute so other if you play this long the mock on wall the wall

block of you should know

I would work so you'd only heal you have to buy a helpful 7 to review your house


we of like all the pics 0 thought is like

a quick revive on zombies by so how health portion on your

and then ups says we have switched last which is speed columns on these

high and low this offering like bla and

then over there we have struck so um yes pretty good this cost NXP levels for

swift muscle is pretty high price but what you could do you couldn't like how

they are

mall but rupaul some think

mob trap on get loaded XP before you come in

stock up on how portions and not now

press one strand this is very good if you got the night classes like a one-hit

kill on

every single are mall saw

half break goods sold lassie our mobile enough so

yeah some old arena so yes go on move on to Dorney

to stone I'll not the Thorn is still is really good I love the lift the lid on

it so you can easily create one of these in your house you don't need to have

a tornado bunker to create one these left so anything

um just like your place and i unblock

then glass and the Butler sign in a sign in the buttons are

free you to create one of them arm saw you can right-click on the sign the

change that I wanted to go back up there

a change at the free if I wanted called out to the flight change to lunch so

and you in the donation story of some basic stuff like spine

village I other Pixar X

on not just as good if you ought to collect play a heads

good to go all the player had collection um could save up for the head because on

this if not you

yet ahead from a snowball 'em literally snow golem biopic in like a follows in

the land to do it

but yeah we also often or to minus not overpowered so

yeah but it's really good we don't mention you get this in the arm

any donation thing is just a surprise when you come you

know we also have the through nostril now missus PD

is in the name or does it basically speeds up whole

boss you're cookin spears or like that is like six times faster than the normal

line and missed the lucky

like if you pull one i an already you could get

3i inning gotshall fit and

with this of the Buddha is like it just makes a call last longer so

yes it's an alright I'm not gonna show that one of my new show a missed the

lucky all

on the mister speedy so I think we've got

I will call missus PDMS luckier

all online /a so yes we also have an

open up then %uh sung this be not just all of these put together

on the witness a speedy six and missed the lucky

three doctors in seeing you get like 10-in within seconds a lap

like a call so cold and you could even like an eagle soap touch my time and all

or nothing cookin up

so anyway as cool down who this flown on this flow is

release fasho right you do

Bulls now we are limited on Friday that world so

yet basically this is how you get a private world if you donate to the Top

Rank which is lower than last sent the five dollars

I'm you get pride in world now is very high because %uh

we don't want people to like by we don't want him to come on and biased railway


yeah I'm would love to get private world but we can only help Penn people

la pride in world so as you can see luck guys logs will

he's got a private world so yeah I'm some logs don't want prided world's sole

yes up to be on a private also yeah I'm if you've got a few

request surprise it will just come down to this flow we just going to people

alarm yes Pawlenty all old

for now the world's on unlimited because the Civil won't be able to handle %ah

it is it is pretty big like because is only you who'll be playing so um

yep basically im this madness

500 by five hundred but yeah like this stuff is gone this market is like

unbelievable he's got like two villagers in it

to got to villagers on these call

to to one thing call to temples also is a

pretty good I is so less cool see you all

people build in there Wilson because they compete in like is pretty useful


as you can see that there's a guy in his prime the world havin some fun in a

so I'm years is amazing school bone in his private world

on the body make this into a pole or something is sela

poem rules you I'm guessing and some stuff like lasso a

free God pretty good year on them

yes cool let's go show you these are prior year these are

furnaces in us less cool a bit power away from him since flight to the edge

in the market for some

helical final goal down here

so will show of missus PD a missile lucky so personal

um gone get someone from the strain

cinema got some one the field

so I what we do is we just put someone in it on actually need to go into

crated to get I am NOT so get some last saw

on this is a mister lucky to hype up to a lot in there

a body gets six hour that's a sample of will cook one so as you can see Scott

balking free

on it so it should give you some %ah good look so

but look how much we gonna get so we got free from love us pretty good so then

a missus PD is is pretty good so you put someone in

then you pulled I am NOT course really fast compared to that now this is gonna

be on the prison save up because

like like why wouldn't it be on presence in the ice like

that's why I don't get like I don't see why this in isn't in prison civil like a

speedy through NASCAR's

that would just speed up the cooking time and %uh so you're gonna love this

on the

are on the presidency Obama probably have like

1.1 up the years enough to NIS rumor

so then like people be like fight dingell the locker room to try and get

in not rule was fast

so um yeah I'm gonna miss a speedy enough so

the other thing is a mining machine missus just epic ass up

um what you do is you just the thing is the end of the world

somewhere by here

my don't know we're what you do is you just place it down

and then you right click on the obscene again and you popped up

they will in this corner if you put in not calling on a warm

power on the eve of the pol in this scone and then you flip the lever and

then it stops lining few

so as you can see stocks mining and then put much are one in its way what mindful

there we'll so is of age we call me some not do it so if you put this a level 12

total upon then

could possibly get by month Alice Ozawa pretty good

saw um we're also meowing spleef

to the civil so we'll prolly be added next week so

yeah thing not book covers the server

Silva Oreo thingy

hot not it covers the server um

a to life a call in a minute the deal how good my at making videos were

yet they did enjoy this video common join a sailor the IP is

emceed of different craft dotnet and I'm

year with you guys on the servant he didn't do it live like and subscribe to

chart the new

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