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So, Kaitsu, let's talk more about dogs and kickbikes..

If you have a dog that is old enough to start going on proper long runs

how would you go about doing it? And I'm not talking pulling,

but running alongside the kickbike

Well then we of course have the adapter in use

We're gonna attach the dog from his collar to the side of the kickbike

And you should start off easy and watch what your dog does

Most likely he will pull and try all sorts of tricks

What I usually do if he tries anything,

I slow down a bit, and that gives the dog's collar a little tug

the dog will realize he probably did something he shouldn't have

And with puppies, I usually have an extra leash

so I can better control their excitement with the leash in hand

How about treats? Are they needed?

Well they can be a good addition

I guess for most dogs the run itself is a big enough of a treat

Yes, dogs are usually naturally excited and certainly won't need

treats to propel them forward

It can be hard in the beginning to get the dog to be calm

and to run nicely alongside the kickbike

and to not try pulling in every possible direction

Usually after a few kilometers the dog will start slowing down

and the trip will be smoother from there on out

Nevertheless, at that point you should start heading back home

You don't want to start off with really long runs

-Just like with people, start with baby steps to keep it interesting

-Yes, step by step add up more length to your trip

Good. Perhaps I've had a long enough break by now

and we should get back to practising

and maybe at some point I can take my mother's wild dachshund with me

and hook him up to the kickbike's dog pulling mount

-And maybe if we could get you into the proper outfit as well

-Well, let's just train first

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