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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Terrible High School Teacher | Lele Pons & Anwar Jibawi

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At every school, There's the jocks.

Yeah, yeah, whatever, The cheerleaders.

Go Spartins! (Chanin) the kid that skipped all the grades. I'm the smartest! The class president.As your class president

I would not let you. The mean girls. Did you get the answers from the nerds, whatever. The class clown. Very nice!!

The nerds. I just got my acceptance letter to MIT. Well I'm designing a rocket for NASA.The artist. No I know

Man shut up!

The bully. Give me all your money

You don't even look like a bully! The class photographer, and then there's me. I love my job. Wait not him.

This is me, the teacher

The classroom

You know sometimes I wonder why the hell am I a teacher? I don't even like these kids. [oh] [fuck] [it]

I like the cheerleader. We only date athletes.

yo yo yo yo, party at my house tonight, and I wish I could go to the parties like the jocks, but I can't

Let me my God if you're gonna keep cheat well

Ladies and! and my least favourite student, as your class president! Fire

I'm your class president, Ms. Applebob. I don't care! Now, my favorite part about being a teacher is giving F's

I love giving F's. I hate giving A.

Oh, come on. Hey, detention

The only time the class is productive is when the principal comes. What does this mean,Guys?

Dymon. Pie. Correct

Besides the classroom. There's the teacher's lounge. Alone at last

I love my kids! Their amazing!

20 pushups in 10 seconds.

Their just so energetic! How was your day? Oh my gosh. You wanna go first, my day was divine

Okay, so I taught them about India in 1648. Maybe with capital from Agra - Valiant built oh my God


next go


Sports very important well during water polo today [Patricia]. [I] dribbled the ball from one into the other and scored four touchdowns

[at] three different sports, what do you know about Sports?

We're talking about everybody now. Are you eat your fruit and give me 20 push-ups?

What kind of position is that Seven eight and [a] half That's not a postion. good job high five yes? oh loved it

[why] don't just talk about the kids? Oh? Yeah? Let's talk about the kid, okay?

Oh, well, the kids are so smart [all] they do is fart. Oh, and we just have a ball

I'm going to hate them all hi. I can't wait for the next class. It can kiss my ass teaching is so fun

Are you done?


wow go teacher go teacher go teacher go. Go she should go

Go teacher go

Oh, and my favorite out school

Teacher should stop this

But when I'm not in school. I'm not a teacher

got it covered I

Try my [best] you

Will believe with you go to China do return achieving the face of the bully fighting back the air to calm them down


whoever wins get the name

So you guys are probably wondering why of that teacher like me still has a job just tell me what happened if you have to

Get [creative] with apple [pump], not a teacher

I understand your passion about a party scooby where it is tough

She lays glass before the students know [it] since I just got engaged activates. It's not a [privacy]. Okay. [I] would be late

I can't be late hard to know you're great. Come on

Yeah, I'm not firing her. Well. This is why?

The Description of Terrible High School Teacher | Lele Pons & Anwar Jibawi