Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures - Geoff's Pyro Friend

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Gavin: Did you ever burn stuff when you were a kid? Were you ever a little pyromaniac?

Geoff: Nah... nah

Geoff: Well, I burned ants with a magnifying glass a couple times.

Gavin: So you never actually set fire to stuff.

Geoff: No, I wasn't one of those kids that liked to set fire to stuff.

Geoff: My friend Solomon, who WAS the kind of kid that would set fire to shit...

Geoff: We were in an empty lot walking to my house one day in the dead of winter.

Geoff: I turn around, and he's lighting a bunch of dead grass on fire.

Geoff: And I'm like "What are you doing, asshole?"

Geoff: And he's like "Ah, my hands are cold. I was just gonna warm them up"

Geoff: I'm like "Shut up".

Geoff: And then the next thing I know a wind comes by and the entire vacant lot is on fire.

Gavin: Oh my god. Jeeez.

Geoff: Like a wildfire. Gavin: What did you do? Just leg it?

Geoff: I took my jacket off and I started beating the fire down.

Geoff: And the funny thing about that was, it was a brand new fucking jacket that my mom had just got for me.

Geoff: And was like

"Take good care of this jacket"

Geoff: And I'm like "Yeah yeah, yeah, whatever".

Geoff: And it was one of those nylon puffy jackets because it was the 80s.

Gavin: Heh heh heh. Geoff: And so it just melted.

Gavin: You get a bollockin'?

Geoff: Ehh, well I never told my mom. But, eh, the jacket--I took it to school the next day.

Geoff: And I hung it up, like, on the hook at school, and I never brought it home again.

Geoff: And then my mom would be like, "Where is your jacket?"

Geoff: And I'm like, "Ah, I left it at school" and she's like, "Bring it home!"

Geoff: And I'm like, "Yeah, it wasn't cold enough; it was too hot in the bus. I just left it at school".

Geoff: She was like, "Bring your jacket home!" and I'm like, "I'll do it tomorrow".

Geoff: And on the last day of school, she's like, "DID YOU BRING YOUR JACKET HOME?"

Geoff: And I'm like, "Mom, It's May. Why would I bring my jacket home?"

Geoff: And then I just never told her that the thing was just a burnt pile of shit.

Gavin: So didn't you have to be cold some days?

Geoff: I was cold for a winter because...


Geoff: ...cause of Solomon.

Geoff: BUT the important thing is, I never got caught and I never got in trouble.

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