Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Potatobreeding #75 phytopthora

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After a week with considerable phytophthora infestation, I removed all susceptible plants from my seedling plants.

Some crosses are strong, and others are less so.

These are my older clones and they are still healthy except for a few.

Here is one of the largest varieties used in organic cultivation.

But as an organic grower you run a great risk of using susceptible varieties.

Here I am at my organic field on the Velhorst. All still quite healthy.

The same variety that is sick at home also has phytophthora here.

We visited one of Royal ZAP's trial fields.

And we looked at the Plantera breeding station

and had a nice time.

Thanks for watching.

The Description of Potatobreeding #75 phytopthora