Practice English Speaking&Listening with: गुलाबी (चुकंदर का) रायता II Gulabi Raita II Beetroot Raita Recipe By Chef Garima Gupta II

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Hello, Garima Gupta welcomes you at GG's Platter.

And today I want to talk about the Rosy-Pinky Winters which has just arrived.

Pink Notes which have already come.

So that's why I'm feeling like to make a "Gulabi Raita"

Gulabi Raita ....

Only the colours is going to be pink means gulabi.

But the taste will be of lot of ingredients

Let's get going

Firstly will take lot of Curd

I am taking around a big bowl of Curd

To this we'll add Salt to taste

To give it a little sweetness as in basically Curd taste sour.

Not much just 1/4 tsp of Sugar

We'll mix it well & now we'll add finely chopped Onion in it.

Approximately 1 Big Finely Chopped Onion.

1 Finely Chopped Tomato & Finely Chopped Cucumber.

Mix it well

To enhance the spiciness we'll add little pieces of Green Chillies

I am cutting it into 4 pieces then I'm chopping them finely.

This Raita is a complete Raita in itself.

But just because we said that we'll make Gulabi Raita

And since its not pink so far, so we'll add pink colour in it.

This is Boiled Beetroot, it will be done if we'll cook till 2-3 whistles in pressure cooker.

In case you cut them and boil in the pan, it will be done in 15 mins.

We have peeled them & now very easily it will be grated.

Even raw beetroot can be used but kids will not like the spiciness of raw beetroot.

And Raita usually is a mild dish.

Here the beetroot is grated & we just have to add this grated beetroot.

And you'll see that how this White Raita will turn Pink.

After boiling beetroot bleeds its colour

That's why the curd will turn pink from white colour.

Speciality of Raita, it taste delicious when its served chilled.

So, once its prepared put it into refrigerator for at least 10-15 mins.

And the colour will also get more deepen.

So you must put it into refrigerator for minimum 15 mins.

To serve the Raita, I'll take very nice and bright dish.

And since its a nice pink colour, I would like to place a nice opposite colour on it i.e Green

That is about it. (Green Chilli & coriander Leaves)

And this Gulabi Raita will taste yummy if you'll serve it with Green coloured Paratha.

Now Green Paratha ....

Try to find out the recipe on GG's Platter, you might get any recipe of Green Paratha.

Here you have Gulabi Raita.

Which will taste yummy with Green Paratha which you'll get it on GG's Platter only.

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I'll just go & get the ingredient to impress you with the next dish.

Till that time, do take care of yourself.

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