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Todays video is the perfect bath powder to prepare at home

This bath powder is something we can use instead of soap

This can also be used as a face wash

This bath powder can also be used for cleansing before makeup

Only a few things are needed to make this happen

In general bath powder is made by mixing a lot of things

It is suitable for all skin types

First we need some rice powder Take rice flour without excessive foam

We have taken three tablespoons of rice powder here

This is Kaolin Clay, which is very good for the skin

If Kaolin Clay is not available, add turmeric powder

Or you can add Multani Mitty

kaolin clay 1 table spoon

Turmeric powder 1/2 tablespoon

Add kaolin clay into rice powder

Mix well

We can mix using normal water

Dry skin can be added to milk, which is more beneficial

Rice powder is good anti-inflammatory agent

It will remove sun tan and sunban from our skin

This bath powder we can use daily base

There is no side effect

It is very good for brightening the skin

മുഖ കുരു മാറികിട്ടാനും വളരെ നല്ലതാണു

For hair growth, it is best to apply rice powder with honey

Adding turmeric powder in to this

Use natural ingredients for making this preperpation

Now we can add herbs according to our skin type

I had taken some Tulasi leaves here

Rama Tulsi is part of the Holy Basil or Tulsi Species of basil

I am going to add some neem powder here

We can use any herbs in this bath powder.

we can also add hibiscus flower

hibiscus is good for dark spots and discolouration

We can use any herbs according to availability and skin type.

Apply on your skin and take a bath for 10 minutes

It is best to wait a while to get the benefit

For getting better bathing experience, apply oil on skin

wait 20 after applying oil on skin

then we can use our bath powder on all over the body

skin problem will reduce if we use this bath powder

skin type will be improving gradually

Try to do oil bath at evening time

Do not go in the sun after applying the oil

We can bath twice a day..morning and evening

Those who are close to marriage can tell you how to make bath powder

Need to use 1 month for getting good result

we need green gram powder, milk powder, badam powder, termeric powder

we can mix this using rose water. use this paste as face pack also

i am going to use this bath

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