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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: TOP 5 BLACK PAINTS (or almost black) - Design Lesson 15

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Hi everyone! Welcome to another design lesson video. In each video I'm going to

review some key design principles that you should keep in mind when you're

thinking about renovating or decorating your space so if you have a design

dilemma and need some answers feel free to comment in the section below with

your questions or you can send me your questions on twitter or instagram at

design chicky your dilemma could become one of these design lesson videos right

here in the meantime let's get to today's topic

today I'm giving you my top 5 most favorite black or almost black pink

colors these paint colors may look black at first glance but they all have a hint

of something special that makes them so dramatic and beautiful you'll want to

paint everything in black well maybe not everything so here we go

if you're looking for a pure straight-up black paint then look no further than

the color onyx from Benjamin Moore if the goal is a black and white room this

color will shine like it does here in this black and white kitchen nothing

complicated here just beautiful dramatic black it's also the perfect black paint

for a classic black front door if you want it to sparkle and shine make sure

you paint your door in the high gloss Sheen however if you're looking for

sophisticated millwork inside your home soften it up with a satin finish instead

the next black paint color on my list is from Farrow & ball and it's called

railings it's one of their most black paint colors and yet it has quite a bit

of blue but I love a black blue paint color especially for an exterior paint

color when you have red or orange brick it's a classic combination and it really

brightens the look of the brick we're a pure black paint would just fall flat

use it on exterior finishes like doors and window trims in the high-gloss

finish and you'll be dazzled by that blue-black color inside an eggshell

finish will be warm and enveloping

another of my most favorite dark and mysterious paint colors is Benjamin

Moore's raccoon fur it doesn't look like raccoon fur which is great because it's

actually another blue-black paint color and in this case it's more blue than

black but still dark enough to be black I love using this color on custom

cabinetry in a semi-gloss finish like this with lots of white around it it'll

read a dark but bright blue color with more muted tones it'll be darker and

slightly more gray I also love using it on interior doors or on one special type

of door like this barn door for that added extra touch of mystery the next

black paint on my list is from Pharaoh and ball again off black is another

beautiful black and just as the name implies it's just off of black it's like

one tiny step away from total black and it's probably my all-time favorite black

paint and the best part Pharaoh involves emulsion paints make this color so

incredibly luscious it looks soft and inviting on walls in their matte finish

and I love it especially when there's wainscoting in the room as well the off

black color is rich and deep without it being too harsh and if you're not

wanting a blue-black then off black is the one for you it looks great with both

modern and traditional furniture and is much easier to work with because it's a

neutral black and finally last on my list is Black Forest green by Benjamin

Moore Green is such a beautiful color to add to the exterior of your home but I

think in most cases it should be as subtle as possible with all that real

greenery outside you want that subtlety Black Forest Green is just that it's a

dark dark dark green even darker than hunter green I love it on exterior doors

and trim with white siding like this or on orange red brick like this if you're

not a fan of blue but want character and appeal this colors for you it looks

amazing on modern homes as well both outside and in it's such a classic color

it's part of Benjamin Moore's historic color collection so there you have it

those are my top 5 black or almost pink colors and with any pink color I

always make sure to test it out to make sure I'm happy with it in all lighting

conditions as every paint color will change throughout the day also the right

paint chain will make a huge difference and in many cases it changes the way you

would use that color so check out my video on paint sheen and keep it in mind

when you're looking for the best black paint color thanks for watching my

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