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Hello, my dear! I'm really glad to see you on my channel again!

Well girs, today is a new tutorial! Let's go!

Today, I'll introduce you to my one of the favorite helpers.

Due to the fact that my phone has this application,

I have long ceased to carry with me various notebooks.

So, get acquainted with this application "My Profi".

It is thanks to this application, I know what day is today and what day of the week.

If it were not for this application, then I would have been lost a long time ago in what time I live.

So, what is this application.

This application is for recording your clients.

With this application you can keep records of customers, you can keep records of your income and expenses.

This app reminds you of your listing if you suddenly forget about it.

This application also automatically reminds you of the record for your clients

and they will not forget the date of their record.

My profiwill calculate how much money you earned today

and remind you how much money you spent,

because there is such a service.

And by subtracting your expenses from what you earned,

this application will make for you a table of your income.

In this case, the information here was created incorrectly

only so that you can see that this app has such a service.

Unfortunately I do not use this function.

I dont use it because I dont have time to write about how much I spent

and how much money I have left after that.

But in fact, this service is very convenient!

And if I had not forgotten about it, then most likely I would have filled it.

More "My Profi" will help you to organize your work in your office.

That is, the app offers you a maximum of options in which you can work.

You can work in the expanded version or the small version,

you can pay for the version and also you can not pay. Everything as you wаnt.

I work with the free version and that's enough for me.

You can choose for yourself the version which is more convenient for you.

By the way, this app has versions for beauty salons,

in which records are kept for several masters at once.

Therefore, this app will be beneficial for business owners.

In fact, a very interesting function and each master

selectsfor himself the services that he needs.

Here I left a picture for you and you can read about each service closer.

- All features of the Basic package - Financial reports - Expense management - All types of SMS reminders (from personal number)

- SMS sending to clients (from personal number) - Manage salon

- Group clients (Black list, New clients, Dormant clients, etc. .) - Synchronization with Google calendar

-Work with the application without the Internet.

If you do not have time to read, then pause to read what you need.

And the information in your personal account will always remind you about the status of your account.

Therefore, you will never forget how much and where you need it.

Another advantage of this application offers you to place your profile in the database of masters.

That is, it is through this app that your potential customers can find you.

By the way, customers actually sign up for a visit.

I had a few extraneous entries from this application.

True, one entry did not materialize and the potential client left me a not very good review

and that is why the program lower my position in the masters database.

But in fact, I do not need clients right now, because I already have a dense appointment.

But nevertheless, there is such a comment on my page.

If you are really looking for new customers, then watch out where your page is located.

Try to regularly add new photos and ask your clients to leave you a review.

The greater your reputation, the more often this application will promote your page.

Filling your page with information is also very important!

Try to fill in all the points, write something beautiful about yourself, tell you how you work,

here you can add everything that you consider to be the main thing.

As I have already said, this application can remind your clientss of their appointment via SMS.

Now, due to the change in the application policy,

in any case, the application store for android,

this function will work in case of installing a small additional program.

I do not need this service yet, so I do not install this application for myself.

Although, quite recently, it did not need to be done and the application itself automatically sent everything.

At what point it stopped working unfortunately I dont know and my clients didnt say anything to me.

With this application you can set up discounts for your customers and follow them.

For example: every tenth visit is free and the app will independently mark 9 visits and a free tenth visit.

You can also set up other actions, but I havent used this option either, so I cant tell you anything specific.

But it is probably very convenient. Try using it and write me about the results in the comments.

And who already uses this application, too, write to me in the comments.

By the way, the links for downloading this program, namely the verified links that the manufacturer provides,

I will leave for you in the description.

And you can go through this link to download exactly the version you need.

You can also synchronize this application with all sorts of calendars on your device.

You can use your Google account and any other calendars.

And during the day, the application will remind you many times that you have a client.

Reminders work for me, because I need to be reminded every 5 minutes that I work today.

Separately, there is a huge section for salon managers.

Where you can choose masters, adjust the number of masters,

you can customize the schedule of the masters and clients appointment for them.

In general, all that concerns the work of the whole team,

you can configure in one of this app and track this work.

Because the client is actively involved in the work.

The client confirms that he will come or not, in general, you have a report on the interaction with the client

You can find this app in your app store on your device.

That application which I use to be called "my profi master".

And the second version is for clients,

with the help of which they will be able to write to your page called "My Profi".

These two applications work as a pair.

That is, through the application of red color clients are looking for the master,

and through the blue application wizards work with their pages.

About this application there are a large number of reviews and a lot of satisfied masters who work with it.

Personally, I have been working with this application for approximately 2 years.

Daria: Hello! You called me today.

So, I have free time for correction on Friday or Saturday, the 20th.

What time in the evening do you want?

At 6 o'clock in the evening?

Yes it is possible.

Well, I will make the appointment for correction.

This is how the recording goes with me.

During a conversation with a client, I open this application on my device

and I can see my free time when I can make appointment for someone.

This is how I make appointment for my clients.

This is very convenient in my opinion.

I hope that today I was useful to you.

Do not forget to look in the description for links to this application.

And I say goodbye to you today.

See you again! Bye Bye!

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