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Hello everyone!

Weve finally reached the last order hall that I still need to do, the monk one, and

it takes us back to the time where the alliance and horde got their asses kicked on the broken

shore leading to the kirin tor teleporting dalaran to the broken isles.

In the city, initiate Da-Nel finds us with a request from grand master hight.

Hes the grand master of the peak of serenity and has aided monks in their journey of becoming

better fighters, now he calls upon all senior monks to return to the peak as soon as possible.

Have a safe journey.

Master Hight: Ah, its good to see you again!

Now that we are all gathered, lets begin.

As you all know, the defeat at the Broken Shore was decisive.

The loss of so many valiant heroes was a terrible blow.

The Burning Legion is a grave threat.

We must find a way to stop their assault before all that we hold dear can be...

Rumbles outside.

By the Jade Serpent!

What was that?!

Doors open Initiate Chuang: Grand Master Hight...

Grand Master Hight!

A giant...THING appeared in the sky!

Demons are appearing everywh WhooooAAAAAAA


Fight with the Infernal Destroyer that crushed Chuang.

Chuang, are you alright?

Speak to me! head...

The demons...they cut down the students before my eyes! Heard shouting...from

the Cave of the Crane...

I...I dont feel so good...

Brace the west door!

I dont want any more surprises.

Now, lets see whats going on out there.

Theres a legion command ship in the sky, ermagerd.

No...this cannot be!

There are too many of them!

We have to evacuate!

I need you to send any survivors you find back to the temple.

Chuang mentioned the Cave of the Crane, so start there.

Hurry, we must escape before we are overrun!

The Burning Legion has set its eyes on the peak of serenity with a massive command ship

up in the sky.

We quickly make our way to the cave of the crane to help out Number Nine Jia, a renowned

lorekeeper who refuses to leave her scrolls undefended.

Number Nine Jia: Begone, foul creature!

You will not harm any more of our sacred texts!

Away with you, monster!

Thank you, friend!

My students died to protect these scrolls.

Centuries of history could have been lost!

Picks up as many scrolls as she can.

Chen Stormstout was teaching a class of youngsters when the attack began.

Hes one of the strongest monks I know, but even he wont be able to hold out forever.

Come, we must rescue them!

No good!

We dont have time to fight our way through that horde!

If I focus my Chi, I believe I can get us behind their forces.

Quickly, take my hand.

Fly over the battlefield, see the demons cast some stuff on a crystal, chen and lili are

already fighting.

Fly further in and land near the other side of the temple.

GOtta get to chen.

This is worse then I feared.

We must part ways.

They need my help here at the temple.

Chens class should be just to the north across the bridges.

Jade Serpent watch over you.

Chen: Hey!

Over here!

Lili: You got this uncle Chen!

Do you think you could hit me with that?

Help chen and lili with taking down Morvath the Reaver.

Lady Keletress: You cannot hide from me, monk.

Try as you might, but your monastery will burn!

You have strength, but lack speed.

Thank you for the assistance, friend!

That foul creature put up quite a fight!


Behave yourselves!

Come, children, we must get to the temple.

Hero, Ill need your help.

The complex is crawling with evil!

Move with Chen to save the kids.

Infernal incoming!

Watch your head!

Destroy the Infernal Invader with Chen and Lili

Grand master Hight, its a relief to see you!

Chen, Im glad to see you and the children are safe!

It was all thanks to this hero who arrived just in time to help us out.

Well fought, but were not done yet.

Chen, take the cubs as far away from this place as you can.

This champion and I will stay and seal the portal.

White Tiger walk with you, my friend.

We can not allow the Legion to establish a foothold here.

We need to close that portal down!

You are stronger than you look, monk, but I will not be defied!


Keep the portal open!

That demon will just open another portal if we dont take care of it first.

Prepare yourself.

Lady Keletress is running the show and orders portal master Jorvinax to keep the portal

open, but together with Grand Master Hight, were able to bring the demon down and shut

down the gateway.

Well done!

That Fel Stone must be powering the portal.

Destroy it!

Cinematic: Theyre coming through!


The portal is shut down, but the massive explosion knocks us out for quite a while and we wake

up to the smiling face of Nurse Yang on the Wandering isle.

We were lucky that the turtle was traveling nearby the peak as all of this went down.

Fearsome Jang lets us know that Grandmaster Hight was not so fortunate as his spirit now

rests with the ancestors.

Now we must look to a new leader of our order, of our broken temple and all the other masters

have one name in mind.

Theyve chosen us to be their new leader as we have shown strength, wisdom, courage

and kindness beyond measure.


I have everything prepared inside.

Follow me

To all members and students of our combined schools, I offer you my thanks for joining


The attack at the Peak of Serenity shows that the Burning Legion wishes to shatter

our order.

They will destroy our homes, defile our sacred temples, and strive to break our spirit.

But as we teetered upon the brink of annihilation, this hero stayed with Grand Master Hight and

fought the demons to ensure our survival.

Grand Master Hight has passed on to join the ancestors, and we are left with a void in

our ranks.

It seems fitting that the hero who fought at his side, who displayed courage and valor

immeasurable, should succeed him.

Let us all give honor to the grand master!

May she lead us with strength and wisdom.

Monks, our greatest challenge still lies ahead.

Under our new master, we will send a message of defiance to our enemies.

They will not take our home without a fight!

Cheer, cheer, cheer, we just lost everything but lets cheer for our new grandmaster...and

its done.

Cheer for our new grandmaster as weve just lost nearly everything, but from the ruins

of our former order, we will rebuild.

We will lead the Order of the Broken Temple in our war against the Legion and make sure

that they pay!

First step is to go out and pick up an artifact of legend after doing so we pick our first

point of assault on the broken isles, gain some experience and allies while also kicking

some massive demon booty.

Upon returning to Dalaran its once again Iniate Da- Nel who lets us know that were

needed at the Wandering Isle since its time to enlist some champions of our class

to fight by our side.

Chen Stormstout and his niece Lili Stormstout are the first to pledge themselves, Chen being

a part of warcraft all the way back during Warcraft 3 as a side character who showed

up during the founding of durotar campaign.

From a few small pandaren appearances, a whole expansion was build called Mists of Pandaria

where Lili and Chen went on many adventures together, some of them we even got to join.

Chen was there when the Horde needed him most, theyve even been selected as heroes for

heroes of the storm and now they also become our very first champions.

My staff and keg are pledged to you, Grandmaster.

Call upon me, and I will fight for our order!

Dont worry, Ive got your back!

Their first task is critical since Tianji, a renowned trainer in the ox school style

of martial combat was on her way to the broken isles when she was attacked.

Chen is send out to save her and with her arrival, were able to recruit ox initiates

who can accompany our champions on their missions.

A good assignment to test our new troops is to have them collect some important scrolls

for Number Nine Jia which she was forced to leave behind during the attack on the peak.

With the documents retrieved, shes able to offer us improvements for the order hall

and make life on the wandering isle just a little bit better.

The order hall is running quite smoothly, but the world itself is not so safe.

Weve heard from all our temples on Pandaria, except for one.

Tian Monastery has not yet answered our message and the silence is quite unusual.

Rather than investigate ourselves, we first send out Chen to do the work who comes back

with the confirmation that Tian Monastery is indeed under attack!

They need our help so Tak-Tak gives us a ride and as we fly in, we can see that quite a

lot of the tian pupils are injured, guarded by Shan Long and Instructor Myang.

The Legion is using a foul device known as a fel spreader to scorch the very earth that

they walk on with disgusting fel energy.

We need to destroy those machines to slow their efforts while none other then Taran

Zhu, leader of the Shado-Pan is doing his best to defend the monastery.

He needs our help with killing as many demons

as we can while also taking care of some of the more dangerous things going on in the


Not only are the devices scorching the land, felspreaders imps are also torching the grounds.

There are fel spikes that radiate foul energy, corrupting the nearby earth and worst of all,

the fel magic has seeped into the monasterys ale barrels, tainting the brew.


We use our spinning crane kick to take care of the fire, fists of fury to destroy the

fel spikes and chi burst to get rid of the tainted ale.

Pandaria is finally getting a taste of the Legion now that they no longer have the mists

to hide behind, perhaps now Taran Zhu can understand what the alliance and horde had

to deal with it.

Further into the village we run into the Monkey King who has seen the demons take some prisoners

with them so we quickly have to stop them.

Hurry up now, Im right behind!

The Kings got your back if you get in a bind!

Cinematic: Lady Keletress: Such pitiful creatures.

Is that the last of them?

Skola: Yes, mistress.

The Tideskorn will keep them captive until you are ready to harvest their souls.


Now tear this monastery to shreds!

Your order is broken, monks!

You can do nothing again us.

Our WILL is not broken.

We will fight to our last breath, demon-lover

Demon lover...nice one taran zhu.

The Legion lives forever...

This way.

The rest of the survivors are up here.

Master, you have witnessed with your own eyes the Legions capability for destruction.

The monastery is saved, but our work is far from over.

Their leader, Lady Keletress, must be stopped.

Our friends be missin!

We cant quit!

But these ookers be scary, I gotta admit!

I will return with you to the Wandering Isle.

From there, we will devise a plan.

Weve saved a fair few at tian monastery but too many have been taken away.

This is the second time lady keletress attacks and gets away, lets try to make sure that

doesnt happen again.

Amongst the allies who joins us from Tian Monastery is Gin Lai, a monk famed for his

experience in the ways of the tiger.

Hell be able to train tiger initiates, more recruits to join our champions on their


Our champions might be able to follow our enemys movements.

I only hope we can find my students...before its too late.

Our scouts have been working hard to find our kidnapped allies and theyve tracked

them down to the vrykul homeland of Stormheim.

Problem is, theyre unfamiliar with the territory which has slowed their progress

and risks them losing the trail.

Our champions will need to bolster our scouts

efforts who on their journey have encountered a tribe of Hostile Tideskorn vrykul and are

under attack.

The tideskorn slipped away and our troops made champ for the night, yet the howls of

wild beasts echo across the valleys and an attack is imminent.

Drakes then swoop in from the skies to attack our scouts, these fearsome dragons are looking

for their next meal.

They made camp again, this time near a field of graves, but at night, apparitions rose

up and attack.

The last mission finally takes them to a large, fortified tideskorn camp at the gates of valor.

Our champions help them out by finding any information we can about our kidnapped prisoners.

While our followers have fun helping out the worst scouts in history, we dont get to

lounge around.

We have wounded to tend too and bellies too feed with supplies running out.

Lau Shu needs 100 resources either spiced rib roast, highmountain salmon or silkweave

bandages to have enough to take care of our troops.

We might be the grandmaster, but mastery must be maintained through discipline.

To achieve perfect harmony, we must continue our training by using crackling jade lightning,

roll and blackout kick.

Through discipline, we find greatness and with greatness come new champions Taran Zhu

and the Monkey King.

I will be at your service when you call, Grandmaster.

The master chose well, all will see!

The Monkey King is tough as can be!

With all the information gathered, its time to infiltrate the extremely dangerous

Gates of Valor to try and save our allies.

Angus Ironfist has been able to escape those fel-drinking dirt kickers across the road

all on his own, but our own are still in trouble.

Those legion worms are going to sacrifice the prisoners for their souls.

That means we cant wait for reinforcements so it will be just us 2, but Angus does know

a powerful ally we can pick up, Sylara Shadowheart.

All we need to do is slay Dravax, take the key and set the night elf monk free.

Thank you.

A woman of few words and a changing name as the quest calls her shadowheart while here

shes named Steelsong.

Regardless she doesnt need a lot of words to make her intentions clear, her eyes are

filled with determination and we will save our friends by slaughtering a whole bunch

of demons at the gates.

Angus has us focus on freeing the tortured prisoners, with a special request to save

his good friend Hiro.

This all sounds very heroic but the gates of valor are swarming with the biggest, baddest,

nastiest legion creatures so we need a little kicker.

We need some good ale in our belly and the vrykul are chugging something called Storm

Brew which has some magical properties to it as it increases our size, damage done and

reduces our damage taken.

Drink Stormbrew: Yeah, thats the stuff!

Ya feel better or what?

If the effects wear off, just look for More Storm Brew up ahead.

The vrykul love drinking this stuff!

30 min buff

That will do the trick as we go through the camp and take care of business until we run

into Hiro.


Hey Hiro, are you all right, mate?

Ey look, da door opened!

Soulgazer: No...nooooo!

Mistress will not be pleased that her prisoners escaped!

The massive soulgazer is not about to let the prisoners escape as his ultradark beam

does quite a bit of damage and the thing I feared the most happened here, I died and

I forgot to turn my recording back on.

That means well have to improvise a little bit, we defeat the soulgazer and set Hiro

free as well as the other prisoners we released, putting a massive halt to lady keletress


Angus, Sylara and Hiro all decide to step and become our champions, while Sylaras

dialogue is kinda interesting.

<Sylara gazes out the door at the sky beyond.

She seems deep in thought, as if thinking about some other, unfinished task.

She heaves a small, barely audible sigh.>

My place is here.

I fight for you.

I was wondering if theres some reference or backstory that Im missing here, but

I couldnt really find anything.

Either way,one very successful mission down and the stormbrew used by the vrykul is very


A drink like that would be a great boon to our order and its created by a legendary

vrykul brewmaster named Melba.

We fly out to her meadery along the northern stormheim coast to see if we can convice her

to share her secret recipe with us.

Aegira: Still need to get this sorry excuse for a wagon fixed.

Where is Jolfang with that axle, eh Slif?... he he

Instead of Melba we find her apprentice Aegira who lets us know that were a little late...

Youre about two years too late, my friend.

Melba is dead.

Walks away Come, monk.

Walk with me.

My masters recipes were famous for their taste and potency.

We used to ship barrels every day.

Goldenapple, sweet and crisp.

Black Brew, dark and bitter.

Woodheart, oaken and bright.

Melbas Storm Brew was the rarest and most desired of her recipes.

It was even said that the thunder god Odyn served this brew in his hall of champions.

Morjirn, head brewer of a nearby clan, harbored jealousy of my masters skill.

He sent a band of raiders to kill her, and steal the recipe.

Morjirn has the recipe now, but he lacks skill.

What you drank at the Gates of Valor was pure sludge.

It holds only a fraction of Storm Brews TRUE power.

Morjirn stands between us and the perfect storm brew, but not for long.

Together we infiltrate the tideskorn clan making sure to sample their samples of brew

to see if their skills are even near Aegiras fallen master.

This is the right place.

We will find the stolen recipe here.

taste brew Blugh, mother of Odyn!

That tasted worse than runehorn curd!

My master, MElba, taught me everything she knew, including the fighting techniques

of ancient vrykul brewer-kings and queens.

I found this line to be very interesting.

Amongst the vrykul were apparently brewer kings and queens that found their way to a

very similar fighting style as the monks.

The monks in turn found theirs by not being allowed to wield weapons so instead they turned

their bodies into weapons.

Kinda cool that the monk style is not restricted to the pandaren origin as well as their love

for brews.

Taste weak storm brew Hmm...Good flavor, but its as weak as


I hope Melba is looking upon me now, How long have I waited for vengeance!

Taste Blazing Storm brew Yes, now thats strong!

But my masters was still better.

Finally we stand face to face with Morjirn whos not willing to share the secrets,

but thats not the only reason why were here.

Retribution for Melba, that is what we earn as we take down the murderous vrykul and on

his dead body we find the storm brew recipe.

Morjirn might not have been able to decipher its secrets, but Aegira understands much of

what is written here.

It wont be easy to acquire everything we need, but she believes we can do it!

First up we need some water from Freyas spring.

Once a year, on the first day of solstice, the sun hits the white-capped summit of the

highest peak in Highmountain.

The melting snow runs through a ravine and collects in a crystalline pool.

Some say these waters grant eternal youth.

Silly stories, if you ask her, but we will need this rare, purified water for our brew,

a perfect task for our champions who go out to collect it.

They make camp at the base of the mountain, but the area is home to hostile ettin.

They fend them off before we making their ascent, but the danger doesnt ender there.

Relentless harpies attack them, the elements themselves are their greatest enemy until

near the spring, they run into an area guarded by a drogbar chieftain who calls himself the

mountain king.

They defeat him and claim our prize, water filtered from only the freshest fallen snow

every winter, a vital ingredient to our brew!

Another vital ingredient comes from the emerald dream, Amaranthine Hops which means well

have to trade with a druid.

One such supplier is Fleuris Asterleaf who is willing to trade 20 stonehide leather for

1 bag of amaranthine hops.

What are the finest ingredients without the proper tools to prepare them with, we need

a special cauldron, one owned by Odyn himself.

Our journey takes us into the halls of valor itself where the spirit of Melba welcomes

us, thankful for avenging her and helping our her apprentice..

She cant think of anyone better to inherit her knowledge and she gives her blessing to

borrow the cauldron, the secret of the true strength in the brew.

We cant just focus on making some good drinks as the Legion does not rest.

30 world quests while have to be completed across the broken isles to lend our strength

to defend defend those at the front.

Reports are flying in about our success, without our help many of our outposts around the Broken

Isles would have fallen, but not even the wandering isle is safe from the Legions


Our scouts have sighted a fel command ship looming on the horizon so we quickly send

out our champions to buy us some time, to distract the legion attack force long enough

for us the prepare our defenses.

Theyre send up to the Ridge of Laughing Winds, but they cant hold for long.

Our only chance, our only hope in winning this battle is to finish making the Storm


Chen and Aegire have already gone up to the Chambers of Whispers, we talk to Tak Tak and

join them at once.

Taran Zhu: We can handle things here.

Grandmaster, go south and join Chen and Aegire in the temple.

They need your help more than we do!

Along the road our forces are in heavy combat with the legion, but we cant let ourselves

be distracted from finishing the drink.

Lets start brewing!

I hear their footsteps coming.

Do not let down your guard!

Watch out!

More attackers are incoming.

Stand firm, Grandmaster!

Protect the brew at all costs!

You bought me enough time.

The brew is finished.

Hurry, Grandmaster, while we have time.

Drink the Storm Brew!

Lady Keletress: Do you think that silly concoction will save you?

Come out and face me.

I will destroy what is left of the Broken Temple!


Your time is ended, monk!

Empowered by the stormbrew we take on the eredar responsible for the death of grand

master height, the destruction at the peak of serenity.

She has taken our members captive, tortured them, but now with the power of the storm

brew coursing through our veins...she and her beautiful wings...will pay.

The Legion witch is dead.

Grandmaster, I think this calls for a celebration!

Our order gathers to celebrate our victory, but I dont see a single drop of ale anywhere.

Chen, what kind of a celebration is this?!

When the Burning Legion arrived, they took much from us.

Many of us still grieve for our fallen friends.

We long for the yesteryears of peace.

And like you, I fear the dark days yet to come.

But today, is NOT that day.

Today, we celebrate the dawn of a new order!

Today, we toast to friendship and fellowship!

Under the Grandmasters leadership, let every day be a new dawn!

And let us never give up the fight for another tomorrow!

To the Grandmaster!

Wauw, that was just beautiful chen, didnt know you had such a way with words.

As our final champion its Aegira whos thankful for our help in avenging her master

and the courage we have given her to make the legendary brew.

It is my honor to join you, Grandmaster.

My master would be proud.

We have saved our order from the brink of destruction and theyve found a technique

that will awaken our weapons true potential.


We of the Broken Temple have watched the bond between you and your ancient weapon grow strong.

Meditation has opened our eyes to a technique that will infuse the resources youve gathered

into the ancient artifact.

Step before the Forge of the Roaring Mountain and raise your weapon high.


Its true might is awakened!


May this blessing illuminate your path to victory, Grandmaster!

And there we go, the last order hall complete.

Our of all of them, I think this one was the weakest since it just didnt have that much

flavor when it comes to the class.

It pretty much comes down too you brew some ale and you kill some demons.

I did very much appreciate that the stormbrew actually played a part in the follower quest

and even during a daily quest on the broken shore, at least it had some effect on the

overall storyline.

No more order halls everybody, no more comments on when is the next order hall.

The end of an era... was great fun to not only show what happens for every class but

also take the opportunity and dive a little bit into the backgrounds of the characters

that showed up.

I hope you enjoyed them as much as I enjoyed making them and as always thank you very much

for watching everyone...

See ya!

The Description of The Story of The Monk Order Hall Campaign [Lore]