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[Dwight Lackmann]: What's up everybody. My name is Dwight,

and welcome back to GeForce Garage.

Today, we built an aviation themed battle station for Steve Weiss,

aka PhlyDaily, a YouTube gamer known for his game play

featuring War Thunder and other battle games.

[PhlyDaily]: Hey guys. I am PhlyDaily

I'm a true gamer. I am a YouTuber, been doing YouTube for probably eight years.

I used to be a pilot in school, and then I dropped out

because I developed a huge fear of heights during my training.

I started to play video games when I was seven,

and I started off with SimCopter.

If you guys have ever played SimCopter, you know how fun it was.

Now, I'm playing mostly War Thunder, which is a free to play game,

vehicle combat, tanks, planes, ships.

That's my main game for my YouTube channel.

And then my relaxation game is Anno 1800.

So the reason why I'm here today is to get an upgrade.

My current computer I have right now is a 2017 i7 1080 Ti

and 16 Gigabytes of DDR4 RAM.

It's a really great system, but I'm a daily uploader on my YouTube channel,

and these are 20, 30-minute videos,

so I need a system to quickly render a 4K video a day.

[Dwight Lackmann]: Before we check out the finished rig,

let's talk about the history behind the project.

When GeForce garage veteran Rod Rosenberg came to us

and said he wanted to make a custom rig for PhlyDaily,

one of his favorite YouTube gamers, we jumped at the chance to help out.

We brought Rod into the studio earlier this year to talk about the build.

Let's go catch up with him.

Well hey, Rod. So what was your inspiration behind this build.

[Rod Rosenberg]: The inspiration of the build was War Thunder,

which is one of the games Phly streams all the time

and where I started watching him.

And I asked Phly what his favorite vehicle in the game was

as far as how it looked aesthetically, and he said the MiG-15.

The MiG-15 is a cold war era Russian fighter.

It's all aluminum panels and rivets, lots of curves on it.

So I talked to my good friend Ron Lee Christianson

of Blue Horse Studios, and he came up with some designs

with the MiG-15 and the PhlyDaily logo.

And Phly loved it, so then Ron executed the airbrushing, and it looks great.

[Dwight Lackmann]: Nice. So did you have to do any modifications to the case?

[Rod Rosenberg]: The case we didn't do any modifications to.

I wanted to make the case easy to use because Phly's

going to be using for streaming and stuff, so if he needs to swap out some memory,

add some storage, put a new GPU in, he won't have any issues with that.

[Dwight Lackmann]: What about the inside of the case?

[Rod Rosenberg]: So on the inside of the case, I added a skirt

to the side of the motherboard, a couple of the old PhlyDaily emblems

from when I started watching him.

And then I did a whole bunch of work on a GeForce RTX 2080 Ti

by adding RGB Halo lights behind the fans to emulate how the engines

kind of look on the back of the jet.

[Dwight Lackmann]: I like that there's, like, a weird optical illusion

because it is a full ring of LEDs, but you only see parts of it at a time.

[Rod Rosenberg]: Right, yeah. It's a complete ring of standard 5050 RGB LEDs.

But because of how tight the blades are and the angle that they're at,

you only get this kind of three quarter moon effect.

The other modification I made is I replaced the EK Anti-Vortex piece

with a custom Ph, PhlyDaily, Anti-Vortex piece.

[Dwight Lackmann]: Is there anything that someone looking at this case

for the first time may not notice that you kind of want to call out to?

[Rod Rosenberg]: So, the 915, you know, has kind of a mechanical aircraft theme.

But then, the top of the chassis lifts up

to allow for more airflow on the top fans.

[Dwight Lackmann]: Nice. So what are the actual specs of the PC?

[Rod Rosenberg]: Starting with the case, it's an InWin 915

with an InWin power supply and InWin Aurora fans.

Then we have a GeForce RTX 2080 Ti with our custom halo RGB fans.

Behind that we have an MSI X299 motherboard with an Intel i9-9820X CPU,

32 Gigs of RAM in four sticks, and a 2-terabyte storage NVMe drive.

With water cooling we have an EK Velocity block, EK RGB pump.

All that's connected with 16-millimeter tubing and torque fittings

with red accents that match our CableMod PRO cables.

[Dwight Lackmann]: Okay. Well, we'll go see what Phly thinks.

[Rod Rosenberg]: I can't wait.

[PhlyDaily]: Okay. We're downstairs.

As you can tell about my home, there's no film crew here, it's just me.

Usually they have a professional film crew.

But this is where it showed up. We're going to set this down

and start unboxing this beast.

Oh man!

This is gorgeous, absolutely.

I still got to fill that thing up, and then we're going to boot this puppy on

and have a ball.

Okay. So, we're testing stuff out.

This one's rendering one minute of 4K for two and a half minutes of real time.

It's pretty darn impressive. This thing's a beast.

Metal construction. There's my logo.

It's supposed to be a bomber outfit in World War II.

And then we have the back.

This reminds me of a Bf 109, or just any kind of

World War II aircraft's exhaust area.

We have Ph in the reservoir.

F for respects. We spell everything with a Ph here.

Absolutely fantastic. Thank you, NVIDIA, and GeForce Garage.

I'm going to have a ball with this, can't thank you enough.

[Dwight Lackmann]: Steve, I hope you enjoy your new PC.

And I hope to never cross your path in War Thunder.

Thanks to InWin for also helping out with this project.

And if you guys enjoy this type of video, hit that subscribe button down below.

And we'll see you for the next one.

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