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Zahir: Don't think of EXO's as an ordinary weapon or vehicle.

It is your augmented body.

Become one with your EXO,

and no one will dare jeer at you for being children.

Zahir: By integrating with the EXO,

you will have a body stronger, faster,

and more flexible than humanly possible.

One that can be replaced any number of times.

Jamal: Fire!

Jamal: Two Crocodiles! Get back!

Child Soldier D: Scram! Child Soldier E: Yessir!

Jamal: It was clear the Major wasn't from this country.

He wouldn't say where he came from, or why he guided us...

Only that we would one day understand.

But he didn't lie to us.

We were no longer disposable little brats.

Under the Major, we had become soldiers.

Child Soldier D: Check this out!

Child Soldier E: Go for it!

Child Soldier E: Me next!

Child Soldier D: Ouch!

Child Soldier F: Nice one!

Jamal: Major... What's that?

As long as I'm on a machine with this painted on it,

I'll make it home alive.

My lucky charm.

Think it's silly?

Internet news: In order for the long civil war to come to an end,

the African Union peacekeeping force is under development with a focus on Azania.


Child Soldier D: Hey. Child Soldier E: Sup?


Internet news: ...stating, "Under the African Union,"

"we aim for the safety of the region."

President Reshep, a leading voice of the African Union...

It's gathering attention around the world.

This country's fight is over.

What will become of us, Major?

Soon the African Union's peace-building program will start.

Disarmament, demobilization, rehabilitation.

You will throw away your EXOFRAMES

and go to school as normal children.

You're saying... we'd just go back to being regular little kids?

You really mean it?... Sir!

You're unhappy?

We're soldiers. You told us so!

You raised us!

If that's how you feel...

Come with me.

Commander: God dammit! You're always bringing me scraggly ones...

But thanks for the woman!

Help me! Brother!

Stop! Let go of her!

Commander: Shut it!


I am First Lieutenant Jamal from the Independent Front Headquarters.

Kayira: And I am Major Kayira.

Hereon out, Lieutenant Jamal will be in command of this unit.


Jamal: As of now...

you are being held for the charge of murdering civilians and looting.

Commander: Quit fucking arou-

Please help us!

They forced us here!

Jamal: If you wish to escape, do so.

So... we...

But what will you do? Where will you go?

How will you survive?


If you don't know, come with me.

I'll teach you everything.

Jamal: How to use the EXOFRAME,

how to fight, and how to survive.


Present Arms!

Jamal: As long as there are EXO's, we can fight with the world.

The Major taught me that.

That's why...

I must now teach my fellow Africans the same.

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