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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 5 Dicas Para Atrair Garotas Através da Conexão Emocional

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What's up, guys, this is V.

In today's video I'll show 5 effective ways of connecting emotionally with girls.

You maybe asking "why connecting emotionally?"

I'll explain.

A girl's decision of hooking up with guys is basically emotional.

As soon as you awake certain emotions, you pull a trigger that makes her want you.

You might have heard about a girl who never wanted to be with a guy,

when suddenly she wishes to be with him.

Her desire was awaken for some reason.

It's emotion. Those are the triggers you can pull when you connect emotionally.

For this, I'll give you some tips for girls you already talk to,

or one you're already friends with,

or even if you met a girl and want to trigger this in the same night.

So, without further ado, let's get it.

First tip is use emotions.

Of course, if you're looking to trigger emotions you need to feel emotions.

And mainly you need to talk about emotions.

What I mean by this is talking emotional subjects.

Subjects that make her feel as she felt in a good moment.

Or that make her feel the moment.

The tip here is to use phrases or subjects that have the word "to feel", "feelings".

So you can ask what she felt when she was living that story she just told you.

Or ask what she's feeling now in your presence.

Use the word to feel to put in her mind emotions they felt in some experience,

or when they're with you or when they lived some story they're telling you.

Also, make her comfortable to share these moments with you

without judging her. Just chill and listen.

I'm sure she'll open herself to you and that it will create a connection.

Second tip is dont be afraid to be vulnerable.

What I mean by this... I've been reading this book Models by Mark Manson.

Same writer of the subtle art of not giving a f#@k.

Great author with many tips.

One of the tips he gives is about vulnerability.

I'm still to bring a more complete video on this. If you want it, leave a comment.

But he basically says a guy's who is capable of being vulnerable in front of a girl

is one so confident that he's not afraid of what she might think.

When girls are talking about her feelings, talk about yours to her.

You can maybe talk about your frustrated relationships.

Or what you feel when you travel.

Or what you feel on her presence.

When you can opne herself to her, she realizes you are a confident guy.

I'm still to bring more on this. But just know that you don't need to be grumpy,

in your macho mask,

for a girl to like you. She may like you for your sensibility or for the way you treat others.

And that vulnerability.

So being vulnerable is not being weak or thirsty.

It's another thing.

You just have to show your emotions when relevant.

Third way of connecting is respecting a girl's speaking space.

Many girls will want you to listen to her problems, but not for you to solve them.

They simply want you to listen.

They want you to be that guy who will be there for them.

Don't mistake this for a friend zone thing,

which is when the guy supports her as a friend. That's not it.

It's about listening to the girl and not meddling.

I know it's counter-intuitive to men's nature.

We seek a solution to everything.

But, basically, sometimes they just wanna talk.

Of course you don't have to listen to some ex boyfriend story.

But sometimes listening to her, her news,

or that she fought with a friend or something,

that can make you connect better.

And this will make her trust you more.

4th way to connect truly is by showing real interest on them.

Here's a counter-argument.

I make this video for you guys to connect better so you can hook up.

Now, if you're using this just to make out,

to drain value and to make them invested on you,

well, this might not work.

Because what you need many times is to show true interest.

Girls got a 6th sense, so they know when guys just want to make out,

to drain value or to gain some benefit.

Or when the guy wants to bring value into their lives.

So if you show real interest,

she'll feel more comfortable to be open and you will gather more info.

This is an exchange. You shouldn't just want to make out

or to have sex.

Has to be an exchange.

You show interest, she's more open physically and emotionally.

Then you gather more info to work on seduction.

So pay attention. It's important to actually want to bring value into their lives.

Otherwise, she'll consider you one of those guys that just uses her and discards her.

5th and last tip to connecting emotionally with girls is

be in a comfortable state of mind.

You shouldn't be too shy, scared or anxious.

You shouldn't feel insecure.

Because the girls will know and she won't be able to connect.

She'll know you're uncomfortable and she'll be so too.

I've heard this from them many times.

Girl thought she was pretty, guy was insecure.

Then she tells me, "well I wanted him but he looked weird, so I didn't like his vibe".

So if you're uncomfortable, insecure, shy,

or if you're not confident,

you probably can't connect emotionally and you won't get this result from her.

So it's highly important for your vibe to be aligned with what you want.

Hope you guys liked these tips.

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how to trigger them into making out with you,

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Hope you guys liked it. Don't forget to leave a like and subscribe.

I'm with you. May the V Force be with you.

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