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Late last week after I published my latest video Craziest Out of Bounds Discoveries Part

IV, a user who goes by the name Timone Turner, as well as NiteLite on his own discord server,

shared such an abnormal discovery with me I felt it called for an immediate investigation.

The discovery was found in the 2019 flash game SpongeBob Saves The Day.

Which while surprising, isn't actually the first time I've ever covered a super unsettling

discovery in a SpongeBob game, including unsolved ciphers, some rather inappropriate messages,

and even an image in a SpongeBob game I'm not going to be able to cover again.

I learned that the hard way from YouTube last time.

Despite all that, this discovery still managed to be a new level of weird compared to the


Which is why today I'm diving the incredibly strange mystery of Yummer...

Who he is...

And why the hell is he in a SpongeBob game?

Our mystery begins last Friday, as Timone Turner showed up in my discord claiming that he and his

friend were scrolling through the files of SpongeBob Saves The Day, as they were actually

SpongeBob art collectors who were going through the files for anything to preserve in their


Using the inspect elements tool on their web browser, which I'll show you later in the video

how you can do this for yourself.

They noticed they could find the sprite sheets for all the environments in the game.

Most everything seemed in order, as all of the elements that get called into each scene

could be found sittting offscreen for each zone of the game.

But on this scene for the Krusty Krab they noticed something that couldn't be found anywhere

else in the game.

As they found this monstrosity sitting the stored objects of the environment.

What the [bleep]?

Now I know what you're thinking...

"Is this uh... an out of season, april fools joke?"

Actually, no.

By following the same steps as Timone, sure enough I confirmed for myself that the discovery

is real.

And I'll show you how to check it out right now for yourself in case you want to get a

hold of this before Nickeloden removes it.

First of all, a quick Google search will quickly take you to the game on

And this is actually the screen we want to be on.

What we want to do from here is open the developer tools from our browser.

This is usually available somewhere in the top menu of everyone's browser.

Now for some reason I did have trouble getting this file to show up everytime on browsers

like Chrome.

But I did manage to get it to show up every time on Safari.

Which maybe they're using different software, and one's been updated over the other...

So what we do is we go up to the Develop menu up on the top bar and click on show Web Inspector.

We're gonna wanna make sure on the Sources tab.

Dropdown from the Index file underneath frames, and then open up Images.

This is where we want to scroll through.

Eventually you'll come across the file 0924ee7-90C- Okay I think you get the idea.

And at the bottom of this sheet, we will indeed come across what is only known in the files

as Yummer.

Now this one right here is actually known in the files as Yummer2.

Yummer1 is actually just the hands.

A number of people have made mockups of what they believe Yummer would look like as a full


OH god.

Aw I hate it even more in motion.

Okay now for the question you're all here for: what the hell is this thing?

So we have a number of theories which we have evidence for which I'm going to dive into


The question is is it an unfound easter egg, is it an unused asset, is it a form of vent art

or is it a deactivated easter egg?

I did manage to find the number for the developers and after a long time of trying to get through

the other end, I got a hold of no one.

[busy signal]

However, I did manage to leave a voicemail with someone over there.

"Oh I got one."

"I'm actually investigating..."

So, hopefully I get some sort of response back.

And please hesitate to email them any further because they already probably gotten a lot

at this point.

But if Nickeloden ends up having no problem with this, I don't see why they wouldn't get

back to me, so stay tuned for that.

But now I want to show you a few more things I found in the game that open this mystery

to even more questions.

I was also provided a build of the game by Timone Turner, aka NiteLite.

If we go into assets under Zone4_1 where Yummer exists, we can open up the library file and

see all of the animations for the zone.

We can references to t_Yummer_1 and t_Yummer_2, which is suspiciously close to t_sock1 and


Now keeping this in mind, on the right side of the Krusty Krab, for some inexplicable reason

there's a pair of two canned socks sitting on this table, that nobody's managed to find

any purpose for in the game.

Now if we back out of this and we go into the strings folder, we can find a file that

tells us all the dialogue in the game.

In this file we can see that a number of things were intended to have dialogue that were ultimately

cut from the game.

Such as diners, marble, and doll, which we believe belongs to this random Squidward doll

behind Squidward's house that also has no purpose in the game.

But these cans were made certain to have their own dialogue.

And while I was searching through the assets for the rest of the game, I came across another

unsettling image that doesn't appear to show up anywhere in the game.

As on this screen there was originally a chaotically destroyed version of Sandy's suit.

Much of the community feels that this would imply Sandy might have died, seeing as this would

have took place outside of the dome, which surely would have killed her without oxygen.

This discovery seems to lend credence to the idea that the game was possibly toned down

and the Yummer easter egg was disabled.

Or there was a developer working on this game who was quite disgruntled and used this art

to vent a little bit.

However, nothing found in this game at this point seems to confirm or deny that the easter

egg could still be found in the game.

And if I had to guess, I would definitely say it has something to do with the can of


And as if it couldn't get any more horrifying, the community just yesterday managed to dig

up these in the files.

That's right.

A pair of socks.

And while Yummer isn't found yet, I'm strongly encouraging the community to poke around as

much as they can.

I kinda have a feeling we're onto something with this one.

Let's make sure we find it before Nickeloden wants to do something about it.

Although Yummer is still an ongoing mystery I have to admit, this is definitely one of the strangest

discoveries of recent memory.

Oh wait.

I did it wrong.

This definitely one of the strangest ODDHEADs of recent memory.

That feels right.

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Stay tuned.

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