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Hello, we are in nature again and we are taking serial shots with some beautiful plants

this is one of those pine trees

I said to my brother Kerem again; -Stop

My uncle goes a little ahead.

His name is Hüsnü Güner

I said to our production team; I have something to say about this pine tree

I want to say a few words about pine tree leaves

we will give a general information about pine trees later

Friends, whenever I see a pine tree, I immediately take a leaf, so I gnaw it

it was so aromatic in my mouth right now that it's actually a taste that we all tried for a while

it covered my mouth

tartness, bitterness and a taste called stuttering in some areas

sometimes a taste called tart

this is ascorbic acid valuable friends

what it means; so vitamin C

Friends pine trees are so high in vitamin C that sometimes a little pinch in your mouth as it passes like this, so sure

will meet your needs for a few days of vitamin C

by the way, vitamins are not what we know

so what does that mean? ; a month we bought is not enough, vitamins and minerals that need to be repeatedly dosed are elements that are always necessary for our body

so we got it, it doesn't take us long

need to repeat

we should use the most natural of this

one of them

when friends take such a pinch we cut it like this

I would like to show with our knife as

when we chop it and drink it

we can take it dry and dry

When we brew and drink the tea, it will be a very nice taste, a great herbal tea.

upper respiratory tract, bronchitis, asthma, lung diseases, flu etc. we can easily use it in the treatment of many diseases

cough that does not go away, also has an expectorant feature

Again, one of the most important, favorite features; has a breathtaking feature

healing wounds dear friends

can also be used in rheumatic diseases

A great, valuable product that can also be used in gynecological diseases

If there is discharge, egg inflammation, I definitely recommend this product to your spouse, friend and sisters.

a natural product

is everywhere

but what do we do? the most important feature is that we will never collect friends from the roadside

friends are persistently asking why we will not gather from the roadsides

I emphasize this very much

because car exhaust gases form heavy metals and can stick on plants very easily

Valuable friends, which also apply to these mushrooms

can even make edible mushroom species poisonous

so let's not poison when you say it will benefit

it also cleanses our blood, it has a diuretic feature

friends toothache, when we boil the bark of the tree with vinegar and press it sweetly, it is also a great solution for toothache

When we boil both the leaves and the shell for our liver health, I will have a very refreshing and wonderful medicinal product for me.

when we boil its leaves and bark at the same time

but the other method is the brewing method

so we throw your leaves into hot water

We expect it to brew without boiling, dear friends

I strongly recommend for kidney patients

If you have kidney sand, if you have a kidney problem, using the brew method of pine tree leaf for kidney stones will benefit you a lot.

yes in general, antiseptic

a very valuable product that strengthens our immune system

it also benefits our weakening as it will speed up our metabolism.

hoarseness, gastritis can also use the tea of ​​this beautiful product for hair care

Do not forget to offer your spouse to your friend while having a very pleasant tea.

it will also release a sweet scent

it also becomes a gorgeous gellike

a very pleasant, natural, ubiquitous plant

dear friends but as naturalists we have a concern

You can't burn any other forest except for the pine forest

It is a tree that is much more open to fires, whether it is pine leaves or that bar in it.

so we asked our government many times before

we spent many projects

if the forest was burned, so that we wouldn't plant a pine tree there again

unfortunately we couldn't listen to this

nevertheless, pine is always planted in its place

and it burns again

Let's plant it again, let's plant it again

this is a game dear friends

we have to open our eyes as soon as possible

the world is giving up this

Of course, if it is its endemic place, now it always gets what you want to buy on such social sites.

we didn't want a pine tree ... We didn't say we don't want a pine tree

on the contrary, we also counted the benefits, but if it is burnt and it is not the tree of that region, we do not need to insistently sow

Let's plant linden

Let's plant chestnuts

let's eat fruit, friends eat wolf, eat bird

Why do we insistently plant a tree without fruit?

it is a tree that doesn't grow easily under it

instead we can plant those industrial products that will benefit our own people.

it will provide fruit, at the beginning, my favorite chestnut

it can also be acacia for beekeepers

Dear friends, you cannot burn; pour gasoline on a fruit tree, tie a rubber around it, you still can't burn the fire

does not burn!

You can't burn any forest with the exception of pine forest

olive is included because it is a bit oily

Let's not

We said that if you are going to do it then plant fruit seedlings in generations.

people gather

Linden, how much is his weight?

why are you persistently doing this? we will plant pine

If we said that, you will sow pine, what happens?

we won't plant it either

We do not have a purposeful contribution

we will plant pine like this

See whatever you are

so there is no word to say

so much i won't know

Believe me, there is no land where acacia cannot be planted, dear friends.

pine is beautiful, of course, very useful, but since it is also referred to as a cemetery tree

when we travel as a nature lover, there is a sweet wind right now

It also has a vigorous atmosphere and also valuable friends.

yes, we always share our suggestions and ideas as a nature lover

I wanted to share this with you both the benefits and the aspects I criticize

All of you stay healthy. May God be with you

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