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Hello my name is Ian Chang and this is my business

Bespoked men's tailoring. What Bespoked offers is mainly custom tailoring like we

custom make suits, sports jacket, shirts and trousers everything's by Bespoked

The reason we moved to Brisbane mainly is because of the education, the weather and

the people here. To compare Brisbane and Malaysia my hometown, I will say first

is education for kids, second safety, third the environment in Brisbane.

One of the biggest challenges in Brisbane is the culture - first thing I

had to do is to learn it and to understand it.

Two years ago we realized the education in Malaysia is getting expensive and me

and my wife decides why not we move out of Malaysia and look for a second home

which is suitable for the business, also for the kids. We went to Sydney, Melbourne and

Brisbane and we realized Brisbane is the place that we want to come. We hired

Austral Migration Consultancy to process our application just to make sure it's

done correctly and save time. From the first time we met Austral to when we moved

to Brisbane it only took us less than a year - they were really fast and

efficient. We are very happy with the service that Austral provided us

throughout the process.

The weather in Malaysia is hot, rain and there is haze.

Mainly there is pollution but the difference in Brisbane - here is that they

have four seasons.

We are happy to have the four seasons, that way at least you have the

four different types of looks.

You can dress up. You can have a winter look or a summer look

or you have a spring look. This is more fun compared to Malaysia.

We are happy we

made the right decision to move to Brisbane.

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