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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Poetry Critical Appreciation 'In My Craft or Sullen Art Dylan Thomas, UGC/NET/JRF/MA/BA

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hello and welcome to miracle English

language interpreter Institute I'm

Professor rubbish Emma and today I'm

going to do a poem that means the

critical appreciation of the poem on

demand or say on a request of one of our

subscribers in my craft or sullen art

which is written by

dylon Thomas now Dallin Thomas was born

between 1914 and I'd and 1953 he was a

Welsh poet and you must have read his

other poems as well do not go gentle

into the good night and death shall have

no dominion and even fern he'll funnel I

have already explained here and this

poem was published in depths and

entrances in 1946 know this in this poem

he describes himself as a writer who is

writing for the sake of his craft rather

than any material gain that may come

from his work so this becomes the theme

of his poem that rather than earning

money the poetry is a thing of love he

loves writing poetry

he loves thinking about life and he

wants to convey his thoughts and in a

way he is settling his future as a

renowned weight also so this poem says

that poetry is the purest form of art so

in this encrypt intricate manner this is

one of the most say interesting form of

Thailand Thomas now let's take the bone

in my craft or sullen art see the title

itself is very much suggestive that my

art is not for money

it is my craft it is my creativity

it is a solid not because I have to sit

in darkness in solitude for long hours

to create this craft so in my craft a

sullen art it's a sized in the still

night that means he has to work the

whole night burning midnight oil

understand when only the moon rages and

the lovers lie Abed with all the griefs

in their arms no he says that only the

moon is the moon is accompanying him

Moon rays moonshine moonlight it is only

the moon which is with him the rest of

the world is asleep and the novel's lie


that means humans are sleeping specially

lovers together with all their griefs

you know since morning to evening they

were busy struggling with their lives

they had so much of pain misery but at

night they folded dream griefs in their

arms that means they settle down for

some time to sleep let the grieves we

folded because next morning again they

would be troubled by their graves I

labor by singing light see what is he

doing he's singing like he is writing

poetry which will make their grieves

light see he is doing for the purpose

for a bigger purpose to come humans from

their graves so he is labouring the

whole night so that the day of the other

people become brightened

or saved a lighter increase not for

ambition or bread or the strut and trade

of charms on the ivory stages he says

he's not writing as an inn just as an


just for the bread that means earnings

or the struttin trade of charms that he

is highlighted to fame he's getting

different awards he's trading his days

and nights just to get money and fame

and being appointed as the greatest poet

or say getting the awards on the ivory

stages that means all that show all that

showy business

no he doesn't want himself in the

limelight but what is he doing but for

the common wages of the most secret

heart whatever the pain we have in a

heart what do we do we read these poems

and we get a went out of them so he is

doing for the common purpose that is for

the common people that they might get

some relief out of out of his lines his

work which is laboring throughout the

night not for the proud man apart from

the raging moon I write on these

Pinterest pages not for the tiring dead

with their nightingales and sons but for

the lovers their arms down the leaves of

the ages now what is he saying he says

that he's not writing for those people

who are well-off who are already

enjoying who were proud of they're the

same but he is writing this under the

moon light away from such crowd his

pages are shining because of the moon

moonlight so he's not bothered that

everyone or those great people should

come and read or he should be say get he

should get all the praise from the

well-known people no he's writing for

the common stuff and he says that nor

for the touring Dead Sea there have been

so many poems before him

so many birds who were

inspired who wrote great poetry say the

nightingale gives you the illusion of

Keats and Shelley who are counted as the

greatest poets in English and the sands

the sands writers the greatest bards the

greatest singers the greatest poets the

greatest dramatis no he is not writing

because of their influence or he is not

here he's not counting on them at all

he's writing from his heart for the

lovers for the lovers who love humans

who love each other there may be many

interpretations of these and the lovers

here I'm taking it as general people

their arms around the graves of the ages

what caring these gray Greaves and pains

and struggles right from the birth of

civilization so this keeps passing on so

just to give them relief to give them

some consolation he's writing although

then then he gives a very he gives the

ironic lines here who pay no praises

praise or wages nor heed my craft for

our means those people do not even

realize the work of his craft his sullen

art which he has been asked writing for

them they do not realize they do not

give him any praise they do not assign

him any kind of credit no they do not

heed his craft or art at all what do you

gain from this from his poems so he's

just coming up saying that his craft is

not for the gain not for money not for

bigger people

it is not motivated by the thing but he

is doing it for the sake of his heart

and to

consolation to the common people to give

them some kind of relief from the things

and struggles of life now there is a lot

of poetic unity these elements like

metaphor simile all are there to connect

this is a bigger this thing so he is

driven to write regardless of the

recognition or appreciation and there

are two stanzas one is of eleven lines

the second is of nine lines first four

lines in the last four lines of each

stanza they correspond in drying just

see first and second art apart and then

comes night and write that this is the

second line in the thirteenth line then

say rages and pages third line in the

fourteenth line a bed dead fourth line

in the fifteenth line charms and arms

eighth line in the seventeenth line

stages and ages ninth line in the

eighteenth line and wages wages of

course 1910 and 19 and 11 and 20 heart

and art so the rhyme scheme is like this

then the meter of course is stressed

follows by unstressed so it is some kind

of machine light that means the life is

going automatically on an auto mode

everyone is busy with job and the

greaves are very common so similar is

the rhyme of the poem he wants that

these lovers who get relief should

appreciate his poetry but then he is

dejected because he doesn't get what he

is looking for there are many symbols

here also starring dead is the symbol of

the dead poets who wrote very good

poetry who are famous and all

Nightingale of course allusion of Keats

ode on a nightingale also in the

structure the

one the first line runs over the next

line giving you the complete explanation

that's called enjambment like I should

say that from the raging Mona right on

these fenders pages or say when only the

moon rages and the lovers like they are

in continuity but the line changes so

this is called engine minute Alan Thomas

was an alcoholic civil coholic so he

died very early at the age of 39 but he

is famous through his firm's what shape

he wanted to give himself as the future

poet he was successful in it and I hope

you must have liked the critical

appreciation hope you understand it well

read it again write more of your views

in the comment box share and wait for my

next one take care until then bye-bye

thank you





The Description of Poetry Critical Appreciation 'In My Craft or Sullen Art Dylan Thomas, UGC/NET/JRF/MA/BA