Practice English Speaking&Listening with: I will believe you [Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life /ENG, IND, CHN / 2020.03.28]

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Let's not miss our last chance to apologize.

I'm begging you.

Please don't let him find it out himself.


Do you not like the food?

Because it's cheap frozen meat?

My dead son caused the car accident.

I'm the one

who put the cigarette butt there.

How long were you going to hide it?

How despicable.

I told my older son to leave the country.

After then,

I was going to tell you the truth.

I was going to give witness at the retrial

to clear your name.

I wanted to become

closer to you until then.

I know I have no right,

but I wanted to buy you meals and clothes.

I even wanted to help you study.

I'm sorry.

It's all my fault.

I didn't want my older son to suffer

because he didn't do anything wrong.

I wanted him not to know about it.

I didn't want him to find out

that his younger brother caused a hit-and-run accident

and his mom put the blame on someone else.


So the sponsorship and everything

was just to watch me for the past ten years?

"I should tell him."

"No, I will hide it forever."

I've been ridden with guilt,

changing my mind like that a dozen times a day.

It may be hard to believe,

but I wanted to protect you.

I wanted to do something for you.

In any way,

I wanted to make up to you for it.

So I was the only one who didn't know it.

That's why everyone was busy studying my face

at the fancy restaurant.

Cheonga and Junhwi

asked me to tell you the truth.

They've been waiting for me.

That's ridiculous.

So please do the same for me.

I will.

Even if you say red bean bread is streusel bread,

I will believe you.




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