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Something that my father always said was that the Y

nurtures the spirits, minds, and bodies of this very diverse community.

Which I feel like perfectly describes what our YMCA brings to our community.

The Y is the first place he'd ever been where he could quote unquote "feed his soul".

There's no question in my mind that the most important role we serve

is our ability to reach out and meet people wherever they are in their lives

and somehow help them improve their situation. I've realized this year how

important the YMCA is in my life. My plan is to volunteer in some way at the Y

each year for the rest of my life.

Our family grew up adjacent to the Y field.

We could walk up here. Our parents would let us come

We took part in swimming activities, basketball, football,

ping-pong, everything the Y had to offer. Caine was my younger brother.

His mom would just send him out and he would run in the backyard and play.

When he was still little, she would kind of pick him up and put him over the fence.

It really was our amenity for our neighborhood.

He would have been diagnosed in July of 2006.

He was at that time 44 years old, nonsmoker, exercised

He didn't realized that it was lung cancer.

And he was actually heading up the capital campaign

to raise money to rebuild the Klingman Street YMCA.

It was not about Caine. It was really not about our family.

It was about the community that this Y served.

You do see people all coming here with the same purpose.

They really and truly are for all. No matter

who you are or what you're about, there's a place in the Y for you.

It means a lot that an organization like the Y can ensure

that no family or no child is ever turned away

due to their inability to pay. So we all do have to give.

All of this doesn't come for free.

They did help me when I was a young man trying to make it and didn't have a whole lot of funds.

I'm in a position where I can give back to the Y.

And even if maybe you don't have the funds to give too much, you can help out in other ways.

You can get involved and get engaged, but no gift is too small.

A lot of people don't know this about the Y. It's a cause.

We do a whole lot more than just a regular gym.

Having kind of a third place for people to be.

They're going to be at home.They're going to be at work,

but they're also going to be at the Y.

Top-notch. The fields, the play--everyone here is just fantastic.

Childcare program, swimming program, summer day camp programs.

The after school programs is critical to many working families.

If anybody can pick any kind of charity to have their family name on,

it would be the YMCA because it kind of stands for

everybody and community and giving.

When you walk by the entrance of this Y on a summer day,

and you see the children that are in the Y day camp,

outside doing their morning chants with their counselors,

it will move you.

The Y is a wonderful place that changes people's lives.

The Y is a place where you are about community

and giving back to the community.

I give to the Y because being able to meet with our families and see

what their need is and be able to provide for that need is very fulfilling.

I give to the YMCA because I truly believe in what we're doing,

and I'm passionate about what we're doing.

G is for generous givers.

I is for inclusive.

V is for volunteers.

E is for everybody.

I'm part of the Y!

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