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Instagram has developed rapidly

Over the past three years and today is a photographer's Paradise.

So keeping that in mind.

Today, I'll share 10 Instagram tips and tricks for 2018 that you should know when I can't think of any intellectual or

creative captions for my photos. I use names of colors.

My idea on this is that. Some colors have really beautiful and funky names.

I use the gram box, Color picker tool, I simply hover over an image.

found this color name called "Hockey Pockey"

And then uploading it as my caption for my recent photo.


You must have seen some photos that have beautiful Reflections in them.

Ever wondered how that is done.

Let me show you.

The photographer simply places a second smartphone underneath the camera of the photo clicking phone

here the second smartphones screen is used to create a reflection.


if your post a lot of stories

I would strongly recommend you to segregate them into categories and add icons to them.

To Give a more professional touch to your profile.

Top down shot. When you have to take those stop. Short where you're sipping coffee or typing and you don't have someone to hold the

phone for you and click the perfect top done shot for you in that situation what will do is just use open up the camera

of your phone set a self timer of 3 seconds. And then press the shutter button and then quickly place your phone between your teeth

It is always difficult to get noticed in a crowd of millions if you're always using mainstream hashtags for yourr posts that already have millions of

posts under it you would have less chances of getting notice. For example, if you're using hashtag #entrepreneur that has

millions of post try using hashtag solo entrepreneur or something that have less amount of post so that your chances of

ranking in the top post category increases

Create a theme or a pattern to give your profile and artistic appearance. You need to develop a pattern. Let me explain you must

have seen some people who upload their own photo on every third boss of their profile and the rest to Art of Landscapes or


In some cases people mix their profile with a unique color palette like this orangish one or this rainbow tint.

These little details can truly set your profile apart. We all know that one should I add hashtags and locations to get

your stories get hire views, but did you know that you can make the hashtag or location the tiniest size possible and

still get views from it there is nothing much to explain in this right out yourself.

Did you know when Taylor Swift wanted to announce her new single she deleted all of her post, but they were not deleted in

reality. They were archived I know we are not taylor swift but this thing can really work for you when you have a rapidly growing audience and you have to announce something really big.

Tease your new Post in Yosemite. This one is easy and many people do this just open Instagram stories upload a photo

Now tap on the pen icon on the upper right hand corner of the screen and select a color. Next tap and hold onto screen for a few seconds

until the screen is filled with a solid color now tap the erasor icon and select the size of a erasor and then swipe on

the screen where you would like to reveal the underlying image once you are satisfied with image select your story and publish

It's that simple.

Now in the end I would like to recommend you a few third-party apps that you can make use of to get creative with your

Instagram post and stories. Number one Hype type. Now, you can make use of this application to animate text on Instagram

stories. Definitely check this out.

Number 2 Unfold you can use this app to create beautiful and engaging stories with minimal template Its available for both

IOS and Android and it's free.

Number 3 Grambox it's an all-in-one app that has many modules that can help you do almost everything you want to do with your

Instagram post whether you want to create a grid or a swipeable image or just repost post a photo from the app itself and its developed

by cool kids definitely check this out. That's it for this video share it and I will see you in the next one.

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