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hellow viewer welcome to itech bari

Today this video topic

how to enable

facebook profile lock

you can see when you

can visit

someone profile then

you can see

this profile is locked

So today this video i am showing

you how you can enable

facebook profile lock

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ok first of all goto your

browser and goto

and log in

your account

If log in done

just click 3dot

and then scroll down

here you find help center

just click

help center

ok then you go drive a page

there you can see a search bar

search here profile lock

just search it when search is complete

you can see a page

how do locked profiles work?

just click there

done click this page then

this is drive you a new page

then you how do locked profiles work?

you can see here lot's

info read it

one of the most is protect

your profile picture

this page says your profile picture

will be protected

friends only see your

post and photos

who are connected on your profile

last one is control

your timeline and tags

sometimes we see some people are

tags which is not our friends

and also post on timeline this

will be block this profile lock

when you enable it

one more is tagging privacy it;s means

no one see your tag post

you can see this profile is locked

appears on your profile

how you enable profile lock

just click tap here

directly click there and

you will go a new page

here you can see

lock your profile to help

protect your photos

photo and post only

see your fb friends

which are connected with you

what you have to do to enabled profile lock

just click lock your profile

and you can see fb profile lock enabled

it's showing your profile is locked

it will appear on my page

ok sometimes

it's not enable in your profile

lock some facebook users

so how you can fixed it

i will say it on next video

if your account not available this profile lock

just comment us

i will be come with this tutorial

how to fixed this problem

so that's it today

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till then take care good bye

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