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greetings and welcome to DynaVap live I'm retail Josh and I'm George

and this is our 419 special and so let's kind of hop right into it we have some

shout outs in the chat right away uh Tim cop from Oklahoma Troy from 4/20 vape

zone hey Troy kamil addict from Poland Rudy Emilio's

from California Alonzo Dilma from Chile nice Stephan Johnson Maryland Keith

Newton from Alberta Canada Rowan shivers from New Zealand

Tobias Brule from the Netherlands in from Florida RC white a team in Texas

got one from Mexico Chris Wilder in Detroit and James Hayward from the east

coast of Maine and so got some Stephen King territory there nice and so we want

to thank you all for tuning in we really appreciate it we know this a little bit

earlier than what we normally do our livestream so we appreciate you guys

tuning in we also want to give a shout out to the FC forum subreddits out there

all of our different wholesalers that helped get our product out there on

paper Asylum they don't forget paper asylum yeah that one's another really

big one that we really appreciate and we love hearing from all you we love

getting that feedback all the time and if you like sharing the dinah verse

sharing it with your friends you have that karma vat you're sharing it with

them be sure to think be sure to think about joining our affiliate program you

can get a little bit something for that for something you're already doing and

for more details on that just go to affiliate

komm shoot an email or go to dine eval calm slash affiliate and so as if you've

tuned in before you remember we do community questions each absolutely

we love hearing from you and so we like to kind of pull our community and kind

of get a finger on the pulse and so this one to kind of stick with the theme of

419 which we will expand upon a little bit later in the show we asked why did

you start switch to vaping and so we had a couple different options on there we

had health taste efficiency Conservancy and smell looks like health is the

number one reason and followed by efficiency and so the next stream we

will follow up on that and see what the results are what was your result are

your reasoning I don't like smoke you know I don't like the way it smells I

don't like other people smoke in my space that's the only time I've seen you

Matt oh yes smokin I like oh that was really unpleasant and and to me it was

it was borderline insulting like you know just just haphazardly just lighten

up and blowing smoke in our direction you're like like it was a welcome thing

yeah and for me it it's definitely the smell I don't like it how it hangs on

your clothes and yeah if you're trying to be discreet you know the vapor tends

to fade away a lot quicker I think it does you know there's a variety of other

reasons as well and so be sure to vote in that community poll on our YouTube

channel I just click on the community tab and you'll get that and so we did

something a little bit special for this one this is going to be a recurring

segment we haven't come up with a name for it yet so if you have any ideas feel

free to shoot those in you can email for those we're gonna

be doing some spotlights of local artists and businesses and interviewing

them finding more about them and how they found out about us and so we

interviewed a local establishment knuckleheads we interviewed Langdon

muskie the general manager there and so we have a little bit of a preview that

we're gonna show the full interview will air tomorrow on our youtube channel at

noon that's for 19 at noon and then followed

later in the day we'll be doing an Instagram live feed at

4:19 on 419 so Ben's gonna cut right to this preview of our interview that we

did a few days ago now since you started carrying our product line how's the

response been from your employees and the customer base um I got to be honest

I was a little hesitant you know just thinking about it to me it just seemed

like just to chill him you know this is no chunk and I got using it you know

okay you guys dropped off a couple samples so it took one home started

using it and it was cool it took like just a couple couple tries I really get

the the rhythm but then it was like holy crap this is Veit this is maybe on

instantly like five seconds boom I don't have to worry about charging a battery

and like I've tried paksas and stuff there's nothing wrong yeah but this was

just something different

welcome back we hope you enjoyed that preview of that interview and be sure to

check out the full clip it runs about 17 minutes long and that'll be on our

YouTube channel tomorrow at noon and so we're gonna kind of discuss our main

topic for the day and that's for 19 and then meaning behind it so I'll let

George take it away and kind of expand upon that all right so as I'm sure a lot

of you are wondering you know what is 419 right well 419 is a concept that was

kind of born out of this time of year you know a lot of people associate this

time of year and the sales and promotions everything with 420 you know

as we're getting close to April 20th and as we're kind of thinking and discussing

Zach you don't there's a lot of things that people tend to associate with this

time of year that don't really fall exactly in line with I think some of the

things that we stand for as DynaVap and that we hope that a lot of our you know

members of the Dinah verse kind of follow suit and think the same way and

that's you know more respect responsibility and in what I mean by

that is vaporizing is I think a much healthier alternative to smoking I think

it's a little bit more respectful of other people around you and it kind of

ties a little bit into the little story we're talking about the smoke you know

earlier when we're out in Vegas but I think there's a whole lot more to it

than that I think there's also you know the Conservancy aspect of it that you

know 4:20 in my opinion is a whole lot about overconsumption and I think that's

unfortunate what I think we'd like to do is we'd like to establish you know 419

is being more about less than 420 you know using what you need and not a whole

lot more and in being happy with that being you know considered about the

people around you and not invading their space with will consider your smoke or

your leftovers and you're just really just trying to be generally nice yeah

yeah it's kind of like if you've ever been to a restaurant or been to a movie

to someone who just smoked weed if you're a consumer yourself it's not the

most pleasant experience because it's just hitting you right in the face

all your senses right there and you may not be consenting to that it's just kind

of inconsiderate and I think it is kind of inconsiderate so and that's that's a

big part of what we're hoping to do is not only with you know the way that we

operate but with our devices is to give people not only just a better

alternative to smoking but a better option to be more considerate to you

know be responsible and to be conservative and hopefully just overall

you know have a more fulfilling life enjoy things better and you know be

happy yeah and as you said it kind of ties in to the Conservancy you know our

products you don't need to put a lot in there to get where you want to go and

it's going to stretch that a lot farther that's that's certainly one of the goals

and you know at the same time you know a more healthful alternative to smoking so

that you can be more respectful to yourself and not be consuming all the

incomplete combustion byproducts you know the smoke and all the other nasty

things that are associated for you know from combustion extraction yeah from

that are released after you reach a certain temperature oh yeah and then the

benefits of that you get better taste and a whole bunch of other experiences

too sure that you can avoid just by cutting out the smoke and going with an

alternative I think so I think so and so yeah that's where the whole thought

process behind this 419 kind of started and I hope this kind of catches on and

will become a staple within the faith community that's that's kind of a hope

you know that you know whether it's for 19 or something else you know we just as

a group of people we want to promote what we think is a better alternative

and at the same time if we can associate you know some other positive things with

it that hey Sharon it's something we really like here we like to share we

like to share our devices and we like to share you know experiences we like to

share a lot of positive things you know what the people that work here with the

people that we interface with with the people that we meet when we travel just

in a lot of cases with the people we don't even know you know sometimes it's

fun to include little unexpected things in the packages and I need to risk

sounding like a you public broadcasting PSA but sharing is

caring you know it's a way to really give back to the community and do what's

best for that definitely giving back to the community but even more than that

you know if we don't like the world we live in well it's kind of our

responsibility to make the world the place we want to be leave it a better

place and absolutely or make it a better place so that you can get more enjoyment

out of it and you know I think sharing is part of that but also being

responsible and respectful to yourself and the people around you it's kind of a

fun thing - mm-hmm and so we'll expand on that here in a little bit and kind of

show you some of the things that we have in our store for the 4:19 sale but first

we're going to cut to a little segment that we like to call the snap welcome to

the snap this is a segment where we answer frequently asked questions and a

very rapid fire format so let's get right into it on the snap we're going to

be discussing why we choose triple torches in all of our starter kits so

right here I have a cyclone - which is sold separately on the website we select

triple torches and our starter kits due to their versatility and ease of use now

yes a single torch will give you the best possible performance but there's a

much higher margin of error and so if you take a look here you'll see that I

have one jet at the top - at the bottom and so what I'm gonna do is a lot of

people just like to just torch it not really paying much attention to the

positioning of the Jets and you'll get decent performance you'll still enjoy

your experience and so with a single torch because you're dealing with more

precise heat it's going to be more difficult to get even heating around now

with more Jets obviously the heat is going to surround the cap and give you a

much more even heating which leads to less chance of combusting in addition to

having quicker heat up times and just an overall easier experience if you're new

to our product so now I'm going to show you how to get a more precise experience

using a triple torch I'm going to start with doing some low temperature vaping

and that can be done by taking your two Jets you can kind of move it around

but you want to Jet's facing towards the top end of the cap and one facing a

little bit lower just gonna apply some heat there now you will get it clicked a

little bit sooner that's gonna result in cooler more

flavorful vapor and a really nice experience and with practice you're

gonna be able to really dial that in so now I'll show you how to get higher

temperature more intense dense vapor and so you just do the inverse of what I

described before it'll do two Jets facing towards the bottom and one jet at

the top and just kind of do it at an angle here and it will take a little bit

longer to get to click simply because you're further away and you get that

click and it'll get nice dense very intense vapor and no get a very full

extraction in no time and that's just a few examples of why we choose the triple

torch in our starter packs it's gonna be really easy to use and gonna be really

quick heat up times and it's gonna give you the best of both worlds and that has

been the snap I'm retail Josh and thanks for watching

all right that was cool yeah it's uh kind of shows you how to get the best of

that torch that's what I use pretty much every day I think it's a real good clip

and I totally agree I think the triple torch is a very good introduction for

people that are just new to our products and it makes it a lot easier to get very

simple consistent results without having to be really skilled with how you apply

your Heat yeah move to the trick single torch after you have a little bit

I completely agree you know it's like starting out with an old beater car and

you know moving up to the sports car after you learn how to drive yes exactly

and so what do you got for us George so another thing I wanted to you know show

here is here is you know one of our new M's

with 419 cap and Ben's got a better picture here so if you can pull that up

so we made up some 419 caps for this show and for the sale because it's not

actually 49 you can see it's four one nine we thought it might be kind of cool

that people might want to have a 419 cap to kind of show that they believe in the

concept of you know what we're trying to promote here you know four one nine it's

a little bit less than 420 and but it's so much more in so many ways yeah and

it's a limited-edition cap that's available just for the sale that runs

until the end of the 21st correct right till uh 11:59 11:59 Sunday central time

our time and yeah so get those while they're out there and you'll be one of

the lucky ones that has it yeah cool and I just can't get over how good that 20

19 M looks to the the 20 19 mm I think was a pretty nice improvement over what

the 2018 was and so if you haven't experienced it yet you know hopefully

we'll at some point we put a whole lot of thought and effort into changing the

look but more importantly changing the look was changing the feel the there's a

lot more tactile elements in the 20 19 M design then there was in the 2018 or the

2017 before that so you can really feel a lot of the features

and it really makes it the whole device a lot easier to use if you don't see so

well and or if you're in a low light condition or just a situation where

maybe you want to be discreet and you want to be looking at one of those

rumble strips too like if you're fumbling with it you can kind of feel

what end is the hot end that way you're not wondering which end you're gonna be

putting in your mouth you have a tactile sensation that tells you information

that is important well you know it's kind of fun to use all of our senses yep

and so George what are the specifics did the sale of people have intended the

website so we're running our 419 promotion you know from a little dare so

we'll go through the end of Sunday night our time

11:59 Central Time and it's basically 20% off everything in the store and free

shipping on everything over $50 so yeah be sure if you were looking to stock up

or getting that Amna vamp that you've had your eyes on now it's the time to do

it and this is one of our biggest sales of the year and if you take an eye on

the site we had some Green Omni parts that we are liquidating on there the

last bit of those are on there and we had the 490 but the last of the green

ones on but the last part of the greens were all out of the full units but we

have some of the parts on there so if you want to get some of that green Omni

now is your time that's the last of the run once those are gone they are gone we

will not be producing any more of that color and so let's kind of get into some

questions here okay oh I see one comment in there I see Austin Sorrell who is a

really great maker of custom stems he said that his area code is four one nine

so that's actually very funny coincidence how cool is that see a

comment what are these cool stands here yeah George I'll let you kind of expand

upon that okay so you can kind of get these in the shot a little bit these are

some stands at the Austin you know one of our guys here that works in the

automation area drew up in SolidWorks and print it out on one of the printers

they're just kind of a nice way of displaying some of the product you kind

of see some more over here those are gonna be loaded up on Thingiverse so if

anyone wants to print one off that's cool but even better than that

if you have anything that you've designed that are maybe DynaVap related

it'd be really cool if you upload those to Thingiverse and maybe send us a link

cuz you know we'd be loved up print them off and show them off on the show we

just love that sort of engagement we would like people that create and design

things because it's that kind of insight and that feedback those people getting

engaged in making something or making something better coming up with an

improvement and then you know we the way we can transfer 3d models you know is

just an email and we can make this 3-dimensional object just come to life

on our 3d printers it's just so cool well the thing is - I mean it just kind

of showed you how vocal our community is if we don't have something there's

someone out there that's making that and I think that's a great thing you know

how people get out there and they make things and you know since as a company

or a company that we like to make things we don't just have a whole bunch of

stuff made by some other factory and white labeled with our name on a no not

at all we like to design engineer refine and manufacture as many of the products

that we sell as we possibly can and it's really cool to see other people kind of

following suit and you know creating things and solving problems or finding

alternative solutions to you know things that were making and finding better ways

to use them mm-hmm I see a good one on their Clarkie Sparky so this kind of

goes into the snap can you aim the triple torch at the bottom of the cap

produce more vapor like you can with the single torch definitely that's exactly

what we went over with the snap I just focus the two jets and the cluster

triple torch more towards the bottom and you're going to get that more dense

intense vapor experience that you're looking for I see one here any flash

sales this year George hmm at this point probably not yeah we tried

that last year as kind of an idea and it certainly boosted activity but it it

also upset a lot of people and yet created some problems and it just made

things more difficult and so what we're gonna do is just what

on there is on there if you're looking order now's the time yeah and so just to

make sure that whatever you have in your cart you know you want to finish that up

before the end of the sale because uh that'll kind of clear everything out

after the sale ends to you know get everything back to normal and then I see

Troy from 420 vape zone I he actually bought his first piece at knuckleheads

so that's actually uh shows how small the world is because I know what he was

originally from the Midwest well um we want to give a shout out to vapor aunts

on reddit's they do a lot for us they represent us a ton yes definitely thank

you um what happened to the custom caps are we ever gonna be doing that again oh

I hope so yeah I think we have a couple designs we've got a couple designs and

as always we're looking for feedback and ideas and thoughts for other designs

that you know those of you out there might want to have on the caps in fact

you know if everything goes well we really hope to have a whole custom

department where you'll be able to get a wide range of just different customized

items for your for your devices yeah and then I see Miguel Martinez are the 419

caps coming with the full units - I know they're just available separately on the

website for those that want to purchase them they're gonna be in the web site

you just look for the customized cap 419 edition and it's right there it's priced

at $19 the discount and then Trix says thanks for saving my lungs dynamite 247

says smoking sucks ah dynamite also said that hoodie Josh and

so if you can't really see it this is a cap man hoodie let us know if you like

these mentioned in the comments if we get enough feedback this might be

something that we will look at offering this is like the first edition of it

George has a 419 shirt and of course we have cat man in a pillow form right

there and then what about cat man from Scott and Glendale its kind of went over

that Raphael says I like the fact that you use less and respect other space as

well definitely we appreciate that feedback

very very much and then are there still plans to release a new

version of the Omni of this year George well it's been a while and I think that

the best answer I can say is I sure hope so I'm not exactly sure how long it's

going to take or when we're gonna be able to get there but you know one of

the beautiful things of having our capability in-house to make a lot of our

products is it means that we can start working on that and hopefully have some

new ideas some new geometries maybe even some new features that we can

incorporate into you know their top-of-the-line titanium products and

I'm really looking forward to doing that I'm not exactly sure how long it's going

to take but as we get closer there'll be some more updates and Scott wing also

says DynaVap adult cartoon please comments in there and kind of expand

upon that I'd love to kind of hear more about them yeah we'd love to hear more

on that and then any news about the induction here to George we're still

working on that it's the induction here has been a real challenge for us because

although it's not that difficult to actually make one or two or ten it's

been a real challenge for us to figure out the best way to make a high-quality

device and scale it up and make sure that it's going to be durable and

long-lasting because the last thing that we want to do is sell off a device you

know for the kind of price that induction heaters gonna require and have

it only lasts for six months or a year and then start to have problems and then

create customer service issues and things along those lines so we're still

working on it I hope to have more updates and information soon but you

know I'm just asking for a little bit of patience in the regard that it's the

first electronic product that I've really had the experience to work on

developing and bringing to market yeah it's a different beast altogether it's

totally different and you don't have to kind of normalize that or to compare it

to something else you know to bring the VAT captive market you know the initial

concept it took a couple months but to get it to the point where it was ready

to actually even start testing and trialing and getting out there it was

years it took a long time believe it or not to get this seemingly simple device

refined to the point where it was ready for sale mm-hmm and then I

see one because you mentioned like customer service related issues sure for

that we did some changing on our website if you scroll down to the bottom of our

page you'll see now that we've improved our contact form and so it helps speed

up our response times and just overall streamline the entire customer service

experience for you we recommend just using that contact

form putting in all the info that it asks for and selecting the correct

drop-down menu and you're gonna get a response much faster and allow us to get

to those urgent questions and requests as fast as possible yes

so like Cory Goodman's he said he's heard some reports of 2019 and having

airflow issues in that case you would have I use the I'm having issues with my

product and then that I'll go to us and then we'll be able to get back to you um

so George wouldn't it'd you first start developing the that was a little earlier

than this time of year see about six years ago so gosh it seems like I've

been doing this a long time when I say it that way because you don't really

really love what I do right now so it seems like I just started doing this a

few months ago but the reality is no no I think about it it's actually been more

than six years ago when the initial concept came up is we're just having a

conversation about you know why are people still smoking and at that point

that the answer the question was really simple it's it's two things because

vaporizers are at that point big and expensive or you know you know big and

expensive mm-hm and so people didn't want them because

they didn't wanna spend all that money on something that was big and didn't

easily fit in their pocket or didn't work really well or better didn't worry

to entry that cost was so high just being so high and you don't know if

you're gonna like the experience because it's something new to you so unless you

a friend that had one right it was a method that you knew because asking $400

for a product that's a lot for something that's about tremendous amount and you

know the the other factor was was the the the manner of you

and the form factor it just seemed like they were a little bit too big and too

bulky to use and the interface between the person using it and the device was

cumbersome over now you know with the devices that we have there they're a

little bit more simplified and it still kind of amazes me how difficult it is to

make a simple product yeah and yeah you know there's to make something simple it

gets increasingly complicated it doesn't seem like it should be that way yeah and

then I see are there any plans to release any more colored products I sure

hope so it's someone working on you know because we really like to have a wide

range of different colors and options for our products and you know the nice

thing is if we're able to do that you will hopefully have them available parts

as well so you be able to upgrade one part while out having to upgrade the

entire device mm-hmm so yes look for colored parts coming hopefully before

the end of the year and then I see one Johnny saying that he sent an email

about an exploit on the site I shoot an email to me at Josh at I

think I've seen a couple about this if it's about the KarmaVap page not

setting out the Karma that's just showing where the dots are it's not

actually sending product out into the world so if it's something like that

it's not a huge issue and the person is just then being really generous by

sending karma into the world and you know let's let's talk about that for a

second if you haven't been to the page and

checked out the Karma Vap it's kind of a cool thing all it does is you know

whoever either received a karma Vap or gave it to someone you can just click on

that in all it really does is pings your ISP and just puts a dot on the map

that's I don't know within 20 to 50 miles of where you live so we can kind

of see where the people are sending karma into the world and I thought it

was kind of a cool thing and then let's see can you settle this once and for all

can every piece of the DynaVap be Duncan ISO or not

No aah I want you to kind of expand upon that

so in general short-term exposure a few seconds isn't gonna hurt anything other

than the wood parts I really wouldn't recommend that or the cap the yeah even

a short-term exposure to the cap isn't a big deal but we certainly don't

recommend soaking the cap in a solvent like ISO because I saw although it

cleans really well it's also rather corrosive and you know the cost pitting

you can cause some discoloration and some visual defects in the cap it's not

going to make it non-functional but it's gonna certainly change the way that it

looks especially you know after the cap has been heated a little bit and it

develops a patina the isopropyl alcohol since it is corrosive will really kind

of go to work on some of those areas of the cap that have been heated up so I

really don't recommend soaking the cap now any of the titanium parts or any of

the stainless steel parts tips condenser stems bodies you know mouthpieces

they're all fine and the gray o-rings as well are also very very solvent

resistant and can withstand prolonged soaking in cleaning solutions such as

isopropyl alcohol but at the same time although it's a very good cleaning

solution we don't normally recommend using it mainly because it's flammable

and since our devices are very commonly utilized with labels and things like

that it just didn't seem like a good idea to mix a flammable cleaning

solution with the device that tends to use a flame as a heat source so if

you're gonna choose to use isopropyl alcohol yes it's a good cleaning

solution but be careful and we strongly encourage you to rinse your parts out

with water and allow them to dry before putting them back into service yeah not

only that - like if you were to clean it with ISO and then just use it right away

it's gonna taste funky oh it's gonna taste nasty because isopropyl alcohol

has that additive in it well it tastes like the doctor's office yeah which

isn't always a pleasant experience most of the time right who wants to vape the

doctor's office and then let's see what else um and let's see uh Austin Emeril

says do caps or go bad that's a great question I like

that question if they do let us know but in general we've had quite a number of

caps out there since we started selling these things where people have you know

got in touch with us and let us know that they haven't been using this thing

you know multiple times a day every day for now over three years some of them

and they're still going strong so I think the answer the question is if

you respect your cap and you take good care of it it should last you a really

really long time you know so between the cap and the o-rings which also a fear

respect those and when you clean them and you always put a little bit of

lubricant on them before you reassemble things there's not a whole lot on these

devices that you're gonna wear out or it's likely to fail yeah like I've had

my omni in my phone for over a year and I'm still on the stock CCD I'm still on

the stock Oh rings you just have to make sure that you lubricate the o-rings

every time you have take it apart put it back together if you don't have any Dino

wax you can use you know saliva yeah a little bit of saliva I mean anything on

your o-ring so that you're not assembling your your components with dry

o-rings he's gonna prolong the life of the o-rings yeah but then again the

overhangs aren't even that expensive so they're they're easy to replace and all

in all I think we're getting close to our goal of making a very good quality

long-lasting durable device it's easy to use yeah and if you've ever accidentally

combusted to that's the time where you definitely want to take that time and

make sure that you clean out any sort of particulate matter inside that cap so

that way it doesn't get trapped inside right and cause issues later on in a

great way to clean the cap is with some cleaning solution and a q-tip yep that's

really all you need and we did a snap video on that it not too long ago I see

Pascal unfortunately my new device came with a dent in the cap because of the

container has a very small sharp plastic nipple and so yep

we are actually changing the container and also Pascal please reach out to us

using the contact form we will get you all straightened out

but George if you want to show off the new to

that sure we had developed so if we look here get this nice little green tube if

any of you have pre-ordered or ordered a 20 19 M and received it it comes in this

new green tube which is our own custom 2 that we had designed specifically just

for our our devices and you know same flip top lid also if you've received it

recently we've even incorporated some geometry inside the lid so that when you

put a device in and close the lid it doesn't it's silent so when it's in your

pocket or you know sitting somewhere in your car or whatever it's not going to

rattle in the tube oh there's nothing more annoying than when you're in the

car or something like that you just know it's like a soda can and your cup holder

yeah with some coins who likes rattles so yes we've got new plastic tubes and

that should hopefully start taking care of some of those issues we didn't like

the other tubes either and so other than that I see something else so we're going

to be doing a live stream tomorrow with puff it up on Instagram and that'll be

at 4:19 yep so if you're interested check that out that might be kind of fun

and then just to kind of finish up on the tubes too because we've gotten a lot

of emails we're still for some of the older devices we're still sending them

with the old tubes if you get any of them and you see and it looks like here

at the bottom do not be alarmed it's not human hair or animal hair yeah it is

just D gum temp fiber that is there to prevent that nipple that's on the bottom

on some of the caps from denting your cap and so don't be alarmed just keep it

in there if you plan on using your tube as a storage device and be sure to check

out the Instagram feed tomorrow and for those of you that have ordered recently

and you're not getting your tracking information or your confirmation email

be sure to check your spam folder it may have gone there is there anything that

you'd like to add because the last thing is a thank you for nob he did a little

research as we're kind of coming up with our 419 concept instead oh did you know

that April 19th is national garlic day sec hey that's just awesome

and George George has good garlic I do have garlic so I can even have someone

stand by so if any of you actually want any I still have a little bit left I can

just drop a few in your package so just to leave us a little note when you check

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The Description of DynaVap Live | 419 sale | April 18, 2019 @4:19 p.m. CST