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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 36 English Dialogues for Job Application and Interview

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one applying by phone

dialogue 1

hello this is mr. Warren's office may I

speak to miss Lilly Carly please this is

Lilly Carly speaking oh good morning

miss Carly I'm phoning to inquire about

your advertisement for a secretary oh

thank you for your interest may I have

your name please

yes my name is Xiao Ling fine I'll send

you an application form um please

complete it and bring it with you when

you come for an interview when can you

come for an interview well could you

come next Thursday at 3 o'clock okay

three o'clock next Thursday

dialogue to

hello this is better English hello this

is Lucy I'm applying for the position of

English teacher okay may I have your

full name please

of course my name is Lucy brown all

right what is your major in college I

major in English have you any work

experience in this field I've just

graduated from University though I have

no experience in this field I'm willing

to learn that would be fine but we

prefer a skilled one thank you all the


- opening remarks

dialogue 1

come in name an examination number

please my name is Li Ming and the number

is 26 glad to meet you my name is Mike

Anderson the Personnel Manager have your

seat thank you okay which position do

you apply for computer programmer

why do you apply for it I'm interested

in it and have two years experience in

this field would you give me a general

description of your present job okay

I'm in charge of all the network of a

privately owned enterprise

dialogue to

good afternoon I'm Wong Fung I come here

at your invitation for an interview good

afternoon I'm Susan the personnel

manager glad to meet you glad to meet

you too

I plan to apply for the position of QC

inspector I'm sure that I'm competent to

meet the requirements that you have

specified while what qualifications have

you got I have the educational

background and relevant experience

required by the job I once worked as a

QC inspector in a sino-american company

for five years how come you want to work

in our company it is the location of

your company that has attracted me most

I will take a job closer

three applying for a secretary

dialogue 1

I see from your letter of application

that you've had quite a lot of

experience as a secretary you're right I

worked in my previous company for over

six years why did you leave that company

it went bankrupt two months ago because

of the financial crisis

I see perhaps you could tell me what

sort of qualities you have do well in

the shorthand and typing also be able to

handling report writing summaries

keeping minutes at meetings and so on

dialogue to

have you brought your curriculum VT with

you yes here it is it seems you've

little experience in secretarial work

I've just graduated from University I

can't say I'm very much experienced in

this field but nothing is too difficult

for a diligent student have you studied

any secretarial course yes I've taken

such courses as secretarial principles

office administration business English

public relations and file keeping what

are your plans for the future I hope to

start with an entry-level secretarial

position and become an administrative

assistant in a few years time


applying for a tour guide

dialogue 1


what have you done in the past as a tour

guide after graduation from a tourist

school I signed with the Shinjo travel

agency on a three-year contract

I showed my clients around in Beijing

have you ever set for the national

examinations for tourist guides yes I

have got the qualification certificate

have you ever learned any other foreign

languages other than English yes I have

learned a little French and Japanese you

should know to be a guide is a tough job

hard but interesting

dialogue to

why are you interested in working for

our travel agency I like traveling and I

also like meeting various kinds of

people what courses have you completed

at college

I have studied economics of tourism

tourist marketing tourist psychology

tourist culture tourist etiquette

science guiding methods and techniques

law of tourism and so on what do you

think the responsibilities of a tourist

guide are a tourist guide must be

responsible for arranging and

coordinating tour activities and

offering service of translation

accommodations sightseeing shopping and



applying for an air hostess

dialogue 1

how tall are you my height is one meter

and 72 centimeters what about your

eyesight I've never had any vision

problems since my childhood what makes

you decide on this type of occupation

I love the sky when I was a child I

imagined flying into a blue sky someday

I also liked traveling and enjoying

working with people what are the special

features for a stewardess

well a stewardess should be friendly

patient kind and polite to passengers do

you have these features I think I have

dialogue to

why do you want to be a stewardess

I've always enjoyed meeting new people

and working with others traveling to

different places and being in new

situations seems like an exciting

challenge what do you consider are the

responsibilities for the air crew the

main responsibility is to ensure the

safety of the passengers in case of an

emergency other responsibilities include

making passengers comfortable and

serving meals do you think friendly

service is very important for the

airline staff definitely

six applying for a hotel staff

dialogue 1

have you had any experience in food and

beverage service actually I have been

serving in an international restaurant

since I graduated from vocational high

school could you tell me something about

restaurant service yes food and beverage

service includes accepting reservations

giving information about restaurant

hours taking orders recommending food to

customers as well as presenting bills

suppose a guest wants to change the

order after a course has been served

what should you do it depends if it is

the waiter who makes the mistake I'll

take the course away immediately but if

the guest ordered it and then forgot

about it the course can't be exchanged

once it has been served this is a common


dialogue to

do you think the hotel facilities and

service is a kind of commodity why yes

it is a special kind of goods sold by a

hotel to its guests it provides for

guests all kinds of services with it

tangible facilities and space and its

intangible time and labor can you say

something about the importance of hotel

service quality yes service quality

determines a hotel's reputation

reputation is as precious as one's life

service quality is inseparable from

reputation what do you think is the

trend of changes in the future hotels

things will be developing toward 5c

those are chained in hotel operation

combination in service levels character

in hotel design computer in hotel

management and competition in markets


applying for a manager assistant

dialogue 1

please tell me something about your

working experience from 2003 to 2008 I

got a job in the sales department of a

trading company I started as the sales

representative three years later I was

promoted to the position of Sales

Manager good can you tell me why you

plan to quit being a sales manager and

to work here as my assistant don't you

like your present job yes I like it but

the company I work for now is doing

domestic business my specialized field

is foreign trade and these years I've

been looking for a chance to develop my

abilities this position needs high

qualifications do you think you're

competent for that sure otherwise I

won't come here I've included my working

experience in the resume here it is

I've brought other necessary documents

too well let me see would you mind

taking a cup of tea and waiting for a

few minutes not at all

take your time

dialogue to

from your resume I know you worked an

ABC company for quite a long time yes I

stayed with them for eight years did you

enjoy working there yes I started as an

office clerk and became a department

manager three years later about two

years ago I was appointed assistant to

the general manager what did you exactly

do in that position

well I assisted the general manager with

his work in many ways sometimes I

presided over meetings or took part in

some social activities in his name I was

also in charge of making credit

inquiries approving payment terms and

things like that I can see you did quite

a lot of work so I don't quite

understand why you left the post

I never easily give up something that is

valuable before I quit that job I had

made a thorough analysis of things like

what I would gain and what I would lose

I have the necessary experience of

making a good assistant to the

investment manager


applying for trading staff

dialogue 1

please tell me about your education I

just graduated from University of

International Business & Economics

I majored in international trade what

courses have you taken many I just tell

you several randomly the courses I took

included international marketing

international business management

foreign trade practice foreign trade

correspondence foreign exchange

international law of Commerce etc maybe

you could tell me what certificates of

technical qualifications you've received

I've obtained an export sales staffs

qualification certificate and a business

English certificate what attracted you

to this job your business model and

corporate philosophy I've been searching

for a long while to find a company like

yours as I'm interested in e-commerce I

think it's the best choice to develop my

ability in your company you really have

an eye for your future career plan

dialogue to

what is the first thing to do in the

international trade as a buyer we first

have to make an inquiry as a seller we

have to make an offer as a buyer what

are you most capable of I'm capable of

buying I used to be a buyer for a big

trade company what was your chief

responsibility of your job there I took

in charge of sourcing price negotiation

and supplier management on the telephone

and mobile have you traveled a lot in

your work yes I have traveled many times

abroad such countries as Australia New

Zealand France Switzerland Germany and



applying for a teacher

dialogue 1

what's your major I major in English

education have you ever been an English

teacher yes I was an English teacher in

a senior Middle School in 2004 and I

taught students in grade two I also

taught English for kids in my part-time

at the same time do you think you can

make your students like your class yes I

will try my best to help every one of my

students and I believe they like my

classes do you think you can be

responsible for twenty classes a week no


dialogue to

what's your attitude about the present

teaching method in the middle school I

think this would do more harm than good

maybe we all realized a phenomenon that

is for most subjects teachers always

talk too much but students just listen

and take notes this lecture method is

poor as this is an evil of long-standing

it's difficult to change it how will you

do for that I think teachers just are

directors they should give scope to this

students initiative and creativeness

instead of taking their rights away from

speaking so maybe it's better to divide

students into groups and ask them to

generate their own ideas actively why do

you think it is better it can help

develop the problem-solving ability of


ten applying for a nurse

dialogue 1

now tell me something about your

professional education I graduated from

the nursing school of Beijing medical

University the nursing school offered

such professional courses as nursing

science nursing psychology nursing

ethics internal medicine and its nursing

surgery and its nursing pediatrics and

its nursing traditional Chinese medicine

acupuncture what do you think of the

qualifications for being a nurse I think

it should be responsibility skill

patience quietness what are the wards in

which you have worked I have worked both

in the medical wards and surgical wards

dialogue to

what were you responsible for I was

responsible for clinical nursing of

patients in internal medicine division

my responsibilities included taking

histories keeping charts giving

injections administering medication

testing temperature and blood pressure

preparing patients for treatments

changing sheets and quits can you

communicate with patients in English we

need such nurses she must speak English

well I think I can

I have had such working experience when

I worked in ufh Hospital of Beijing


applying for an architect

dialogue 1

why do you think you are qualified for

this post

my major is architecture and I have some

related working experience what kind of

experience do you have

from 2006 I have been serving as an

architect in the Venki real estate

Development Corp what did you mainly do

in your work I was mainly responsible

for the blueprint of residents community

there what is your technical title now I

just received the qualification

certificate months ago I'm a senior

design engineer now

dialogue to

what kind of work were you responsible

for in the past employment I was mainly

engaged in designing industrial

construction projects for example I

participated in designing the number

three passenger terminal of Capital

International Airport are you able to

design the multi floor industrial

building yes if I'm given enough

information and all the designing

requirements are clear and definite what

is the deepest feeling you have as an

architect just like a famous person said

an architect must know the truth that

one plus one equals two but also has to

learn to think that one and one doesn't

make too


applying for an IT manager

dialogue 1

do you have any IT qualifications yes I

studied computer science in teen why

University and it got an MS degree

I majored in computer science do you

have any work experience yeah after I

did my MS degree I began to work for IBM

what are you adept at I'm adept at data

warehouse data processing SQL server

Lotus Notes and powerbuilder can you be

responsible for monitoring technical

design developing and maintaining the

database I have confidence in that for

the past two years I've been working as

a project manager for IBM

dialogue to

tell me something about your work

experience in IT please I have three

years of experience working in the IT


have you ever designed any programs

concerning database yes I designed some

program for the system of workflow if

you were appointed to a database

programmer what would you do in your

opinion I would be responsible for

writing computer program developing

block diagrams utilizing available

software and operation systems and

coding machine instructions writing

machine instructions testing debugging

and assembling program and so on which

programming languages are you familiar

with Visual Basic Java extensible markup

language and s AP report language


applying for a bank clerk

dialogue 1

do you like working with figures yes I

like I'm good at math at school do you

like meeting the public yes I enjoy

meeting new faces every day are you sure

you can be a successful cashier I'm sure

you know my major was statistics and I

got excellent records in all of the

courses I had taken can you express

yourself in good banking English yes

there is no problem for me to talk with

customers in English

dialogue to

how long have you been working at that

Bank I have been working in the bank

since 2004 why do you think you are

qualified for the job I think I have a

precise attitude which is very important

for a bank clerk and the post requires

frequent communication with clients what

about your communication skills and

client serving senses I think I have

these two abilities have you heard that

a cashier embezzle fifty thousand

dollars from the bank and run away what

do you think of it I think this kind of

thing indicates the cashier is not

responsible for his work his mistakes

absolutely can be attributed to the

personal character


applying for a Salesman

dialogue 1

do you have any experience with sales

work yes I worked for ABC company a

foreign trade company for nearly two

years where I established business ties

with several firms what do you exactly

do at that company yeah

visiting customers dispatch consignments

and things like that can you work in

English yes I can speak fluent English

dialogue to

are you familiar with the export trade

of cotton yarn certainly I have worked

in the export department of a textile

and garment company for three years do

you think you are qualified for the

position of Sales Management yes because

I held this kind of position before

you'll have to travel frequently if you

accept this position are you free to go

on business trip

no problem I enjoy traveling especially

the chances to go abroad to deal with

export business


applying for a journalist

dialogue 1

how much do you know about our newspaper

the character of The Wall Street Journal

is fresh ideas and profound comments

there are so many famous journalists in

your newspaper office can you work under

pressure you know people working here

are all very busy every day as we're a

daily newspaper I think I get used to

work under pressure I will adjust myself

to the step of your newspaper quickly by

the way have you had any publications I

used to review for the National Herald

Asia Financial

dialogue to

why do you want to be a journalist well

I have always enjoyed writing since my

childhood and when I thought about how

to use this side of my personality I

decided to become a journalist do you

think you have strong communicative

ability yes I'm pleased to communicate

with others in university I was a

chairman of the Students Union in

journalism Department which all

developed my expressive ability and my

communicative skills do you think you

can travel around and make reports yes

I'm young and strong and I like

traveling I'm sure I can report true and

fresh news


accepting the offer

dialogue 1

hello this is Jack is that Mary yes this

is Mary speaking I just want to get you

know we made an offer to you I emailed

the offer to you as well

you can let me know within a week if you

will accept our offer

thank you I'll go through it and let you

know soon we do hope you get on board

with us thank you for everything

dialogue to

from your resume I think your work

experience is exactly what we are

looking for

quite impressive well thank you you have

been in this field for five years

haven't you

more or less would you like to work for

our firm yes I'm looking forward to this

exciting opportunity okay that settles

it then

welcome to the firm I'm sure you will

like working here thank you again you

can start work from today

can I that's incredible

17 enquiring by phone

dialogue 1

this is Mary I'm just calling to see if

you have made any decision concerning

the position sorry we haven't made the

decision yet do you have any idea when

you might arrive at a decision we will

let you know probably next Friday I hope

to give you the positive reply

okay I'm willing to wait until you come

to a decision

dialogue to

hello personnel Department please hello

this is Wang Li I want to know what the

status of the position is sorry I can't

give you an immediate answer well when

will you let me know the results you

will be hearing from us before next

Wednesday by the way shall we notify you

by email or by phone you'd better do it

by phone all right

you will hear from us soon thank you

I'll be looking forward to your call

18 discussing the commencement

dialogue 1

what date can you start to work I'll go

and quit my job in the ABC company

how about early next month that'll do

please come in on February 5th working

hours are from 9:00 to 12:00 in the

morning and from 1:00 to 5:00 in the


yes sir I'll see you on February 5th

then it will be a pleasure to have you

here when you come ask for Linda okay

that's all right thank you I'm sure I'll

enjoy working here too I hope so

goodbye goodbye

dialogue to

how long is the trial period it depends

yours is three months and during this

period you are half paid and then what

raises are given after three months

probation period according to your

performance when will you make me sign

the contracts if you work all right into

three months you will be put on the

permanent payroll and be asked to sign

the contract

okay I see you'll be covered by our

medical plan while on duty well I see it

the company will cover a reasonable

number of sick days have you read the

other terms of the contract yes I

noticed an item about flexible time is

that a possibility for me yes but you

must discuss the details with your


The Description of 36 English Dialogues for Job Application and Interview