Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Food after “escaping” from island [2 Days & 1 Night Season 4/ENG/2020.03.28]

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(Seyoon is excited)

(as he goes back to modern civilization.)

(Don't go to)

(that island village)

I'll go!

My mode of transportation.

I'm going back to the city.

Guys, I'm getting back my cell phone.

All right.

(City, wait up. I'm coming for you.)

I'm getting out!

(It looks as if he has been living here for a month.)

I'm leaving.

Goodbye, deserted island. I'm never coming back.

(Bye, bye, bye)

(Goodbye beloved deserted island)

(I still have my cell phone waiting for me)

Jongmin must be wondering who is getting out.

"Is it DinDin?"

(Seyoon imitating Jongmin)

"You? You're getting out?"

"Yes! I'm getting out. I folded the sleeping bag."

(Seyoon is back to himself.)

(He is back to Jongmin.)

"I'm starving!"

"I'm starving. What do I do?"

"Goodness, I thought it would be DinDin."

That was perfect.

That was a perfect skit.

(Meanwhile, Jongmin washes his hands with warm water.)

(After brushing his teeth,)

(he gets all dolled up.)

(I look nice today.)

(He applies toner.)

(He's all ready.)

He's here.

(It's the best weather to welcome the members.)

I can see DinDin, smiling brightly.

He's baring his front teeth.

(He's wrong.)

(He's hiding from Jongmin.)

He's coming. Hold on.

I see him. He's wearing black.

Who wore black?

I can't see him.

Please. Please!

Please! Who is it?


(DinDin, is that you?)

- DinDin. / - Come on.

(Come on.)


(He stops.)


I heard you were waiting for me.

(He mimics DinDin's smile.)

Come on.

(He's speechless.)

DinDin, why have you gotten so fat?


I came to have breakfast.

Did you sleep in the water?

- I won. / - Why did you?

(Their encounter is quite extreme.)

It's me.

How dare you try to eat before me?

Look at how nicer you look.

Do you see this sweat?

I do. I slept for ten hours.

- What? / - I slept for ten hours.

(He's furious.)

I can't believe it.

You get to rest on this show.

Jongmin failed to have breakfast.

- Come to the lodging. / - Okay.

(Seyoon will love this stew full of glass noodles.)

(It's sausage stew full of ham.)

I can smell the stew.

- I can smell the ham. / - Here it is.

Let's eat together.

(It's you.)

- Let's eat together. / - What are you saying? Move.

(He's stupefied.)

Look at you pretty thing.

Look at the glass noodles.

It's full of glass noodles.

- It looks so good. / - Can I have some glass noodles?

- Wait. Jongmin. / - What?

(Jongmin looks cheerful.)

Don't turn me into a devil.

I'm serious.

I walked across the sand for such a long time.

(He hydrates himself first.)

This is all for me, right?

Yes. It's all yours.

(With trembling hands,)

(he takes a sip of the broth.)

(He becomes emotional.)

(He went through so much)

(for this moment.)

(He strived so much)

(to get a taste of this.)

(He blows on the noodles)

(and eats them.)

(He's filled with sorrow.)

(He cries out.)

(What happened on that island?)

(He consoles himself)

(with some white rice)

(and ham.)

I love glass noodles.

(Me too.)


There's also this.

Come on.


(How dare you?)

You're so scary.

(I'm a dangerous beast.)

You look like a beast. It's fascinating.

(He looks like a bear.)

(He takes another sip of the broth)

(and finds inner peace.)

Here are the noodles.

Can you eat that in one bite?

(Of course.)

I'll show you

how I do it.

(No, thank you.)

(He wants some.)

My phone. My phone.

(He remembers his phone.)

I'm touched for the second time.

What if no one contacted you?

Then I'd be seriously hurt.

Thank you.

Let me see.

(He's returning back to civilization.)

Please let me have hundreds of missed calls.

(He wonders how many people looked for him.)

- Do you know what's shocking? / - What?

I texted my wife yesterday and said,

"I'm going to a deserted island."

"I'll contact you later. They're taking away my phone."

She hasn't read it yet.

No way.

(He's hurt.)

I guess I can function without a phone.

I've learned a lesson.

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