Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures - Beardy Kisses

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Burnie: We haven't even talked about it

Barb: We kissed, we gave a peck. *peck noises*

Ashley: Burnie, you could kiss miles right now

You've kissed more dudes than women at this company. I don't know that I have, I kissed Kerry, I know-

Everybody kisses Kerry.

Yeah, it's fun.

He's gentle

I haven't kissed Kerry


But now she's licking Jeremy's face, on the -

To be fair, she was licking ICING.

I didn't - We didn't really make contact with the face. There was too much icing.

Yeah, right.

And it was delicious.

Got a little, got a little of that taste 'a Jeremy in there.


Go ahead

It tasted *cough/choke* It tasted so hairy

(Gavin): You did - It was like two cheek licks, but then you went for beard and that was, that was committment

That's because there was a chunk of cake in the beard.

I kissed, uh, I kissed Max Crunky recently, aaaand

Kissing dudes with facial hair is weird.

Yeah it is

That's gotta be strange.

I, like, I don't, I don't -

I don't think it's strange for a woman

It depends on how long the beard is

Especially how long the mustach is. Cuz if the moustache is creeping into the lip part you have to like like lift it


To find the lips

Do you like, lift it with your lip?

No, just with my fingers

NO you don't

You like, you like grab their face and like with thumbs push it up

Do some 'a this, yeah

You do not.

You have to!

You like, nurse the hair outta the way?

I don't believe you.

It's like having-

You go in for a kiss with someone with a, with a beard and you just go

Hold on, let me get my comb

The way you're describing it, it sounds like an uncircumsized face.


*laughing* - hah, the way, your, your hand motion

Ben come here, can you come here for a sec Ben?

Can you - can I use you as just a quick?

(Gavin) Miles is gonna -

I'm NOT GONNA, so calm down Twitter,

But no just come here real quick, I just need to see your face

So Barbara, you're telling me like you go and you're like, aw, you're so beautiful. And you just

Do that? And then? Go in? Is that what you're saying?


I want to kiss Ben now when I see that.

I always want to kiss him

It's way more attractive

Thank you, Ben, thank you very much

I guess you kinda go in at like an angle like go - *laughing*

Like up and under?

Like under the mustache

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