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Hi, Im Lee Harris and every month I take the pulse on whats going on energetically.

In this months Energy forecast for October, we have a few different themes: CLEARING PHASE

on the horizon, so major time for clearing out, clearing up, SAYING NO TO OVERLOAD in

order to access more magical and higher frequencies, EXPLOSIVE ENERGY AND SURPRISES and last but


Stay tuned for the full Update.

Hey Everybody!

Welcome to the Energy Update for October.

It is a supremely windy morning here in Malibu.

The sun has just risen and the wind is going gangbusters which seems kind of appropriate

for this months Energy Update because there were a few different themes that, as I was

driving here, kind of came through in tandem with this wind.

So, winds of change are constant on Earth but this month more than ever, one of the

biggest themes that came in was, CLEARING PHASES for all of us.

So this can look a couple of different ways: Number 1, it may be that you are very actively

clearing elements, relationships, phases of your life.

You might be coming to the end of things, deciding to finalise things, finish things.

You might be clearing out your house, clearing out your office.

This energy is going to be quite strong but its directly related to what we are birthing

and what we are about to bring in.

So, in much the same way as you need to clear a space in order to bring new things into

a room or a space, thats very much a phase that we are going to see playing out in the

month of October in quite a strong way for a lot of people.

And especially for those of you who might be listening to this thinking, Oh, well

Ive been doing that all year!

Its almost like theres going to be a big double-whammy in October to really level

the playing field so that you can bring in new energy and new creation and new birth.

Its interesting because this theme of clearing I feel has been going on for many years and

will continue to because in many ways, the Earth is changing so fast that its a constant

for all of us.

But October, the energy of clearing is going to be very supportive, surprisingly graceful

and is going to be very quickly - very quickly replaced by the energy that you want to bring


So, for example, you'll see a relationship come to an end and very quickly it will leave

space for a new one to enter.

So this clearing phase allows us to birth, allows us to bring in the new.

Dont be surprised if youre compelled to tidy up your life and areas of your life

in the month of October and understand that its directly in tandem to the coming months.

The other theme that came in is, Saying No To Overload which is a good theme because

its something that I think everybody is feeling and has felt for many years as everything

has got faster - overload of information, stimulation.

But many of you are now going to be finding that you just don't do overload anymore and

perhaps you are the kind of person who used to do too much, cram too much in, try and

take on more than you are really capable of taking on.

Youre going to start to notice that saying No to being overloaded, overstimulated

is just becoming a natural rhythm for you.

And when we do this, and when we enter into this phase, we actually do start to live at

(what some call) higher frequencies - I call them Magical Frequencies.

Its when you start to notice that everything is flowing more in life and that you are able

to see the thread of spiritual connection thats running through your life - the story

that youre experiencing in your life and how it relates to the bigger picture in the

world and what we are all going through collectively.

So, for example, it shows up in ways like synchronicity - you hear somebody talking

about something that you were just talking to a friend about the day before.

Or youre thinking of someone and they suddenly contact you - those connections that show

us how everything is connected.

Its very directly apparent in our life when these Magical and Higher Frequencies

are at play.

But equally, its connections with people that we need to meet - people that when we

meet them, we light up, they light us up - something suddenly comes together.

Youre like, Ahh, this is the person that Ive maybe been waiting for who is

the next step to this vision that I have or what Im trying to bring together.

And then just my favourite of all is the pure and simple, Everythings fine in this

moment, everythings perfect in this moment, in this five minute window of time, Im

accessing gratitude, peace and just a feeling of calm that Ive never had before.

So, those kinds of experiences are more the norm when youre dealing with higher frequencies

in life, Magical Frequencies and saying No to overload is a real key to allowing that

to start to become more your norm.

So if youre listening to this going, Uh ho, Im not saying no to overload, Im

definitely someone who takes on more than I should, more than I can, ask yourself

when youre going to let go of that pattern and oftentimes, it is our ideas about other

peoples expectations of us that is trapping us in that.

There is some idea that either other people need us or we will be punished if we dont

keep on this hamster-wheel thats wearing us out but we cant stop it.

Oftentimes, if you really dig deep, its old trauma, unresolved energies that you have

from your past.

So it might be worth digging into that and looking at that deeply, What is it about

my energy field that I just cant stop and I keep taking on too much?

Thats going to come into big, sharp focus this month so really taking a look at - where

do you overload yourself, where do you overstimulate yourself - and in doing so you start to recognise

you can have these very present moments of gratitude and peace and your life can have

more of a flow to it, so you start to get into that space and that zone where you realise,

Wow, this life is just happening around me and Im in it and Im part of it, but

its not just me here, there is a thread of connection - a strong web of connection

thats connecting me to everything.

Thats how you know that youre in those Magical and Higher Frequencies - you start

to see that and feel that more.

And we all enjoy that right?

Erm, the other piece that came in quite strongly this month is an Explosive Energy and Element

of Surprise.

So this wont apply to everybody in much the same way that not every element of these

Energy Updates can ever apply to all of us but for a certain group in this message, Explosive

Energy and Elements of Surprise is going to show up.

So, whenever I speak about things energetically, the detail of how it shows up in our life

is always quite specific, quite particular.

So, Explosive Energy can show up and surprises through other people around you or elements

of your life suddenly blowing up or falling apart or big surprises that you didnt see

coming happening outside you, toward you and your life and youre left with the aftershock

or the ripple effect.

The good news is that its very similar to the clearing phase that I mentioned earlier.

Its in tandem with that clearing phase actually.

For some of us, explosive changes, sudden surprises are the way that the path becomes

clear and that we get to go to the next phase of our life or its compacted energy in

our life, compacted relationships - things that are getting a little too tight around

the neck that you maybe didnt have the power or the wherewithal to make a change

in - it blows up for us.

But equally for some of you watching and listening, explosive energy might be what wants to come

out of you.

So, it can be a nice thing too - you know, it can be an explosive energy around creativity,

it can be an explosive energy about speaking your truth that actually goes really well.

But Explosive and Surprises were two words that came in really strongly for this month

so keep your eyes peeled for that if thats resonating or tingling in your body while

Im talking about it.

And last but not least for this month, we have Compassion Beyond Division.

This was interesting to me because I think many of us have got used to (over the last

few years) hearing about, witnessing and feeling heartache about division energy in the world.

And people who want to fight over opinions, differences of opinions, stances against one

another rather than coming together as a community to solve a lot of the problems and issues

that we are facing right now in our time.

So one of the messages that came through as I was tuning in this morning was, more of

us are going to be able to access Compassion Beyond Division.

And this means, regardless of someones beliefs or regardless of the story they might

be sitting at a table telling you - even if something they say surprises you or is very

different to how you feel about things - you are not going to leave your compassion for

this person very easily or very readily.

Now in the past, maybe a different belief or a different idea was a trigger for you

or could be a reason to walk away.

But for many on the planet right now, getting deeply into compassion, feeling compassion

for the pain of others, remembering that all of us have gone through tough things in our

life and you never quite know what somebody is going through in that moment or that day,

and also how their strong belief or idea that you dont agree with - why that has formed

in them.

So, taking the time to be able to listen a little longer rather than reacting, walking

away, pulling away and staying in compassion.

And the reason this is a good thing is that most of the time when we are in compassion

and we are able to hold compassion for someone else, any of those kind of mask layers or

defensive layers that show up through beliefs or differences of opinion, they melt away

pretty quickly.

You know, you might give someone the benefit of the doubt two or three times on something

that they think or something that they believe in then by the fourth time in the conversation,

you present your side of the equation and they might go, Oh yeah - Id never thought

of it that way!

So to not assume that the first thing that somebody says or even the second thing that

somebody says is their absolute fundamental truth.

If youre sat in a conversation with somebody then you are part of the vibration of that

conversation and you may have a really important influence by sharing what you feel.

Doesnt mean you have to win, doesnt mean you have to come away from the conversation

knowing that you changed the other persons mind - you might just be the person who introduces

a new idea, a new thought, a new feeling.

We all know that its a really important time for us to come together as a community

and to learn to, in a way, mend our hearts as humanity.

Because the wounds that we see playing out in all of us as a collective, they have the

potential to be transformed and let all of us move forward to a more compassionate world

which is what we need in order to have the changes that we need on the planet for the

survival of the whole planet, the species, every life form here.

But the other side of it is, if we decide to only fight each others wounds and have

a stance against each others wounds.

We know how that world is going to look because we see how that world looks now when we see

peoples wounds acting out and behaving in ways that are negligent, destructive or


So Compassion Beyond Division is going to be an all-new level of energy thats coming

in that many of us will get to experience this month and beyond and to recognise the

power of that heart energy and patience energy to hold space for someone else while they

are moving through things.

As ever, if that doesnt resonate with you or if you right now are dealing with boundaries

as your major issue - ignore that aspect of what Ive said and you just focus on holding

your boundaries.

Because as we know, everything is a stage when it comes to our growth and our journey

and our healing.

And there are times when we need to focus on having a strong boundary so that many months

or years later we can get to a place where we have our boundaries in tact and we can

be more open than ever before.

So thank you for tuning in this month and I hope you have a great month in October.

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So until next month everybody - take care and big love.

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