Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 헤이즐의 어마무시한 ?옷장?을 털어봅시다!! (거의 유물 발굴 수준ㅋㅋㅋ?) My dress room (Eng)

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Hello everyone. It's Heizle. Yoohoo.

Where am I? I'm in my dress room.

Today I'm going to take a look at my dressing room. Heizle's dress room tour.

The reason I'm doing this is because. Actually even I don't know what's in my dressing room.

So it's like an excavation?

Let's take a look at that Heizle's dressing room see what I'll get.

This is my dressing room.

I didn't organize it.

I don't organize it. It is usually just like this.

Just sometimes, one or two more things are up there?

Many people asked me where did I get this wardrobe? Yes I think from here.

If you are curious, you can find it. It's not sponsored everybody.

There are no commercials in today's video.

First of all, there are basically winter coats. this is the only place to hang coats with long lengths.

-This is. Wasn't it not cold this winter? -Right.

-Right? I wasn't cold. I thought it would be cold and I bought this after a long consideration. Isn't this cute? -It's cute.

I just wore it on the last day of the year and I have never worn it since.

Oh right. It's reversible, and it's made of fur outside, and you can wear it as a mustang if you flip it inside.

It's really pretty.

Isn't this cute? I wore this cute thing only once this winter.

The back is a little like this. I'm sure you're wondering where this is, but it's Lang & Lou. This is from Lang & Lou.

The teddy bear jacket was so popular this winter. It started with the Max Mara coat and became very popular.

This winter wasn't cold so I didn't get to wear this much.

Let's try only a few things.

-It's really pretty. -Right?

-I like this a reversible coat. -Right.

Because it's a little bit like getting two coats at the price of one.

Doesn't this feel a bit different too?

This is really warmer than I thought.

And this mustang and the reversible fur is much warmer when wearing the fur as the lining material.

Speaking from experience.

What is this? It's colored. It has color.

-You're wearing white. -Did it get stained?


-It didn't right? -nope

It's a surprise. There is a slight color change.

Let's keep it to ourselves. Let's share it between the people watching the video.

Those who bought this, be careful.

-You can't have a white coat next to it. -Oh really.

This hound check coat is really popular these days.

So this is not from a brand, I think I bought it at a shopping mall.

I can't remember so I'll write down below

If you search for a hound check coat, you will see the same coat on various sites.

You can do a price comparison there and buy it.

This is so pretty. The important thing is that I never wore this.

It's a boxy fit long coat.

Normally there wasn't this hole for the belt.

But I was so uncomfortable that I went to the tailors and made this belt hole. And I just tie it up.

I'm going to Paris Fashion Week again.

So I'll take this when the weather is right.

So I tried on a hound check coat which is popular these days.

Ta-da. My editor like this.

-'Blumin' is a Blumin coat. Is it your first time seeing this? -Yes, that's right. Isn't this new?

This is what I bought this winter. I bought this and never wore it.

This Blumin coat has a new design every year. I think I always bought one each time.

This is a Blumin and this is a Blumin as well.

But I already showed you these in the 'All the outers revealed' video.

But you probably haven't seen this. I'll stop after trying this.

This is really it. Trying this long coat. this is the last time.

It's like this. Isn't it unique?

Here is a shawl and if I turn around like this from here it looks like a basic straight coat.

I think they make good designs.

You can see it if you enter Blumin account on Instagram.

It's like this.

My mom keeps on nagging me.

'You can buy clothes, but throw away as much as you buy.

Throw away before you buy.' Mom always says that.

Let's firmly close this. Or else I can't stop looking.

From now on, it is made of transparent window.

Because I like to see it from the outside.

There are so many clothes, so if it is covered, you don't know what clothes are in there at that time.

Here is one-piece corner. But of the dresses it's made up of dresses I love.

There are a lot of clothes you have seen.

Zimmerman's one-piece. This was probably the first time that I was introduce to an expensive dress.

I think this was around 2 million won to 3 million won.

It has such a detail. it makes sense that it was expensive.

I bought this from a cheap shopping mall.

It was so pretty that I bought it for the end of the year and I never wore it.

I used to like hound check pattern.

If you look at the hound check, there's this much. I'll just show you this.

If I can tell you the source of this, I will write it down below.

This is, 'Cruella'.

I think I said that I'm going to do a related content a month or two ago.

But it keeps getting delayed.

But I will do it.


-Hopefully.. -When?

I will do it. You guys, wait for it.

It was a long one-piece dress that came down to the knees

It felt a bit old on me so I went to the tailors and cut it off, boldly.

Ta-da! This is also a hound check pattern of the same pattern.

This is the clothes that the company sent me.

This is probably what Sunmi wore as a stage costume.

And a lot of the other celebrities wore this as well.

It's a little cropped jacket and there is are little puffs on the shoulders.

This is a very unique two-piece jacket.

I always have a reason when I'm buying clothes!

There's a reason and pretext. I am a content creator.

Mom should be listening to this. Mom, are you watching?

I have a Louis Vuitton dress. You've seen this a lot, too.

This one and this is a Louis Vuitton dress, a for love & lemons

Why do these clothes look unfamiliar?

When did I buy this? When did I buy this?

Oh? It'll look pretty.

What do I mean it'll look pretty. I bought it!


I think IU wore this in the Hotel del Luna.

-You ordered it last time and said it was too late so we couldn't film... -Yeah! That's it.

Because when IU did Hotel del Luna

I was going to make a video on Hotel del Luna look

But the order.. delivery was too late so we couldn't film it.

That's what happened.

I really wanted to do that content.

When Hotel del Luna was on.. It's this! This one!

-These clothes were so popular that the delay in delivery was crazy. - Oh~

This was what IU wore as pajamas at the hotel I think it was that clothes. I remember.

But I never tried these on.


Well I'll wear it one day~ Meaning never.

Wow~ so many t-shirts.

These are all summer t-shirts.

One of my habits is if there is a t-shirt with a pretty design, I buy all the same thing in different colors.

Black & white colors of the same t-shirt.

There are four of these.


I really like puffs. Shoulder puffs.

I like to emphasize my shoulders.

There's white, there is mauve purple, and mustard yellow like this.

I never tried on two of these.

-I never saw it too. -Right~

It's all t-shirts like this, everyone.

Everybody has this, one at home. Red orange yellow green blue navy purple. These are all basic tees.

Yes, then go up~

Here are all my favorite furs

Everyone, these are all eco furs. Eco furs.

And I never wore this.

Ta-da~ It's so pretty, but it's not as good to match it with others.

Because it would be better if it was a jacket

There is zipper only up to here so I just wear it like a man-to-man fur tee.

It's not a tee but.

'Oh, I think it would be too hot to go indoors wearing this.' I've never worn it thinking that.

Oh and I think you guys really asked a lot of questions about this

but I bought it from a shopping mall not a brand so I don't know where it's from.

If you search 'teddy bear coat' There are a lot of these colored coats.

Like the Lang & Lou coat you saw earlier.

I think I'm going fall backwards

Ta-da~ Everyone do you know this?

I didn't but

this is for ties normally.

I've been using this for the accessories Especially to hang necklaces

It doesn't get tangled.

If the necklace is tangled when you take it out, it takes time to untangle it.

But I don't need to do that. I can see it all.

They sell this at IKEA.

Buy this frame, and in the closet you have, and just use the driver to attach it like this.

Life pro tip.

Next! Ta-da~

What a mess.

If these was summer tee, then these are blouses.

Isn't this cute? It's cute~

To tell you a TMI again, in early March? I'll be back with Heizle Closet.

But the quantity won't be that high I think it's about one or two

But I'm going to make some really good quality clothes.

Of course I'm not saying that these aren't

But this time it will be a little more wearable so people can enjoy.

This is really unique.

So a little modern yet still containing the distinctiveness of Heizle? I will come back with those clothes~

The knit wears are actually a bit tricky to hang.

If it hangs for a long time, it leaves a hanger mark here.

and I don't like that.

I left it folded to prevent it from happening.

Ah, this is so pretty but I never wore it.

This is Style Nanda clothes. Is not it cute?

It's knitwear with a kind of like a wet print feel.

I've seen a lot of things like just the basic dress or tee with a wet print

but this is my first time seeing one as a knitwear.

But if I coordinate this, I would wear short pants

and a long boots, a white boots with it.

From the month of February to the end of March, and to the beginning of April, maybe I think I'll wear a lot of these.

This, is what she wore last time at there, the cardigan was this one.

This is the Gucci cardigan I bought from Milan last year.

When I hang it I put the arms crossed like this and hang it like this.

This will definitely put less force on it so the shoulders don't stick out

All of these are like that.

And this is really, oh..

It's my precious...

This is a Louis Vuitton cardigan.

It's a little thicker than before I think I'll wear well again starting from February.

Oh this is pretty, too.

I made a purchase at the thrift store.

So I'm not really sure which brand it is.

There is a skirt that goes with this

It does feel a bit old. It's very vintage.

I've never seen this tweed texture in this pattern.

I think this is the only one in the world.

Or not? If you have the same clothes at home, please raise your hands.

Comment please. I don't think there are though~

And the amazing thing is that I bought this from a thrift store so it was only 30,000 won.

Isn't it great?

Our editor was shocked.

-Oh my gosh! right? -No.

Oh you were not surprised?

I thought it was this reaction, 'What~ That's 30,000 won!'

Is this dusty? Oh what should I do?

I but no one has this one~

I also bought this from a thrift store around 20,000 won, 30,000 won.

Ta-da! Isn't it unique?

-Hm~ -You can wear it like this.

I used to wear it often in the past.

It's been 5-6 years since I bought is.

I bought this a long time ago.

But even at that time, at the relief shop, I was like "Oh, this is a real thing, and it's cheap." and I bought it.

This really feels good. This is what is called a getting an item.

What's too bad is that there are so many pretty things but the seasons go by so fast.

Or maybe I don't go out that often.

The season passes before I wear it. Like that winter outer.

This may be the first time seeing this.

Because I have never worn it.

It's like Gossip Girl.

Preppy look.

This isn't from Chanel. But isn't it a bit Chanel?

This is not Chanel, but if you put a Chanel necklace or Chanel bag in here This becomes Chanel too.

That effect.

I really do like this hound check.

I bought this because the pattern was so unusual.

This was also bought from relief.

It feels like vintage relief... on purpose.

And my hat shelf full of my pride.

I bought it at IKEA and it's not actually a hat shelf. It is an original furniture for organizing tableware.

This is my favorite hat which I bought ambitiously

but I never wore it.

-Isn't there a red one? -There is.

I bought red and since I wore it so well with everything

I bought a more simpler black color but I didn't wear it. How do I look?

-The fit is different. -It's different. This is smaller.

Same as this.. Where is it? It's so easy to find!

Just pull it while turning it.

But this one was more useful than I thought.

Not too difficult to match clothes. And this is a little wider.

I really like hats.

Because I don't wash my hair that often.

If you have a hat, you can last three days.

Yes, next!

These are just basic hoodies, hooded jumpers and man-to-man.

So I don't have much to show you

Things I've shown you a lot before.

And this is jeans and white pants and black pants that everyone has.

Everyone has it, but I have a little more than normal people.

By design, by color. Well that much.

And I'll pass the rest.

Because more important thing are left here.

Let's start with the jackets.

If you saw that Milan haul last year, you would know.

I bought this from Sandro in Milan's luxury Haul.

But I never wore...

-How is it? -It's pretty.

-Doesn't it match my hair color? - Right.

-She's really laughing hard. It's my first time seeing you laughing like this. -It's my first, too...

I explained that this was a Milan brand at the Milan Haul.

But this is a French brand. Sandro is from France.

Because when I bought this at the store

the employee said it was their Milan's.

I remember it well.

So I thought it was from Milan

It's definitely french but she said it's from Milan.

So I introduced it as from Milan, but Sandro is from France.

I like this mood these days.

Boy-ish boxy jackets that look like they've been stolen from real dads.

-Don't you guys like this, too? -Yes!

I thought this was too big for me.

So I remember trying it on and being like 'Oh~ maybe not' and hanging it back up.

I'll wear it with confidence.

I really love this jacket.

So I wore this a lot. Even at the event.

I wore it when I went to Europe. I like clothes like this.

Basic but with many details.

It's the wrinkles here, it forms the waist

And the puff feel here.

If you roll this up and wear it like this

Draped with a three-quarter length feel, so I could wear it like it was designed like this intentionally.

And if you see from the back, this big collar.

Isn't it pretty?

If you think about this, you can see how much designers really paid attention to design.

The Tint. This is a brand.

Wow~ when did I buy these clothes?

Wow~ I really bought this a long time ago.

With what courage did I wear something so fancy?

I think you should be on Miss Trot...

It's been 6? 6, 5 years since I saw this.

Just like this.

You were bold, Heizle. I was bold.

Will you wear it if I gave it to you?

-No. -Nope.

Oh my gosh. I didn't even take off the tag.

It's from JUCY JUDY

This shop has really unique designs.

This is the style that I like. The pattern is unique too

This is the highlight.

You wear it like this.

Thanks to this video, I get to find out the location of the missing clothes.

For the blouse, I will show you my most treasured blouse

I think I just bought it at an online shopping mall long ago.

This is a shirt I wore many times because I liked it so much.

It's a perfect blouse for spring.

This is what Heizle used to be like back then.

I was kitschy, fancy and colorful but

I think I got very calm.

I am still young.

Right~ I am young~ I am young.

Did someone say otherwise?

But this also has a similar vibe.

This one is velvet.

So this is a blouse I wear in the winter.

That was it for the blouse.

And I will show these blouses when the weather gets warmer

on a video like 'Introducing all of my blouses' or spring outfits and

I will show them separately.

It is never because I am tired or lazy.

It's because there are too many...

And these are dresses too

in this section, there are mostly dresses I made.

Those who have been watching my video since before would know. Human Chanel.

This is the dress I made~

It sold out completely. There is no stock left.

It was really popular so

it just disappeared right after I launched it.

So I tried to save as many extras but I only saved one.

So if you want a dress or a dress suit,

Leave it in the comments.

I will use them as a reference and keep producing Heizle Closet this year.

I will make the summer season, fall season tour too.

This is Heizle~

Like this?

It would look pretty with this shirt right now.

It is a dress that kind of looks like a ballerina's dress.

I designed it while referencing a ballerina's outfit.

It is good for events and good to wear on a wedding

I used be someone who made things like this~

This is me.

I will work harder this year. Guys! Heizle Closet~

Let's make a brand!

Wow~ I have red, orange, yellow, green, blue, navy, and purple pants.

Wow~ It is my first time seeing these. When will I wear them?

I think since the fabrics are too thin, I should show them in the spring season.

I am not making an excuse because I am tired.

I will show these officially later.

Oh these are skirts too, it has been long since I saw this skirt.

Yes~ This is Heizle!

But the problem is, I think I revealed it on a video before and never wore it.

But isn't it cute? I think I just purchased this at an online shopping mall

I have many cool clothes like this.

I will show you few of them. I won't try them on.

I will just show you what unique clothes I have.

The sparkly one, a skirt that looks like a mermaid.

I have never worn it.

I thought I would wear it for a shoot someday

I think I buy clothes mostly for the filming. I think I will wear them someday

When did I buy this?

In the Devil Wears Heizle. When I went to New York

It is a skirt I wore when I went to New York.

I think I wore that for the first and last time and never wore it ever since.

A green silk skirt. I have never worn it once.

I think this skirt is from the brand IU wore in Hotel Del Luna.

She did not wear this but

I was searching that brand

and bought it because this skirt looked so pretty. I will write this in the descriptions.

It is a brand that uses oriental patterns

to make many fancy dresses.

But you know that guys, right? How you feel happy just by looking at it hung up like this.

The feeling of satisfaction.

This is also a skirt I really prize. I think I probably wore it once.

It is a puffy skirt that spreads like a hanbok skirt.

Do we call these satin skirt? It is very luxurious.

And I think that's all I need to show you guys.

These are normal clothes so I don't think it will be very interesting.

So I showed you 1/3 of Heizle's closet.

I will show the rest 2/3 more in a more detailed way.

These are my accessory drawers. I will show my accessories separately!

Because there are lots of people who wants to check out my accessories.

And I will show the purses here separately too!

I will divide them into sections and show you guys.

That's it for today! Heizle's closet tour is over~

I will come back with a next season. Guys~

I, Heizle is a beauty and fashion creator.

If you are not subscribed to me yet

press the subscribe button and the notification button next to it.

And follow me on my Instagram @heizlemakeup too.

Bye guys. I can see the dusts floating around in front of my eyes.

Bye~ Heizle have fun~



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