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Life isn't the way it's supposed to be. Life is the way it is. You see life has this process

that happens with or without us, called good, called bad, called pain, called pleasure.

It doesn't exclude any single one of us no matter how good of a person you are. Crazy,

I know.

But the question is: If we all experience pain, how do you deal with it? Do you ignore

it? Do you explode? Do you retreat and go inwards? Or do you totally detach yourself

from the situation and pretend like it never happened? Or do you use it as your greatest

lesson to move forward and become the greatest version of yourself you can be?

You see pain is one of greatest teachers in life. It literally comes into our life, knocks

us out of our comfort zone, shakes things up and wakes things up. It forces us to look

at who we are and where we are and that is a gift. You see so many of use don't make

the necessary changes that we need to make until we're forced to make them. We don't

think about our health until we have a heart attack. We don't think about how we show up

in the world until we have repeated people break up with us for the same reason.

Pain is our greatest teacher if we allow it be. As impossible as it may seem when you're

in the thick of your pain in the depth of your heartache that is when you pursue it

with everything you've got. Because life goes onand it's moving on with or without you.

So, you either move on with it becoming a better and better version of yourself or you

stand still and get stuck in the pain and watch life pass you by.

This is your choice. It is your choice. People say "Oh, well I didn't choose all this stuff

to happen to me." But it's your choice how you deal with it. Pain is inevitable. Pursue

your with pain with everything you've got. Turn your greatest pain into your great gain.

Let that be the testimony of your triumph. Have them say: That didn't break her, it

made her. Have them look back and say "that didn't destroy him, it built him up." There

is possibility in pain and it's your job to find it. There is personal glory in every

single story and it's your job to find it. I love you guys. Thank you so much for taking

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