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Benzino, are you sharing today?

Not really.

That's valid.

Like, I already went through this.


So, because you talked about your trauma

before somewhere else, you can't talk about your trauma to us


It's just, I mean, it's the same thing.

Did some time in jail before.

Seen a lot of death.

Was indicted for murder and all kind of stuff.

You know, court cases.

It's just the same thing.

It's not the same thing.

Everybody's experience is different.

Guns, drugs, death.

That's not regular stuff.

It's regular stuff.

Stuff happened.

I'm still here.

I got over it.

I talked about it before.

And that's where I'm at.

You don't think that experiencing those things

impacts the way that you love?

Impact the way that you show up?

Maybe in some instances.

But that was years ago in my childhood.

I've learned to just keep it moving.

You just adapt.

And I think when you get with women, or you try to get love,

you try to escape from that.

You know, you really want to get with a woman

to take from all that stuff that you're going through.

Would you say, then, that women were your escape

from all of that trauma?


How would you say, though, that you were loved as a child?

I was loved.

My mother, she loved me.

My father loved me.

He was just in and out of jail.

I was loved.

They loved me.


I don't see that being traumatic.

Did you say your father made you sell drugs?


Are you serious?


I gotta go to the bathroom.

Althea, that's not OK.

Oh, man.

That's why I just want to shut up.

I don't want to talk no more. We done?

I don't want one person to shut you down.

I don't want to talk no more.

All right.

Well, I appreciate you for sharing.

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