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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Rockbark Rocks/Ocean Promotion

Difficulty: 0

[cheerful music]

♪ ♪

- ♪ Harvey

♪ ♪


♪ ♪


♪ ♪

- Uh, well, uh, the first time

that I heard Lunar Moth...

- It changed my life.

- There's that song...

[together] ♪ Roddy, roddy, bock, bock, bock

Roddy, bock, bock, bock ♪ - Bock, bock, joddy,

Bock, bock, bock, bock, bock

- And their other songs,

but I really only know that one.

- Why would you even ask?

I would never listen to that evil music!

- Those sick beats, mate.

They just rock! [melodically grunting]

- Mom! We gotta hurry! - Mom, I have to go.

You remembered to lock Michelle's crib, right?

[crashing, screaming]

Gotta go, bye. [phone beeps]

Yes! Freedom from the cage of parenthood!

Oh, except you, Harvey, I love you!

- I love you, too.

[guitar riff reverberates] Wow!

There's so much rock in the air tonight.

I wanna reach out and touch it!

[straining efforts]

- Your old man's played a few of these gigs himself.

Mikey's party, that other birthday party.

- Yes, dear, we all know how wonderful your band is.

But the Lunar Moths are so hunky.

- I'm so ready. I know all the rules.

No mosh pits, no strangers, and always carry

a lot of hand sanitizer.

Hello there. It's my first concert!

- Hah, you're gonna love it, kid.

- Oh, yeah!

- ♪ Yeah ♪ [heavy rock music]

♪ ♪

- [gasps] [crowd chanting]

[crowd cheering]

- Hello, Littlebark!

Now who's ready for Lunar Moth?


Okay, but first we have someone ever better!

Please welcome my wonderful--

- Dad, I'm not ready!

- Beautiful, talented,

uh, wonderf--beauti-- did I say--beautiful--

- Okay, I'm ready! Go away!

- Please welcome...


- Everyone here is ugly and I hate you!

[beatboxing to hip-hop music]

- So are we in section "Rock," "Roll," or "Rock N' Roll"?

- Hmm, this ticket says "Rocky Road."

- Let me see that.

Irving, that's a frozen yogurt stamp card.

- Oh, ha, right.

- [humming]

- Here you go. One official Lunar Moth mask.

Now you look just like the band!

- Yay!

- [gasps] [shimmering tone]

- [sighs] - Son, what's wrong?

- It's just, I feel so bad for all the kids

who don't have an official Lunar Moth mask.

- Well, they're just not gonna have as good of a time as you.

- I think our seats are over here.

- Hey, guys, wait! Can I get one of those helmets?

- Yay! [laughs] - Oh, yes! Yes!

- Oh, I don't know, Harvey.

We haven't even found our seats yet.

- Irving! I can't believe you.

I got an official Lunar Moth helmet at my first concert.

And it was hardcore.

And my son's gonna be hardcore, too!

- [gasps] Please, Dad? Can I be hardcore?

- Okay.

[rock music playing]

Hey, this line doesn't look so bad!

Hah, yeah, when I was in a band we didn't, uh...

we didn't sell a lot of merch.

But didn't make it any less cool.

Right, Harvey?

both: Harvey!

- [humming]

[gasps] You're not my dad!

- You're not my son!

[all yelp]

- We don't have a son.

- [grunting]

Mom? Dad?

Mom? Mom?

- Harvey!

The crowd is too...thick!

- Go to our seats!

- I don't know where the seats are!

- We'll meet up... with you...later!

- Mom? Dad? [grunts]

[panting] Aah!

No! No, what are they doing?

I don't understand!

- [screaming]

- [grunts, groans]

Oh, no! No!


Uhh! Oh, that's wet!

Disinfect, disinfect, disinfect!

[panting] All right.

Just say calm.

I've got my belly bag. I have my will.

I'm just gonna go back out there and find Mom and Dad.

- How much are these masks again?

- I told you. 25 bucks.

- Aw, for $25, this thing better fit my kid's head.

- Whoa, he's gonna need the large.

50 bucks.

both: What?

- Mom? Dad?

Uh, excuse me. Have you seen my parents?

[both scream]

[grunting] Hey!

Oh, no, I've heard of this.

Aggressive kicking, carefree spinning,

reckless shoving!

It's a mosh pit!

[crowd yelling]

[screams] - ♪ Ohh, yeah

- Uh! Oh, no!

Don't stomp on me!

I don't wanna be a mosh potato.

- ♪ I've got what you need don't you pick on me

- Ohh, gross!

Gotta get some hand sanitizer from my belly bag.

♪ ♪



Help! Help! My hands are dirty!

[gasps] - [laughing]

- Uh...

- Ha!

- Claire? Piri Piri?

- I caught the rock and roll bug.

- And I got hit by a brick. [chuckles]

- Do you need some help with something, sweetheart?

- [screaming]

[panting] Oh!

- Hey, why isn't this beach ball in the air?

- What? No!


- It's just, I want Harvey to have a good time,

but not $50 of a good time.

- Isn't there any way we can lower the price?

Maybe slip you a 50? - Irving!

- [screaming]

Put me down!

- [beatboxing] - [screaming]

- Hey!

- [grunting]

♪ ♪

This is nothing like when I listen to Lunar Moth at home.


- Hello?

Hello, little bird.

What's freaking you out?

- Well, it's my first concert.

And it's just been so overwhelming and awful.

I think I'm through with concerts,

music, and everything.

I'm just gonna to stay here until the show is over.

- Little bird, I know this can be overwhelming,

but concerts are superduper fun.

Just look at that jolly guy.

Or those monkeys.

Everyone enjoys concerts in their own way.

- Yeah, but some guy sweated in my mouth.

- Ah, yeah, sweat in mouth is no good.

But you don't get to experience anything really cool

without being a bit uncomfortable.

So, you just have to, uh...

- What do you have to do?

- You gotta--you gotta--

gotta--gotta embrace the chaos.

- Embrace the chaos?

I don't know.

- Well, little bird, I-I gotta go,

so, uh, try to enjoy the rest of the show.

Remember, it's not being afraid that matters.

The most important thing is...

- Cool Lunar Moth mask.

And amp.

And guitar.

♪ ♪

Wait. You guys are...

[rock music]

[crowd cheering]

♪ ♪

- Hello, Rockbark!

[crowd cheering]

We are L-L-Lunar Moth!

We have this very special guest tonight.

I-I just met him backstage and--

come to think of it, I don't even know his name.

But you know what? I think he should

come out and start us off!

What do you say, little bird?

- [inhales deeply]

[crowd cheering]

[camera shutters clicking]

Doop, doop, doobie, doobie, doobie

Doop, doop, doobie, doobie, doobie

Doop, doop, doobie, doobie, doobie, yeah

[together] ♪ Doop, doop

- ♪ Doobie, doobie, doobie, doobie

[together] ♪ Doop, doop

- ♪ Doobie, doobie, doobie, doobie

[together] ♪ Doop, doop

- ♪ Doobie, doobie, doobie, doobie

[together] ♪ Yeah

[together] ♪ Doop, doop

- ♪ Doobie, doobie, doobie, doobie

[together] ♪ Doop, doop

- ♪ Doobie, doobie doobie doobie

[together] ♪ Doop, doop

- ♪ Doobie, doobie doobie doobie

[together] ♪ Yeah

- ♪ Doop, doop ♪ [together] ♪ Doobie, doobie

Doobie doobie ♪ - ♪ Doop, doop

[together] ♪ Doobie, doobie, doobie, doobie

- ♪ Doop, doop, doobie, doobie, doobie, doobie, yeah

All week I've been working

Looking forward to today

I never fail to smile when we light up the fire

- ♪ Fire ♪ - ♪ Playing in the grass

Our problems seem to fade away

We never worry 'bout the things we do or say

♪ 'Cause these words do not mean anything

But either way we still get up and sing

- ♪ Doop, doop

[together] ♪ Doobie, doobie, doobie

- ♪ Doop, doop, doobie, doobie, doobie, doobie

Doop, doop, doobie, doobie, doobie, doobie, yeah

both: Harvey!

both: Harvey!

- [gasps] Mom and Dad!

♪ ♪

- Hey, remember, little bird.

You just gotta...

listen to the beat.

The beat in here.

Embrace the chaos.

♪ ♪

Doop, doop

Doop, doop

Doop, doop

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

[crowd cheering]

[light music]

- Ahh.

♪ ♪

[cell phone rings]

- What do you want?

Yeah, I'm at the stupid lake right now--it's dumb!

Everyone here is lame!

All the boys keep trying to talk to me and ask me out.

So annoying!

It's like they can't even deal with how hot I am!

- Excuse me, Princess,

but could you keep your voice down?

It's just, we're all trying to relax and--

- [sucks teeth] Oh, excuse you!

I'm having a private conversation here!

Gah! People here are so rude.

Oh, yeah, I hate 'em all.

It's like, I know I'm better than everyone,

so shut up!

- [spits]

- Aah!

I hate you guys!

[all cheering]

- Thank you, thank you.

- I got a letter here for you, Lake Spirit.

I reckon it's the one you've been waiting for.

- You read my mail?

- Of course. For safety reasons.

- Hmm.

What have we got here?

[shimmering tone] [clears throat]

- For acknowledgement of

your years of exemplary service,

we hereby promote you from lake spirit to ocean spirit.

Congratulations. [shimmering tone]

- I can't believe it. I'm getting promoted.

Yah-hoo! [screaming]

[upbeat music]

♪ ♪

- So you're leaving us?

But I don't understand.

- Who's gonna tell me not to eat the sand?

No one! Oof!


- Children, children, you're not getting it.

Let me explain what it's like to be a water spirit.

[shimmering tones]

Thousands of years ago,

I started out as a young puddle spirit.

- Wha? [laughs]

- I was a real go-getter and protected my puddle

with all my might.

Eventually, I was promoted to swamp spirit.

Pond spirit.

River spirit.

Briefly demoted to above-ground pool spirit.

But my dream was always

to move to the ocean.


- But, Mr. Lake Spirit,

why would you ever want to leave Littlebark?

It's basically the most special place around.

- Harvey, sweetie, I've been sitting in this lake

for over 800 years.

I think I've had enough of Littlebark.

Okay, so I just need to pack up a few things, then I go.

Oh, wait, does anybody need a couch?

I've got to get rid of my couch.

- I can't believe he's leaving.

- I'm not afraid to admit it,

I'm gonna miss the big man.

- I always thought of him like an uncle

who sometimes yelled at us.

- You heard what he said.

The guy's sick of this town.

- But that's because he's been

in the lake the whole time.

I bet if we showed him all the awesome stuff

that Littlebark had to offer, he'd never leave!

I'll be right back!

- So this is the couch I was telling you guys about.

I also have a quesadilla maker.

- I'll take it! - Stop eating sand!

- That's not your job anymore!


- Uh, Mr. Lake Spirit?

Before you go, please allow us to give you

a tour of Littlebark!

It won't take long.

And then you can leave forever.


- Well, I guess I have some time.


Let's go see your town.

- As we begin our tour of Littlebark,

please stay together and keep your hands out of your mouth.

That part's for you, Foo. - Blah!

- Did you know...Littlebark is home to a variety of things.

This thing. This shrub.

That guy.

- [gasps]

- Also, Littlebark's population

is roughly 4 million...

if you count all the rocks as people.

- Yeah, I wouldn't count-- - Hey!

Look at this neat-looking twig.

all: Ooh!

- You won't find that kinda twig in the ocean.

- Things aren't looking too hot

for the Littlebark Pussywillows.

And it probably isn't helping that the game's announcer

is a total bummer!

- Nothing makes me love Littlebark more

than cheering on the home team!

- I don't know, Harvey.

Our team isn't very good.

We're getting creamed.

[all grunting]

[bell dings] - It's kind of depressing.

- [sighs]

I'll be right back!

- Serious question:

why can't I get a girlfriend?

Aah! - Wowee!

Things just got a little exciting for Littlebark!

This game is really starting to heat up!

The rival team fumbles!

Number 4 grabs the ball!

No! No one stops him.

That's right, number 4 could go all the way!

- Oh, my goodness!

[upbeat music]

- And he scores!

[bell dings] [crowd cheering]

A million points to the home team!

Littlebark wins!

[all cheering]

- That was awesome!



- If you are an outdoor adventurer

who loves a good hike...

- I love a good hike.

- Littlebark has the sprawling views.

Huh. And what's this?

An endangered mountain beetle!

Wow, what are the chances?

- Buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz.

[camera shutter clicks] - Magnificent!

- [buzzing] - Whoa, two mountain beetles!

How lucky can we be?

- [buzzing] - Ohh, he's doing

the mating dance. - [buzzing]

- Things are about to get pretty weird.

- [buzzing] - [screaming]

- Oh, wow!

I've always wanted to see that happen.

- Next is Littlebark's hip new dance scene.

[lively music playing]

- Oh, I love dancing! - What?

Our lovely art museum.

- Wow, what a collection.

Where are they from?

- What are we doing? - I don't know,

just keep doing it! Aah!

- Uh, the Queen?

- Wow.

- Welcome to our lively downtown center.

- It's nice.

- What's that I hear? The sounds of a celebration?

[parade music]

- Oh, is that me? I think that's me!

It's a tiny parade! For me!

Oh, look how handsome I am!

Oh, this day keeps getting better.

- Well, we still have one last place to visit on our tour.

- Hooray!

- Welcome to Littlebark Lake,

where our community comes together.

This is where we swim, relax, hang out with friends...

- And eat sand!

- Stop eating the sand!

- [munching]

- Littlebark has special places like this

because it has special people like you.

- Aww. You made me blush.

- So, as we conclude our tour,

let's put this down for a second.

We kindly ask you,

please stay and keep Littlebark special.

[poignant music]

- Wow, I never knew all those great things were in Littlebark!

I always imagined it was just twigs and mud.

But it's not. [ding]

- So, Mr. Lake Spirit, does that mean you're staying?

- Of...

course not.

[all cheering]

- Wait, what?

[all expressing dismay]

- Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait wait!

Was it the tour?

Was it me? It was me! I can change!

- What? No, you crazy child.

Harvey, there are other places outside of Littlebark.

Hop on. I've got something to show you.

- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, aah!

- ♪ Have you been to the clouds? ♪

Have you seen fireflies going counterclockwise? ♪

Have you climbed over mountains? ♪

For the view at the top and a new kind of pop

Have you felt burning snow? ♪

And the shivery blaze lighting up the airways

Or the self-assured recalcitrance

Or the whims of fancy flight

And the feisty wings will pull at your strings

And I wouldn't put up a fight

No, I wouldn't put up a fight

I'd let you go

- ♪ Ahh, ahh, ahh, ahh

- Wow!

That's a big lake.

- Harvey, Littlebark is wonderful,

but it's only a small part of this big, wonderful world.

[majestic music]

Well, this is my stop.

Oh! Oh, oh, that is not warm.

[gasps] Ahh.

Ah, thanks again for the tour, Harvey.

Littlebark is very lucky to have you.

- [squealing]

- No splashing.

- [growls]

- No splashing.

Ha, well, looks like I'm gonna be busy.

Good-bye, Harvey!

Thanks for everything!

- Bye!

[solemn music]


- Mail for one Harvey Beaks.

Let's see, got your newest issue of "Good Boys Monthly."

This month wasn't their best,

but I still enjoyed it.

And we have a letter here.

- Ooh!

[shimmering tones] - [laughs] Did I get you?

Oh, Harvey, the ocean is just what I imagined.

I love it! Anyways, I gotta go.

There's a dolphin here that I've gotta give

a stern talking to.

Oh, and enjoy your new friend.

[shimmering tones]

- New friend?


- Hello! Whoo-hoo-hoo.

- Huh? Who are you?

- I'm your new lake spirit, you ding-a-ling!

Ooh! Oh, it's chilly!

- Well, welcome to Littlebark.

Would you like a tour?

[upbeat music]

♪ ♪

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